Saturday, January 03, 1998

Introduction to Instructions

i keep forgetting to mention a few things...

i've been running into what i have been perceiving as ‘resistance’ by some family members whose names begins with 'B's.
i'm not sure what this means but; From your end, If you’re not a B Person—
Then i would like you to consider recruiting more people to participate in this project.
As it is now;
There are only The Eight Currently Living Sanborn Children,
And a few somewhat secretive peripheral family members.

Who else might know who these people are in The Snap Shots?

One complaint is that this project requires a lot of typing.

Perhaps a viable solution to this;
Is to find someone that is a good typist, A really good typist,
And have them come over, And type while you talk.

If you can't think of anyone like this off the top of your head,
Maybe you could hire a professional typist for an afternoon,
Or if that sounds too expensive, Try recruiting a typist from your local highschool.
Maybe you could trick them into thinking they're part of some kind of Historical Community Project, And they could do it for School credits...???

Another suggestion that i might make, To make it more fun,
Would be to invite a bunch of people over and discuss the pictures while someone is typing up all your comments.
Be sure to have plenty of Liquor Available so that people will say the darnedest things.

Be sure that the typist is only allowed soft drinks, coffee or tea.

- - - -

The Flickr Account has lots of Keen Features that might make a cursory examination of large sets more enjoyable, such as The Slide Show feature.

This Option is available in the slightly upper right hand corner,
Either above the pictures when you've opened a Set,
Or-- To the right of The Side Scrolling Pictures when you're looking at individual pictures...!

It's difficult to explain all these features, When there are so many options...
You really need to just fool around with everything to see what happens when you click on them...???

- - - -

Besides Adding Comments to all the pictures i've posted from The Abby's Repository...

i would really like to see you contributing all the pictures that you have in boxes around your house.

This would require you to Start a Flickr Account...
Or Equivalent... There are lots of other Internet Services like Flickr...

Or Post your pictures on a Blog...

Starting a Flickr or Equivalent Account or a Blog is usually Free or very Cheap.
i don't know how they can do this, but somehow it works out like that...???

Uploading your pictures is the easiest part.

The Tedious Bits are Scanning them ( 600 dots per inch ? )
And then Arranging them into Collections & Sets, Assigning Tags & Labeling them.
But if you set aside a little time every few days, you can get a lot done.

And i think that not only will people in the family enjoy looking at our old dead people,
But perfect strangers as well...!!!

Doesn't this sound like fun...!!!

( i would like that to be a rhetorical question,
But if you haven't answered it yet, On your own,
The correct answer is— Yes! )

. . . . . . . . .

Friday, January 02, 1998

Step One for Flickr

OneFlickr, originally uploaded by chrstphre.

A )
Type in My Flickrdress...

To access the Family Photos, Click on This Region.

Step Two for Flickr

TwoFlickr, originally uploaded by chrstphre.

B )
This is The Family Snap Shots Collection of Sets.

C )
This Set "SnapShots" contains only those pictures that are in The Paper Zyne Version of The Snap Shot's Project.

D )
Be sure to Browser through The Other Sets...
And Add Lots More Comments...!!!

Step Three for Flickr

ThreeFlickr, originally uploaded by chrstphre.

C )
The SnapShots Set

E )
These are The Individual Pictures. This Picture indicated is a very mysterious shot of Uncle Jack and some South Pacific Floozy...???
What is going on here...???

Step Four for Flickr

FourFlickr, originally uploaded by chrstphre.

F )
If you have any idea what is going on in this picture, Fill in The comments Box with your knowledge of this Picture.

G )
For some reason; Flickr allows you to use Bold & Italics, As well as HyperText Links in your Comments, But they don't make it easy.
Just Ignore this unless you think you know what you're doing.

H )
When you're done, Hit Post Comment.
If you suddenly notice that you've made a mistake, misspelled a word or such, then you can ReEdit your post by clicking on the Edit Link below your Posting.

Don't be shy about clicking on other things to see what they'll do.

You can also Add Tags that will make it easier for other people to find this picture...!!! Tags are One Word Clues, such as The Names of People in The Picture, where it was taken or whatever.

Thursday, January 01, 1998

Step One for Blog

OneBlog, originally uploaded by chrstphre.

One )
Type in the Blogdress:
Notice that it doesn't include that pesky www...???
Isn't that kooky...!

Two )
Link to My Flickr Account.

Three )
Link to a Blog Collection of Family Photos.

This was provided because you don't have to be a member of anything to post comments here...!!!
You don't even have to Identify yourself...!!!
You can Post them Anonymously...!!!
Please don't though...
i may want to get back to you for more details...!!!

Step Two for Blog

TwoBlog, originally uploaded by chrstphre.

Four )
Unfortunately; My Blog doesn't allow me to create specific folders for my Various Topics, So i have to trick it into isolating my sets by putting them all into Sets that it does Recognize.
The Sets that Google Blog's do Recognize, Are Months.

So this set is in The Month of March 2000.

Scroll down to see all the pictures here...

Step Three for Blog

ThreeBlog, originally uploaded by chrstphre.

Five )
When you've found a picture that you want to add a comment to;
Click on The 0 Comments Text.

If it has a 1 or 2 or 3 instead of The Zero...
Leave a Comment Anyways...
Be Sure & Read The Previous Comments and Disagree them...!!!

This doesn't really look much like a link,
So you just have to somehow magically know that that's what it's there for.

Step Four for Blog

FourBlog, originally uploaded by chrstphre.

Six ) Post your Comments Here.

Seven ) Let me know who you are... Or not.

Eight ) Publish your Comments...!!!