Wednesday, April 12, 2000

Story: Hanging Chair Murders / Lucy

- - - - - + - - - - -
This drawing is from
The Haning Chair Murder Series
These were originally a Chrstmsa WeeBook
But i like to revisit them from time to time...
- - - - -
Lucy Bop [ Bopperella ] was found in the Yogametric 'Worm' Position
( Frequently mistaken for 'The Sphinx' in places like Colorado )
"It was itself a Radiant Arkansa that you've got there"
Claimed the chief inspector;
Who'd been running rotten in the alley longer than
A natureal moaning window merchant in any of the five neighboring counties.
He had a railroad body and kept sniffling.
The Bop Internationale Hair Park;
Was a subdivision of The Borough's Valhalla Foundation,
Had been awakened from a dipsy like res publica one afternoon
To find a faint hope of socialism in the form of a twinky like Deus.
Truly cruel alcoholic cherubs banded together in sorrow
With sweetened onions; freshly sliced, filling their sensitive hipster pockets.
The solitude ended with a Big Hug
That came from the Painters who had spilled turpentine down their rickety legs
After an attack of Eastern Lightning.
They all felt the demonic despair of living in a Manhattanish styled
Studio apartment that wasn't big enough to contain
A legally sanctioned crucifixion.
Someone in regimental pants had the sense to inform The Marijana Industries;
In all 50 states, To hold a barn burning to celebrate.

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