Wednesday, April 12, 2000

A Simple Story: Bmail

A Simple Story : The Fountain of Cheerio's
7000_years ago.

The sink, in the upstairs bathroom was wearing Kathy's underwear again.
It had been warned; repeatedly, that it was an androgenous sink,
And didn't need to cover it's ample genitals; that only it was aware of.
The Priest that lived behind The Carlson's garage tried reasoning with it,
But The Gruelians interceeded and fought with The Simple Utencils
For a greater share of the desk light.
Cablegirl; The one with an IQ of 16.9 { Sehletian Scale )
Raised herself over The Trambisiel's Boundry of Tepidity.
A laughtrack jumped unexpectedly, and the truth became obvious.
ξ ξ

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