Wednesday, April 12, 2000

Story: Two Independant Ashcans

- - - - - + - - - - -
You may have noticed that this figure has
a Third Eye...
While Third Eyes are by no means a Rarity
i do like to think of them as an elemental archetype
in my personal Vocabulary.
She also has something of a grimace
which is found much more often than smiles...
But i like to add teeth, full sets of nice white teeth
to a drawing from time to time...
Speaking of facial expressions...
One aspect of Asperger's is that Autistic Humanimals
in general have a hard time distinguishing emotional states
based on 'facial expressions'...
This may be curious, because my therapist once noted
The Characters in my Drawings had such
'Rich' Facial Expressions--
But of course...
i don't have any sense of 'What they mean...' ( ??? )
i just like to create 'Goofy' faces by
fiddling with eye or eyebrow positions
or mouth shapes and so on...
They don't really 'Mean' anything to me...!!!
- - - # - - -
Lorries second bath was meant to shame The Islamic community.
A nightmare of The Bleak Wounded Ashcan filled her thoughts that evening.
Another girl [ TrianglePolygon ( that's her name! ) ]
Was present when a sudden Nostalgia of
The Ancient Heavenly Turkish Ashcan
Stunned The Bombed Princess.
A Galaxy Burst.
Thumbelina's tiny bust shifted as Adam [ The Ghoul ]
From a stairway behind the blind moon
of The Wild Fish Terrorist League,
Demanded everyone follow him
and A Jehovian hellish Angel named 'Ebola Prose'.
Was what the Academies of Harpsichord Sitters replied.
Was it secretly obtainable?
- - - = - - -

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