Tuesday, June 27, 2000

SuperEvil Cabbage Codes...!!!

i don't exactly have any 'Examples'
of SuperEvil Cabbage Codes yet--
The SuperEvil Cabbage Codes Directory
Has generated it's First
Triflective Satanic Signature Key...!!!
i should have something Solid in a few days...!!!
If you've been putting off becoming Catholic...
Now would be the time to finally set a date
For your Confirmation...
SuperEvil Cabbage Codes will Not be Denied...!!!
The Data that This HP48
Programmable Calculator Program will Generate
Will Convince The Most Morbidly Obese
Pasty Faced Agnostics
& Turtle Headed Atheists
At your local Pay & Save...!!!
Be sure & wear only your
Oldest & least favorite Dungarees
When you Open this Blog Next Time...!!!

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