Wednesday, April 12, 2000

A Simple Story: Khe's Symbolicrate Foretired Skin

A Simple Story :
Bleakmonst's Attempted Revenge
Another Lofty Cruelty

The chattel acknowledged.
"I was thinking of something clever this morning..."
"This is for feminists..."
"Smoking doesn't make you Equal with Men,
It makes you as Stupid as Men."

"What do you think?"
The human like creature that she'd bought for $12, didn't say anything.
It apparently had a very low natural intelligence
and was useless for help when watching Jeopardy
or even Wheel of Fortune.
It didn't even seem particularly interested in
the outfits that Vanna White was featuring.
Henry was not it's name.
The Filipino slave dealer that sold it to her suggested
that it's name was [ Something like ] Furnisetat'n,
But that was entirely inappropriate for her, or her frequent guests.
It did not seem to understand that she was calling it Henry.
It merely grunted occasionally, whether she was addressing it, or not.
She thought that this consituted a genuinely harmonious rapport.
ξ ξ
Before Watercolouring.

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