Wednesday, April 12, 2000

Story: De →Vice

- - - - - + - - - - -
the device here is not -very- articulated
just as it shouldn't be.
devices of the future are to be incomprehensible anyway.
is this picture from the future?
where else could it come from...!
The unDefined 'Cocksman' is dipsy
After yacketayakking all night
In the jail's bowling alley.
He's 'Roadside Crazy' --
Which means that; in Canada,
He would have been able to drive from the present,
Into the lung shaking future that came after
The end of The Teletubbies.
By any other name;
The Great Holy, Coastal, Transmigrational English --
[ As opposed to The Monstrously UnGodly European Crowned Lambs ]
-- Were drawn to Stonewall,
Committing to this Birmingham Kingdom
of Turpentine Golgotheans
That they have the Telephones to visually snip
The Hellish Pavement from
Their waking eyes.
Behind them;
Farmboys snigger.
] } א { [

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