Wednesday, April 26, 2000

Story: New Toy

- - - - - + - - - - -
This lady seems to me
To be a Self Portrait...???
- - - x - - -
A raindrop; innocent; mostly...
Descends at a rate,
slightly slower than what might have been expected.
It is reluctant to find it's fated puddle.
Inaudible music is playing within the cells of Lucia
as she contemplates reading the instructions, again,
for the toy her sister brought her from the corner's communist pharmacy.
Lucia's sister sits awkwardly;
due to a congenital spinal disfiguration,
As top heavy photons gather on the edges of tungsten electrons,
suffering under the spell of forces that will cause isolated observers
to think that time is flowing backwards,
A voice; tapped earlier that week,
accurately predicts the time.
Hecie's photos fade a little more,
In a wallet that was lost twentysix years ago,
and has remained undiscovered by anyone to this day.
. . . # . . .

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