Sunday, April 02, 2000

Story: The Wisdom of Fish

- - - - - + - - - - -
i was trying to do something with her lower lip
which is extending out at a disproportionately greater
distance than the upper...
But it doesn't look quite right.
There are numerous other problems as well...
But the fish came out pretty OK.
. . . . . . . . .
What is not commonly understood by people that do not
hear voices, is that there are several kinds to listen for.
Type 0: Perfectly Ordinary External Voices.
Type 0.2: Perfectly Ordinary External Voices
that are 'Beamed' to you via a Directional Speaker so that
Persons standing immediately beside you will not hear them.
This is Devious to be sure, But the voices that you're hearing have
a well understood and easily verified origin.
Type 0.4: Radio Transmissions that are received via
a perfectly conventional electronic device implanted
by our own CIA. It's my personal belief that this Reference
to The CIA is a Euphemism for Some other Agency
whose Name & Agenda is Unknown.
Type A: Radio Transmissions of the type just defined,
Except that they're not from a well understood
External Source, Which would include;
Transmissions from an Alien Spacecraft.
Type B: Voices from a Type 0 or 0.2 Definition
Except that they're not from a Well Defined
External Source; Which would include;
Ghosts, Alien ESP &/or Unusually Bright Animals.
The distinction between Type A & B Voices is that
A's sound Crackly & B's sound Whispery.
Type C: Voices from your Id or Super Ego.
These need not be in your own voice,
even if you have a clear idea of
what your own voice sounds like.
They may alternatively be your voice
as it sounded when you were a child,
or they may be the voice of a relative, friend,
mere acquaintance or Complete Stranger.
One 'Speaker' is usually Dominant.
Type F: Voice from a Disembodied Fish.
- - -
Lydia stood along the ledge outside her
posh Au Currant Motel Six Balcony
and tried to imagine the various permutations
of yoga like dreams concocted by hopeless lost snails,
dipping off a curb,
on their way onto a dark roadway,
several hours before the morning traffic begins.
The voice that she has identified as 'Rufus'
began speaking to her again.
It was from a disembodied fish,
but depicted in her doodles to her therapist as an actual fish,
for the purpose of clarity.
Her therapist; Dr. Gugu, was easy distracted
when her narratives became too hypothetical,
metaphorical or metonymistical.
Thursday she showed Dr. G her new injury
that she could not explain.
It looked like hamburger wrapped in an onion skin.
The Physician expressed no interest in it.
- + -

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