Sunday, April 02, 2000

Story: Long Puddles of Ennúi

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i had just finished looking through a book on ♣
( that guy that drew the tortures of war...??? )
And he also drew from Bull Fights...
So i was going to put some bulls into this picture.
The more i think about what i'm going to put into a picture
the lamer the final result will be!
The good ones don't come from me...
i merely act as a conduit for some other lunatic,
in another dimension -- someplace...???
. . . . . . . . . . . . The Grey Fish stepped off the train in Prussia
And had to be reminded that it was now 4 hours earlier than in Macedonia.
"There will be more toast than jam." He replied to the secretary.
Skinny aliens; chewing absentmindedly on the legs of green worms,
Watched with disinterested smirks.
Everyone in the 5th period opened their books to find traces of the remains.
"Not a clever crime." The Sergeant insisted.
& Yet; it was never satisfactory explained.
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