Wednesday, April 12, 2000

A Simple Story: UnGawdly Shimouippies

A Simple Story : Aliendly Dungarees
What The Illegal Postman Saw...


A Trillion [ British Quintillion ( ??? ) ] years ago;
There lived a humanimal of the childbearing sex,
{ That did not look particularly female, especially near the swimsuit area(s }
That Married an electrically ecstatic* 'Willleap' named: Crueleven.
Tocks sought after the barn from The L Region,
And recalled that a Double X Strand of DNA*
Had been swallowed by a Calico/Carribbe'an Sheep,
Which; after regurgitating it,
It's shape on the newly shampooed carpeting,
Resembled A Lepton* missing from The Island of Mousordid.
There was a war there; then--
But only the people that were torn 'Asunder'-- took it seriously.
The [ wife ] was one of these.
Her Capitalistic* [ Vulva ] became the obsession of
A Mohammadean* WereWolf
( Whose name was forgotten )

It's current wereabouts is uncertain.
- - - - -
* This doesn't mean now, what it meant then.


ξ ξ
Mohammadean; Then--
meant something like 'Vanilla'.

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