Sunday, April 02, 2000

Story: StinkBugs

- - - - - + - - - - -
This is not a very good one,
One feature that annoys me the most
Even though this was accurately translated
from the source photo...
Is that the girl on the left's, right hand
is not compressing the mattress.
It looks very wrong to me.
- - - - -
Margourie ( Judy; To most of her family )
Left the bowl of scotch & gyzym pudding out on the counter,
in The Rosicrucian's Church basement.
This was her 5th of an allowable 9 Offenses and would have to dealt with by
The Informal Mullahs that lived across the street,
In a shed that was originally built, more than 60 years ago,
To hold Alex Spencktor's [ pos: ( ? ) Spinktar ] Blueflame Tire Collection.
In 1967;
The collection mysteriously disappeared,
And Alex moved to either Florida or New Hampshire... [ or Belarus ( ? ) ]
His sister took over the house,
And began renting various rooms, and the red & green shed
To whomever showed up at her door.
The 2nd Story bathroom was rented to an Clinically Obese Rail Gaurd
That filled yellow legal notebooks with his conjectures relating
SuperQuanta, Set Theory & Foreign Languages
Spoken by a nearly unknown sect of pygmies
Whose eyes were just a little too closely set together... ( ? )
He used several differently coloured pens,
And cut out photographs of pies & biscuits; Then pasted them over crude drawings
of naked women ostensibly saying things like
"Rotational delimiters in null sets make my freckles itch!"
After The Mullahs returned from work, [ bakers ( ? ) ]
They found a note in the yellow bucket under their porch,
Which was the means by which thier neighbors communicated with them.
They changed into their Mullah outfits
And stalked over to the church, which they found empty.
This was normal the tall one thought-- but said nothing.
When dogs began to howl across from the park,
They set off to find Maggie-- [ Peggy's sister ]
But then the Aliens arrived in two tone stationwagons,
Brand new ones; Judging from the absence of scratch marks
Or an accumulation of mud under the wheel wells.
Fearing the worst,
Children that preferred oatmeal to cream of wheat
Hid under their olive green blankets.
But they were taken anyways.
= - + - =

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