Wednesday, April 12, 2000

Guest Speaker: Messages from The Dead

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i'm not sure exactly how these genitalia work...
but they are the precursors of genitalia
that have been more carefully defined...
both visually, and conceptually.
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Some examples of what The Dead are trying to tell me:
[ Taken from my 'Day Predictor' --
Which is actually pretty accurate! ]
All dates from 2006
Sunday January 8th : Slightly Bad Day Predicted
Soul Haile Unemplo
Monday January 9th : Somewhat Better Day Predicted
Mercy Eest Mind Ot Dawn
Wednesay January 11th : Slightly Bad Day Predicted
Edsh Buttoct Insaw
Thursday January 12th : Very, Very Bad Day Predicted
Nep Kabbalah Bd Pole Canad
Thursday Janyary 19th : Very, Very Bad Day Predicted
Window Skulilli
Friday January 27th : Marginally Good Day Predicted
CØK9∞±ALI ≠#$6@3LM∞!#£ 4
[ The Predictor allows for Two Kinds of Messages from The Dead;
Either Reasonably Pre-Intelligible or Anything Goes,
The Dead are allowed to select which mode they wish to use. ]
Wednesday February 1st : Slightly Good Day Predicted
Fixionanansa Trage
Wednesday February 8th : Pretty Good Day Predicted
Eynd You Vaindrn Tran
Is there something about being dead
that so corrupts their thinking that
communicating with the living is nearly impossible,
or is it simply that the method i've chosen
to allow intercorporal communication
has psuedorandomality too habituated into it's functionality,
to allow the feeble dead to subjugate this detriment...???
Or maybe i'm attracting the wrong ilk of dead
to guide me with their flawless wisdom.
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