Wednesday, April 12, 2000

A Simple Story: The Hallucister

A Simple Story : Wrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...!
Uttsnow & Shicy wet the guests bed.

Out on the lawn, The Moon howled.
It was a screechy sort of howl,
with a anechoically coupled dissonant acoustical inferior tonality.
"Can you feel the pain splitting away from your Id yet?"
"Uhggle Iaoumppa."
"Uh huh... that's what it should feel like."
"Aren't you kids in bed yet?"
The dragon [ Mr. Elephone } came out to see what the fuss was all about,
even though there wasn't a fuss going on at the time.
Somebody may have left the soapy coffee machine on in the garage.
Fish; dead since last thursday, still swam over the table where their bowl had been.
They missed the tunnel of light,
and would have to wait until the cat caught something under the house.
The howling suddenly stopped, and everyone began to cry.
ξ ξ
Red pencil drawing, after grey pensil doodle,
But before watercolouring
Which is before inking.

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