Sunday, April 02, 2000

Story: Gallery Exhibitionism

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This is a very rare Sadistic Image
from my Trove of Drawings...
Although; Gawd knows, i was saturated with this
sort of thing when i was growing up...!!!
You just don't see this sort of thing anymore in common circulation...
( Maybe on The Internet...??? )
Many people like to believe that contemporary movies are becoming
More Violent & Graphic in their depictions of
Inhumanity towards their fellow humanimals, nature, used furniture,
casual grocery items & the naked gawds...
But when i was growing up;
A very popular magazine genré was True Detective Stories
Which featured Many Different titles,
All with Incredibly Lurid Covers of Women
Being Debased and Humiliated in
The Most Sexually Perverse Manners...
And these would be sold on
The Magazine Racks of Supermarkets...!!!
My Mother used to buy all that there were available...!
i'm sure she must have cried and cried
When they went out of style...!!!
( Curiously; i never read any of the articles...!
i somehow knew that even looking at them was wrong & sinful...
and at a time when i was desperate to be seen as 'The Good Child'...??? )
Another source for my natureal sexual perversity,
Which is usually simmering, unseen,
or at least; Concealed openly...
Was a 'How to Draw' book that i got from the Public Library
when i was around 12_years old...
It was conventional in most respects and featured many
different subjects to draw from,
But when it came to the section on Anatomy,
It contained page after page of women; naked women--
Invariably with their hands roughly secured
behind their backs, tied to chairs or posts or face down
with their legs frantically kicking in the air...! ( ? )
Along with that;
i had access to my uncles extensive Playboy Collection
that featured the works of Brad Holland, Vargas,
Harvey Kurtzman, and so many others--
Then there was National Lampoon
& All The Children's Book Illustrators from
The 30's such as Arthur Rackham, Howard Pyle &
Jessie Wilcox Smith...
...Who lived when you could draw naked, sexually specific babies
or beautiful women, being lowered into vats of Acid...
Those times; Formed my Gestalt.
- - -
Under the stairs in his mother's house,
Tiny mice with a rare skin disease,
tried to claw their own eyes out one afternoon
when a neighbor discovered the piles of colourless human excrement
spread out gently beside the tree
that her grandfather had planted 2 months before going off to war.
She stood unsteadily as The Earth lurched forward and then back.
Andy spotted his cousins wood carvings in the gallery
that his girl friend dragged him to.
There were other exhibitions,
but he couldn't find anything that interested him.
"I can only see what I understand..."
She found a septagonical foreign coin in her damp coat pocket
& considered swallowing it,
Just to see how long it would take to pass through her--
She then recalled an episode of 'Leave it to Beaver'
in which a friend of The Beaver does just that and dies,
Not from the coin, or it's gastoenterological effects,
But in a horrific skateboarding accident...
It was all tied together... somehow...
- - : + : - -

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