Friday, April 28, 2000

The Theory of Art [ Formerly: Auntie Joan ]

i had been looking all over the place awhile ago for a site with some of my Auntie Joanie's Paintings,
and it seemed, at that time, that they'd all disappeared...
And then i finally remembered the name of The Gallery that she displayed her work at and found that...!
But-- It didn't list her as a member...!!!
But---i did find a link to another artist that was affiliated with The Art Stall,
and so i used her format, and simply inserted 'glenn' where 'Rawlings' had been...
Curiously; The correct address for for jglenn...
But Amazingly, it found the site anyway...!!!
( why is it that it never works that hard when i'm really looking for something...!!! )
Her site is:
Auntie Joan's Paintings

fig.1 Baskets of Flowers, Without a Mysterious Shadow...

She's a Fine Artist & Excellent Draftsperson...
But i just wish she's add a little more 'mystery' to her paintings...???
A mysterious shadow falling across the pots of flowers,
A ghostly face peering out from the filthy window of an old barn,
A limbless boy floating by on an innertube by the tugboats,
A firery plane falling out of the sky behind the church,
A Radically Political Button on the blouse of her grandchild(?),
A long extinct bug on the fruit,
One of the eggs falling off the table, with a cat just beneath it!
A Hobo's feet sticking out from under the old truck...!
Wouldn't that make them more 'Engaging...' ( ??? )
Maybe she'll be famous someday anyways...!
René Magritte; In order to more fundimentally understand & advance his own ability to contrive new paintings, composed a listing of all the ways that objects within a painting may interact with one another...
His was a rather short list; So i've created my own listing of ways that objects may be transformed & made to confront the other objects & ideas within a confined illustrative area.
Composition Suggestions

  1. Assign the Attributes of A to B
  2. Overlap Incongruent Elements
  3. Add a Mysterious/Ambiguous/Contradictory Element
  4. Hide an Element
  5. Discard a Necessary Element
  6. Overstate the Logical Conclusion
  7. Preproduce Reality / State the Obvious
  8. Stylize Texture
  9. Reverse Rolls
  10. Illustrate a Misconception
  11. Requantify Attributes
  12. Prove The Anti-Thesis
  13. Violate a Taboo with Innocence
  14. Force Innocence into The Roll of a Taboo
  15. Violate The Illustrations Parameters
  16. Demonstrate Commonalities
  17. Highlight Hidden Details
  18. Combine Opposites
  19. Rework 'x' Sloppily: Then Repair 'x'
  20. Mix Metaphores
  21. Force Things to Fit
  22. Redefine Axioms
  23. Refute Necessary Details
  24. Remove Some/All Supporting Structures
  25. Add Exteraneous Features
  26. SubDivide The Totality
  27. Add Redundancy
  28. Contradict the Message
  29. Refute Beauty
  30. Refute Ugliness
  31. Make Something Innocent; Terrifying
  32. Make Something Terrifying; Innocent
  33. Confuse People
  34. Redefine Functionality/Usage
  35. Amplify Silence
  36. Include a Trigger
  37. Fight Your Desire to Please The Viewer
  38. ( ? )


More Theory of Art:

What Goes On in A Picture...???

  1. Sleep / Sit / Stand / Lounge Around
  2. Watch Something / Stare at Viewer
  3. Engage in Ritual
  4. Pass Through The Threshhold
  5. Second Figure Juxtaposed
  6. Picking Up Something / Eating
  7. Comtemplating Something
  8. Twist / Contort
  9. Get Things All Wrong
  10. Master / Slave / Beast
  11. Elements: Cherub / Appliances / Clouds / Moon / Books / Papers / Shopping List / Small Utencils / Chair / Sofa / Table / Bed / Animals / Plants / Bowl / Window / Flies / Monsters / Food / Rocks / Ghost / Light / Doorway
  12. Doing x in a y Environment
  13. z's Perspective
  14. Struggling with x
  15. Interacting with a Machine / Confusion
  16. Laying in a Heap / Injured / Dead
  17. People as Things

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