Wednesday, April 12, 2000

Story: Microwave Towers

- - - - - + - - - - -
Perhaps the most recognizable feature in this drawing
is that the woman on the left,
has spiked, clug like protuberances
that have replaced her hands...
Are these included because i can't draw hands...???
Partly; but i also like the look of them.
- - - - - - - - - - -
It was every boys dream.
Can you honestly say that you've never snuck into a woman lavatory,
Reached deep into the trash bin with your shaking, damp arms-- to find:
A scented bun of thickly wrapped tissue... containing;
A bloody [ plus; the intrauterine lining ] tampon, or sanitarian's 'napkin',
Then taken it to the sink to freshen it,
And sucked it's contents,
like it was the cream filling of a cretinous, cinnamon danish,
Into your tiny 14 year old mouth?
[ at least once...? ]
Lorretta found me under the boxes at the Asian market.
i was nude; and pawing at my spot-- raw and attracting busy flies.
At home; i have a book on flies.
At the library; there is a book on how to insert a tampon.
i asked Lorretta if i could insert her tampon.
That was 6 weeks before The Cricket tried to crush my skull with a Canon Color Printer.
i was thinking that morning about Subterranean Witches,
and The Troll Queen.
If you even meet The Troll Queen, you'll be given 3, or 5, Wishes.
i was deciding what to wish for--
When my councilor told me to stop masturbating at the bus stop.
"There's a place for that," she reminded me,
"And that place, is Eternal Damnation."
As she was telling me this;
i was bending over in a most obvious manner, to look up her dress.
She considered this normal,
and encouraged all the boys to try to sneak a peek.
What we saw;
Those of us that saw anything,
Changed the squishy molecules in our brains;
} = : + : = {

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