Sunday, July 30, 2000

Inventions, Innovations & Other Heresys

Inventions, Ideas & Various Social Experiments

It's been suggested that a Genius is someone that comes up with at least One Really Good, Original Idea...
Well-- i come up with new ideas all the time...
Some of them are good,
Some of them are original,
( i freely lift ideas from other sources and promote them, as is needed, from time to time...
new & good ideas really need all the promotion that they can muster...
it's been frequently mentioned, ( although new inventors never seem to believe it...!!! )
that you needn't fear that people are going to steal your new and good ideas or inventions...
But rather; you'll be spending all your post inventions time, trying to get people to look at it...!!! )
But only a few of them are both good and original...
( Sometimes only a little Originality is Necessary... ( ! )---

It might also be mentioned that There are No Really Original Ideas...
All New Ideas come from the pieces of Old Ideas...
If an Idea were really Entirely New, You wouldn't even be able to look at it...!!!
It would nothing more than a lump of Indistinquishable, UnIdentifiable globby things...!!!

Friday, July 28, 2000

Inventions, Ideas Index

Inventions, Ideas
& Various Social Experiments

The Index:

  1. Phase Arrayed Camera
    This is pretty much what i would think of as a
  2. Internal Inertia Genertator
    Engine without a Transmission...
    Or AntiGravity...???
  3. IQ One Hundred Town
    A Social Experiment that would shame Richard Herrnstein; The Writer of
    The Bell Curve...!!!
  4. How Stupid is Normal?
    Something that occurred to be recently is; Do Normal people see things the same way that intelligent 'Artists' see things...
    Might it be that Normal ( The Damp Masses ) Humanimals, can only see stylized approximations of things...
    This is not entirely foundationless....
    One phenomena that i've noticed personally is how i see things now, as compared to how i used to see things as a child. i distinctly recall specfic feelings and attitudes about things that i saw as a child, and now, viewing those same things later, ( sometimes only a short time later, such as a few years ) i'm struck with how 'Real' i thought that they were then, and how 'Fake' they look now...!!! ( Such as Television shows that i used to think of as 'Realistic' -- Police Story, Hill Street Blues, The Dick Van Dyke Show, and others... -- And now i see they as Very Highly Stylized...!!! )
    This is Very Curious... Is the way we see things really so dependant on our cultural conditioning...???
    And as such; Are Normal People more susseptible to this...
    This may be indicated to some degree by the primative and stylized drawings they make of things,
    Or perhaps it could be more accurately measured by first establishing very carefully with each test subject that you want them to precisely rate, to the best of their ability, The 'Realness' of various pictures that they are shown...
    Will they be able to tell the difference between a nominally realistically drawn picture, and a photograph, or a artistically stylized photograph from a less contrived one...???
    Another interesting thing to consider is how 'Photographers' DATE-STAMP their pictures, even ones that they, and their audience think are
    'Completely UNArtistic...!'
    This would have to be taken into consideration...???
    What would the results be for a complete CrossSection of a Given Culture...
    For Different Cultures... Industrialized vs PreIndustrialized...
    Literate vs PreLiterate...??? Westernized vs Eastern or Arabic...???
  5. PreCogitator
    A Modest Outline for The Long Overdue 'Next Generation' of Computers that will Genuinely Think, and may, or may not, be Genuinely Conscious...???
  6. Universal Hieroglyphical Language
    A PostLiteracy Tool for Global Understanding...
  7. Unbiquity of Robots
    i just don't understand were all the Robots are...???
    It seems to me that it would simplisity itself to come up with a 'Kit' that could be used by any attentive 5th grader to make all sorts of interesting & potentially dangerous Robots...
    Which may be why-- Someone, somewhere, somehow; Is suppressing them...!
    1. Develope a simple controller, or use an off the shelf programmable calculator; Such as an HP48, to be the brains of the Robot...
      There's a certain school of thought that some robots may benefit from 'Local Brains' which do nothing buy control a single leg, or group of legs, and act in a Daughterish manner, subservient to the Mother Brain...
      This is potentially a good idea and if you'd like to experiment with it, i whole heartedly would encourage you to do so... ( But it's not absolutely necessary, especially for beginneresque roboting... )
    2. The next step is come up with a bunch of Motors and Magnetic Plungers and such... Various devices that push and pull things, and then add little bits of controlling circuitry to them, ( by way of NAND Circuits ...??? ) that allow the Brain to turn them Off and On. All these Devices would have Unique names, such as "A26" or "G47", So that the brain could simply refer to that device, as it is linked either serially or in paralell to all the other Devices ( And Sensors ) and Tell it to turn On or Off.
      Such a command within the Robot controller Language might look like:
      DEVICE (A26,1)
      Which would mean; Device, ( Motor ) A Section, Unit 26, Turn On.
      If you had a complicated Step Motor or some such, then the command may be slightly more complicated...???
    3. Likewise; There would be Sensors that would be capable of returning quantitative data that represented contact with a surface, temperature, rotational bearing, compass direction, visual brightness, sound frequency or intensity, or a video image or sound clip...
      Again; Each Sensor would have a Unique name and could be called by the Central Brain to return it's latest or current Sensor Measurement.
      The Central Brain's Command may look like this;
      SENSOR (EP91,1)
      Which means; Sensor, ( Light Sensor ) Section E, Division P, Unit 91, Send me your latest Reading.
      Then the Sensor EP91 would download it's Numerical Data to a PreSelected File, such as 'SensorReadings'.
      Which the Central Brain would pull the data from, and act on it according to other Propositional Conditionals... ( Robotic Behaviours...! )
    4. Then you'd attach these motors and sensors to a platform of Lego Blocks or Erector Set Pilons, or combination thereof, along with lots of customized structures made from cardboard, styrofoam & plastic sheets...
    5. Then write a program to make it fully autonomous...
    Why isn't this sort of thing available...???
    One of the principle reasons is that if such robots were to become available, there would be a sudden outbreak of robotcentric crime...!!!
    But a more curious problem is: Who could be suppressing this technology...???
    The basic ideas outlined here are so simple and ubiqutous are available to anyone, anywhere...
    Who could possibly have the power to suppressing something as commonplace as this...???
  8. Use Clones to Test for ESP
    Make a few hundred clones, wait for them to mature to teenages, then test them for ESP...
    What could be simpler...???
  9. Court Recordings
    Such a Simple and Modest Idea...
    Create an Entertaining & Logical Argument to Convict The Accused, and Record it for Posterity...???
  10. Citizen Prosecutors
    This idea sounds so reasonable that i'm almost sure that it must actually be implimented...
    It simply allows Ordinary Citizens to Become City, County, State or Federal Prosecutors for any crime that they think needs prosecuting, and discover that the local municipality is unwilling, or financially unable, to prosecute that particular crime...
    This would be particularly useful in prosecuting Police Officers that The District Attorney refuses to prosecute for some eggregious act, that if anyone else were guilty of, or suspected of, would be summarily, covered with raw honey and blown out of a short cannon into a stinky land fill infested with large, overwrought fire ants.
  11. Maturity Index
    There are tests for Intelligence...
    Should there be a test for Maturity, which would allow you to be, or not be--
    Or-- Allow you to CHOOSE to be, or not be;
    A Full Fledged Citizen...???
  12. Fair, Minority Representative PsuedoDemocracy
  13. Complete Fractional Reality Representations
  14. Allowance for MicroNations
  15. Taxivators
    Might it be possible to jump into something that looks just like an Elevator in a Skyscrper in New York City; and within this tiny box, travel at near supersonic speed, across the country, or around the world...???
  16. Ubiquitous Alternative Transportations Pathways
  17. Freedom of Fashion
  18. Digital Companions
  19. International/Global Security Force with Bite!
  20. Full Corporate Product & Services Access
  21. Perpetual Motion Machine
  22. What We Really Know, And How We Know It : Book
  23. Gazelle Legs
    i saw this originally in an old Discover Magazine, and it all the ear marks of becoming a BIG HIT, A Fabulous New Fad, A Technology that would Revolutionize World Transportation...
    And then-- Months and Years went by and noone picked up on it...???
    Then i found a web page from Denmark, or some other crazy Scandinavian Country, After some guy on a bus told me that these things, That were substantially different from the devices in the Discover Magazine, but still effected the same purpose...???...Were Hugely Popular in California...!!!
    But Now-- i can't seem to relocate that Web Page or any information on these things at all...!!!
    Obviously; My first Impressions were correct, That they would Revolutionize the world,
    And Consequently; They've been Suppressed...!!!
  24. System / Organization to Exploit / Maximize Crazy People
  25. Bug Hat
    There are at least two versions of this,
    The Main one is Electronic, and consists of a helmet with a number of video cameras arranged around it, or the cameras could be arranged around a car or airplane, With two video displays over The Wearer's Eyes, Large enough, so that they fill the wearer's complete field of vision! This field of vision is parceled out so that the wearer can see all around themselves, and with sufficient practice, make sense of it to such an extent that they have depth perception of objects that both in front of, and directly behind themselves...!
    The second version of this is that it has the same effect, but that it's accomplished entirely with optical components.
    Additional versions may have Infered and Ultraviolet spectrums included,
    Or Additional Frequencies, or Magnetic, NightVision, or Sound Visualizations...!
    It might also be constructed so that the wearer's head remains completely stationary, and that to focus on a particular object to the side of the visual field, the wearer would simply 'Gaze' at it for an extended time, such as 2_seconds...?
    Additional features may include Zoom in & out, Colour or Contrast shifting, or Window within a Window, and/or Complete Internet Functionality...???
  26. Ornocopter
    This is an Airplane that works by flapping it's Wings...
    i would be particularly interested though, in one that looks and operates, just like a Fly.

  27. Construction Extruders
  28. Reverse Spinning Hub-Caps
    i'm sure you've seen those hub-caps that spin, even when the car is stationary...
    Well, i was thinking, wouldn't it be fun if they were arranged with gears and reverse balance wheels, hehind them, so that they would spin in exactly the opposite direction and speed as the wheel... So that they would be stationary when the car was moving...
    So even though the wheel would be moving, the hub-cap, would be motionless, rotational wize, so that the car would appear to be Gliding, rather than rolling along...???!!!
  29. Active / Functional Lie / Truth / Secrets Detector
    Some time ago, on a TV program called; The Agency ( about the CIA, since canceled ) they featured an 'Effect' very much like the truth detector that i've been thinking about creating for along time, But with their version, and with another version, featured on 60 Mintues... My version would be much more extensive, and Less mobile, and More configured to Each Individual that is tested...
    The idea though, that the device would be looking for 'things' ( information ) that only the guilty person would have knowledge of, is fairly well established...
    You're not just looking for the person to 'Lie'... You're looking for places where the subject would react with familiarity to things that they couldn't or shouldn't know.
    With my version; The device would consist of a large number of sensory systems that would take advantage of every external expression that a body could produce--
    Such as ( But not limited to...! ) Pupil size, Brain waves, Sweatiness, ElectroConductivity, Breathing, Skin Temperature, Muscle contractions or relaxations, Stomach or Intestinal Convulsions, Urine or Blood composition ( Taken & measured continuously ), Genitalia Excitation, Anal pinching... and so on...
    Then each subject would be exposed to a wide variety of ordinary and supernormal, dada and sexual, Optical and Auditory stimulous, along with banal and bizarre questions to create an extensive profile of how they react to various activities...
    Once that was extablished; Pertenent Questioning could begin.
    The thing that i am most skeptical about, concerning other versions of 'Advanced' True Detectors, is that they axiomatically assume that everyone is going to express the same brain wave or even brain area excitment patterns to the same sorts of stimulous...
    This is like presupposing, as many do, that everyones dream imagery means the same thing for each individual...???
    This seems hardly likely.
  30. Borg Communities Based on Implanted CellPhones...
  31. School Projects
    1. Punishment Jar
      One of the most annoying elements of being mischeievious in school is having to stay after and endure some mind destroying punshment; such as copying several pages from a dictionary...!
      With the Punishment Jar: The student would pick an envelope from the jar and it would contain some difficult task that would have some redeemable qualtity to it, such as learning to juggle or memorizing the Declaration of Independence...???
    2. Best Student List
      Each student should be aware of where they are in the class standing, from minute to minute, and this listing could be constructed from plaques with each student's name on it, so that it could be moved easily from one tier to another at the teachers whim. This would allow poor students to enjoy an afternoon of high standing from time to time, while the best students would be necessarily constantly aware that their position is subject to review.
    3. Dunce Cap
    4. War on Drugs
      i've always felt that the strongest argument for some point must include an open and derisive consideration of the opposeing viewpoint... Rather than just simply ignoring it.
      With Recreational Narcotics; This is especially important.
      One Drug poster idea i have is to divide the poster into four sections; So that one contains a picture and opinion of The Lay Student, Representing 'Common Sense'; Then another section would be The Heretical Scientist offering some argument for a particular Drug, Then an Orthodox Scientist would have another Section, and of course, The Drug's user should have a section...
  32. Magick Tricks
    The Disappearing Elephant
  33. Various Film Ideas...
  34. - - - -

Tuesday, July 18, 2000

UnExpected Patterns : An HP48gx Experiment

Something Kooky that i’ve been playing around with for quite awhile is a collection of programs & approaches that create –roughly- “Fractal” like designs that are initiated by creating Seed Generators;
That by any lay persons estimation; Should produce random gibberish.
This current version plots a series of Pixels on The Display into a Spiral; As the Superstructure Template.
Because the Display is constructed from an x – y Grid, Some of the Plot Points, Particularly along the Diagonals, may be Misplaced, Forgotten or Overlaid onto previous Pixel Positions.
i’ve given a small amount of thought as to how this may be corrected, and decided that given the limitations of my Computational Platform: The HP48gx, It would be too much trouble, And cause the already, very slow Cycling Period to Creep along even slower.
So that problem is simply endured.
The pattern that this caused may be generated by creating a Seed Generator that causes All Pixel Points to Turn On. So that The Gaps can be viewed.

Then another Spiral may be created using XOR for all Points, and when these are compared, Overlaps may be Determined.
All programs are listed in PsuedoFlowChart Form to make is ‘Easy’ to translate them into whatever programming language that you are currently working with.
[ Start ]
( Although Start is listed first; you need to create a Seed Generator First, and test it. )
Create a Pictorial Area
Define The Plot Parameters to –1 to 1 along the x & y axis.
Determine The Size of One Pixel ( Width ) = ‘pixel’ Store
Pixels should be arranged with The Size of The Pictorial Area
And the Plot Parameters to be Square; i.e., Same Width as Height
Create a bunch of Variables to be used later:
pixel / 2 = ‘radius’ Store
0 = ‘angle’ Store
0 = ‘x’ Store
0 = ‘y’ Store
(0,0) = ‘last’ Store
0 = ‘length’ Store
Current Time = ‘time’ Store
Display Pictorial Area
Initiate an If Error Conditional that envelops the entire cyclic program, such that if it is artificially disturbed, The Then Consequent will be activated.
This Then Consequent will consist of Simply Ending the program prematurely,
Upon which the Terminal Instructions will be followed.
The Cyclical Core:
SINE ( angle ) * radius
COSINE ( angle ) * radius
Save as ‘x’ & ‘y’
x & y Real to Complex
Subtract from ‘last’ to Determine Distance from the Last Pixel
=+ ( Save Accumulatively into ) ‘length’ Store+
‘length’ is the Length of the Spiral as it twists around the central focii.
Save the Complex Point just created as the new ‘last’
Calculate The New ‘angle’ & ‘radius’
( radius * 2 * pi ) / pixel = ‘a1’ Store [ Temporary Variable ]
360 / a1 =+ ( Save Accumulatively into ) ‘angle’ Store+
pixel / a1 =+ ( Save Accumulatively into ) ‘radius’ Store+
Run [ SeedGenerator ]
The Seed Generator creates a 0 or 1
x & y Real to Complex
If Seed Generators Created a 1 : Plot a Pixel at ( x,y )
Continue Cycle Until radius => 1
Terminus Instructions
Current Time – time : Display Results

A completed Spiral on The HP49gx, takes significantly longer than an hour for a 131 by 131 pixel PICTURE.

[ Seed Genertor ]
This consists of a series of functions & commands that ultimately boils down to either a 0 or 1
You may use The Global Variables; radius, angle, length x, y, last or pixel...
Along with all the usual mathematical constants; such as pi, e, or i ( et. al. )
Essentially; Anything goes.
Ideally; You’re trying to create a ‘procedure’ that couldn’t possibly generate an meaningful or orderly pattern or structure...
To add to this Mayhem; i’ve created a [ Pick ] program that Picks out a digit from a Real or Otherwise Number... such that if you Ran Pick ( 4 ) on 9.43E62 : The Result would be 6
What i’ve discovered using this tool, is that given a series of numbers generated in an otherwise conventional manner, The Pick Tool will separate out ‘Layers’ of Complexity from the Resultant Numbers...???
The farther you pick digits to the Right ( Least Significant ? ) The more intricate, subtle and complex the resulting Pattern becomes.
Sample Seed Generator:
angle INVERT + length FRACTION PART [ Pick ( 3 ) ] 2 MODULUS

[ Test ]
This is intended to determine if The Seed Generator you’ve created will generate a reasonable number of both 0’s and 1’s.
The proportionality should be around 50 / 50.
i’ve also added another feature, So that it calculates (?) how long it will take to create One Animation Box.
So that; if you later wish to Use a Seed Generator to make a sereis of Plots, each Rotated by an appropriate increment, for the purpose of Animating them, this feature should give you some idea of how long it will take to make however many pictures you wish to make...
0 = ‘time’ Store
0 = ‘sum’ Store
0 to 100 Loop FOR abc
Display abc
: RAND ( Generate Random Number from 0 < difference ="+">
Extra Dealies...

[ Pix? ]
Takes ( x,y )
IF this pixel is ON,
THEN turn it off.
ELSE turn in on.
[ Pick ]
Picks out a Individual Digit from a Number
Number = 'n' Store
Position = 'p' Store
What is the SIGN of n = 's' Store
n MANTISSA Portion / 10
Convert to String
Convert to String
Add together
2 12 SUB
( to remove the decimal point )
p p SUB
IF result is a Null String
THEN replace with "0"
Convert from String to Real.
Multiple by s
Make an Animation
[ Toon ]
THEN continue from last interruption...
ELSE start a new one...
Ask User if s/he like to continue with the Interrupted Version?
IF SO...
360 / frames = 'step' Store
Recall the Name of the List of Graphic Objects, where they were previously being stored... = 'save' Store
IF NOT - Start a New Animation
Ask for how many Frames are Desired = 'frames' Store
360 / frames = 'step' Store
0 = 'counter' Store
Create a Unique name for the list of Graphic Objects;
Use that Name to Store an Empty List;
Then save the Name in = 'save' Store
Create a Pictorial Area
Set x & y Plot Parameters so that each Pixel Dimension is the same as The Larger, Single Graphic Object Dimensions for each Pixel...???

So that it'll look the same as your 'Preview' Version...
The Animation Boxes, according to this thinking, will be substantially smaller than the Preview, Single Plot Version...
Set all Variables
360 / frames = 'step' Store
{ } = 'save' Store
count * step = 'begin' Store
Size of One Pixel ( Width ) = 'pixel' Store
pixel / 2 = 'radius' Store
0 = 'angle' Store
0 = 'x' Store
0 = 'y' Store
( 0,0 ) = 'last' Store
0 = 'length' Store
Current Time = 'time' Store
Create an IF ERROR structure that contains the entire core program.
If An Interrupt occurs, simply display "Aborted" Reminder
Then Proceed to Termination Instructions
LOOP begin to 359 FOR abc
Display Cleared Pictorial Area
Display Counter : frames - count
SINE ( angle + abc ) * radius = 'x' Store
COSINE ( angle + abc ) * radius = 'y' Store
ABS ( ( x, y ) - last ) =+ 'length' Store+
( x,y ) = 'last' Store
( pi * radius * 2 ) / pixel = 'b1' Store ( Temp )
360 / b1 =+ 'angle' Store+
pixel / b1 =+ 'radius' Store+
Run Seed Generator
IF result = 1 THEN turn Pixel ( x,y ) to Black END
UNTIL radius = .565685 END
( for a reduced version .565685 represents a subset of the larger Preview Version :

Diagonal of a .4 by .4 Box )
Draw Box around Plotted Material
(.4,.4) (-.4,-.4 ) Draw Box
(.4,.4) (-.4,-.4 ) Sub Out of Pictorial Area
Recall save ( Name of List ) Save Subbed Graphic into this Name.
Reset Variables
pixel / 2 = 'radius' Store
0 = 'angle' Store
0 = 'length' Store
0 ROUNDOFF ( abc / step ) = 'count' Store
step STEP ( abc LOOP )
0 = 'count' Store
0 = 'frames' Store
IF ERROR Occurred
THEN Clear Stack : Display "Aborted" END
Current Time - time : Tag as "Elapsed Time"
[ h.m.s. ]
For the HP48gx ( et. al. ??? )
Converts a Time Format to a more Friendly Time Format
3.1206 becomes 03:12:06
-- = Program Delimiters...!!!
0 < -- DROP 0 -- IFT SWAP .00001 + ->STR "00" SWAP +
-> x $ p
$ p x 1 + DUP 2 < -- DROP 2 -- IFT - p 1 - SUB ":" $ p 1 + DUP 1 + SUB ":" $ p 3 + DUP 1 + SUB + + + + -- --


Winning at Roulette

Initial Rant / Introduction
Essential Overview
The Data
The Programs used on My HP48gx; as Crude Flowcharts

Initial Rant / Introduction
i found a book the other day that reminded me of a 'theory' involving statistical manipulation that i'd been thinking about for a long time, and this brief article in:
The Pig that Wants to be Eaten /
100 [ Thought ( Gedankenversuch ) ] Experiments for The Armchair Philosopher
Assembled by Julian Baggini © 2005

...discussed it without a deeper search for it's possible implications...
So i began to consider them...
The essential idea was that if you're standing beside a roulette wheel and you become aware that there has been an unusual sequence of 'Reds' that have come up...
A Black should be long overdue, and that statistically,
it would be prudent to bet a large sum on Black. ( ??? )
The article insisted however that each spin entails it's own probability factor,
which for a Roulette Wheel, the chances of Red or Black coming up, on any given spin, would be about 9 in 19, or not quite half...
Because-- of the two green slots, Zero and ZeroZero.
As much as you think Black is 'Overdue' for any given sequence of spins...
And It might well be overdue... Each spin must be considered on its own merits...
So i wrote a program on my HP48gx Programable Calculator to check this out...
And sure enough, there was no perceivable advantage to betting a constant amount on the under-represented colour.
Are you surprised by this?
i was surprised by this...
But i also got to thinking...
Just which spins are you considering...???
That is; Are you considering the last 6 spins, or the last 60, 600
or 6000...???
Each spin on a roulette wheel takes about 2 minutes to complete it's cycle
from taking in all the bets,
to determining the winner,
to paying off everyone,
or collecting their loses,
to starting over again...
So there is this 'Time Constraint' to how many spins you can consider...
Plus -- The Casino's generally don't like people that are playing a 'System'...
So that they may scowl and grunt when you begin taking notes or entering data into a lap top computer...
So-- If there is a System that can exploit some statistical weakness in the operation of the Roulette Wheel; We're going to have to keep in simple, Simple enough so that you can work it in your head.
Is there such a System?
i think that there is...
But i haven't quite worked it out -Completely- yet... !!! ???
What i do have; Are several pages of VERY promising data, and some numbers that seem to suggest that,
given my present betting suggestions,
a very small amount per spin.
How small...?
About per spin, when betting with a 'Base Unit' of 1$...???
If your base unit was $1000, then you'd consistently win $60 per spin.
It's VERY IMPORTANT to remember though...
That this is Gambling...
You can not control ( by this method ) the outcome of individual spins,
So that there is ALSO The Possibility that you could lose your Alpha Kitty...!!!
The Alpha Kitty is the amount that you start out with.
For all my Analytic Runs,
that consisted of a very unrealistic number of spins,
in the thousands...
i started each with $300, and usually... Usually won another $300, consistently...
And this is the curious part...
If the number of Reds or Blacks suddenly flew off in some VERY Anomolous direction,
Then the System faltered...!!!
It Crashed.
The Kitty was lost.

BUT --
If the Reds & Blacks behaved themselves, and stuck within their statistical range of normalacies...
Then i would consistently win.
It would be a Roller Coaster.
I'm not saying it's NOT a Roller Coaster...!!!
You win some, you lose some...
But you win more often than you lose...!
That is...
Let me tell you the secret.
You don't actually win more often than you lose...
The system predicts whether a Black or Red will come up next,
But it's Not any better than Chance at this...!!!
But this is THE CRAZIEST PART...
When i set up Two Players,
The Dumb Player picks randomly and bets randomly,
It Consistently Loses...
But The Smart Player; Using this System, predicts which Colour will come up,
and bets ACCORDINGLY-- It Consistently Wins...!!!
The Sledge Hammer approach to this is that;
The greater the SUPPOSED CHANCE of either Black or Red will come up,
You BET More...
So if for a given stretch of spins:
Red has come up 8 times,
and Black has come up 4 times...
You would bet a comparitively Larger Amount on Black,
Than if Black had come up 6 times...
That should seem simple and obvious.
But how much should you bet...???
This gave me alot of trouble.
As i mentioned before, It would depend, statistically on how many spins you were considering-
If you're only considering the last 12 spins, Red might seem highly OverRepresented, but if you're considering 6000 spins, Red might be sorely UnderRepresented...!!!
Allowing for this; The thoughtful person would conclude that the system couldn't possibly work...!!!
But the data i've accumulated seems to unequivocally suggest that it DOES Work...!!!
And -- i also suspect that if i could refine The Betting Scale,
i could win more consistently, with greater results...
What do i have so far?
i started out with a straight coin flip, and consistently got results like:
Smart player 1524 -vs- Dumb player 109
Smart player 1788 -vs- Dumb player 892
Dumb did occasionally win on these early trials...
But not by the amounts that Smart was winning, when Smart won...
One thing i noticed, was the variance of Maximum to Minimum Wins for Dumb when i played with 500 flips. Dumb's range was consistently around 600...
So that if it's best number of wins during a given trail of 500 flips was 142, it's loses would be around -533.
Smart; on the other foot, was all over the place...!
If it won 2486, it's Max' would be 2806 and it's Min' would be .5.
If it won 30,258, it's Max' winning would be 33,014 with a lowest point of 0.
In other words; The Dumb Player, picking Heads or Tails and Betting Randomly,
Won and Lost Randomly, adhereing to Statistical Probabilities...
While The Smart Player Bucked the Statistical Probibilities...!!!
Another point that i was considering, and i still don't have a good answer for this...
Is that -Although- The System allows you to Win Consistently, you still are permitted the possibility of losing.
Losing Everything!
So that-- If you are winning, when should you bail out?
One suggestion is that, if you double your money, you take you winnings, put them in a pocket, and continue to play with your original alpha kitty amount... So that your winnings are protected. If you lose the kitty at some point after that. You're done.
Another idea is that the winning 'Curve' or 'Slope' will tell you if you're above or below what you 'should be' winning at any given point in your run.
If you're below the slope, you keep playing,
If you're above the slope, and it is honorable to bail out.
But to bail out when you losing a little, as the system has warned you, repeatedly, may happen...
Makes you a Chicken Shit.
If you're going to ride this Roller Coaster, you have to have the nerve to stay on for the whole ride,
Jumping out before you get to the top will only cause traumatic injuries.
The trouble is though... Where is the top...???
Some trials have shown VERY high winnings,
Others have shown modest winnings,
and some have taken all my money.
After a few days,
i looked up the equation for
Pascal's Triangle,
which is used to determine statistcal probabilities...
The equation is:
n is the number of coin flips
k is the number of heads
The result is the statistical chances of the k number of heads coming up for n coin flips.
Given this; and more tinkering...
My last version ( of many ) allowed that if:
There was a Zero difference between Reds & Blacks
i would bet 1 Monetary Unit.
( i've been told that for the Casino's around Spokane Washington, you have to place a minimum bet of 3$-- So Either 3$ would replace this minimum amount, or 3$ would become your Basic Monetary Unit... Which would mean that i would suggest that your alpha kitty expand to $900, instead of $300...??? )
If there is a Difference of Two, then you bet 3 Units.
Also; For this system, i was considering a Set of 12 Spins, that were ongoing...
So that each last spin is added to The Set, and the 13th previous spin is deleted...
Which means that ( work this out for youself ) there is never the case of 1 too many Reds or Blacks...!
( Or any odd number, for that matter...!!! )
This also means that when you're considering the next spin resulting set...???...
That set of 12 spins may either be with the same number of Reds & Blacks,
or Two more of The Desired Red or Black
or the Undesired Reds or Blacks...
and this comes into how many good sets may be considered when you're determining how much to bet... !
This is one of the mysterious parts that still needs considerable work...!!! )
A Difference of 4 means that you bet 3 Units, ( same as 2 ! )
A Difference of 6, means that you bet 7 Units.
A Difference of 8, means that you bet 20 Units.
A Difference of 10, means that you bet 101 Units.
A Difference of 12, means that you bet 85 Units...!!!
You would think,
And i mentioned this earlier,
That if there was a String of Reds, say 12 Reds for our set of 12 Considered Spins...
You would Bet ALOT on Black...
But you have to ALSO remember that EACH INDIVIDUAL SPIN is not concerned with the Set...!!!
It could be Red, It could be Black, It could be Green, The ball may fly off the wheel.
The System breaks down when Statistical Probabilities become too improbable...!!!
The System somehow beats the Odds by Ignoring the Individual Spins,
and taking advantage of an artifical,
and entirely arbitrarily chosen number of spins within a given set.
If you win any money using this system, be sure and leave a comment.


Essential Idea
The Initial Idea for this Scheme was that;
If you’re gambling at a Roulette Wheel and you notice that there has been an unusual number of Reds coming up,
Then—Statistically; there should be a greater chance of Blacks as the next ‘Number’ that comes up.
The ‘Book’ [ Common -Educated- Wisdom ] Says tha;
‘No’- Each Spin is governed by it’s own unique Statistical Probabilities...
Essentially 9 in 19 for either Red or Black, for any given Spin.
Note: Because an American Roulette Wheel has The Zero & ZeroZero Slots,
The Chances of a Red or Black coming up, is not precisely One Half.
As it turns out, Computer simulations of these phenomena, and the ability to predict the colour of an up-coming ‘Number’ are within the constraints of chance.
That is: You can not reliably predict the colour of an up-coming ‘Number’.
This defies reason; or the common sense of simple minds, But it seems to be so.
Curiously; When you place wagers of A Constant Value, based on this premise, you will do no better than the fool standing next to you.
BUT- If you Vary the Amount of your Wagers, Depending upon The Perceived Likelihood of a Colour coming up...
i.e.; If there has been way too many Reds during the most recent sequence of Spins, Then you would expect a Black to appear ‘Next’- And so you would base the Amount of your Wager on How Many Reds, Disproportionate to Blacks, have Appeared.
The Greater the Disproportionality, The greater your Wager.
Simple enough.

When i first started playing around with this;
i created a series of programs, continuously being ‘refined’ that began with a simple coin flip,
and a program that would determine The Disproportionality of Heads to Tails and Then Wager Varying Amounts.
Thousands of Trials were run and the results are as follows:
Note: The exact amount and ‘Theory’ behind how much The Smart Player was Wagering varied considerably, as in the early explorations, i had no idea what this formulation should be- The only consistent element was that The Dumb Player; Picked Head or Tails Randomly and Wagered Randomly,
within the same range as The Smart Player.

Run A:
The first trial i recorded shows that The Dumb Player,
after 10,003 Flips
Won by 46 Wagering Haematids...!!!
Smart = 5027 : Dumb = 5073
Run B:
Dumb bets 1 per Flip.
Smart bets .25 x ABS(H-T)
Number of Heads 5022 : Tails 4978
Smart wins with an accumulated sum of 1492
Dumb loses with –48
Let me remind you that these numbers do not reflect the number times Smart or Dumb chose the ‘Correct’ Side of the Coin, But are the amounts ( in Dollars/Haematids ) that each has won by placing Strategic Bets.
Run C:
Dumb bets 1 per Flip
Smart bets ABS(H-T)
Added or Subtracted depending upon whether Smart or Dumb Picks the House’s Flip.
Number of Heads 5074 : Tails 4926
Smart wins with 15,952 ( !!! )
Dumb loses with –96
Run D:
Dumb bets a Randomly Selected Amount: 1 to 3 per Flip
Smart bets ABS(H-T) x 3
Number of Heads 5074 : Tails 4926
Smart wins with 30,606
Dumb loses with 17,030
Run E:
Dumb bets a Randomly Selected Amount: 1 or 2 per Flip
Smart bets ABS(H-T) x 2
Number of Heads 245 : Tails 255
( Reduced to 500 Flips )
Dumb wins with 731!
Smart Loses with 600...
Curiously: The highest Dumb got was 731, rising sharply towards the end of the run,
While Smart got all the way up to 1,202, then slowly lost ground to 600...???

Run Eb:
Number of Heads 266 : Tails 234
Smart wins with 1,524
Dumb loses with 109
Run Ec:
Number of Heads 239 : Tails 261
Dumb wins with 1,023 – Highest Amount 1,088 / Lowest –63
Smart loses with 984 – Highest Amount 1,500 / Lowest 2
Run F:
Smart only bets if ABS(H-T) > 4
Number of Heads 232 : Tails 268
Smart wins with 1,788 : Highest 2,324 Lowest 0
Dumb loses with 892 : Highest 1,147 Lowest –64
At this point i thought that i’d try actually flipping a coin and using my scheme to predict the outcomes, and betting accordingly...
Because of my general impatience in these matters, and limited to the length of the paper in my notebook, i only tried 29 Flips.
The final result was Zero Dollars acquired, from a starting amount of Zero.
The most intermediate amount accumulated was 20, the lowest –8.
Run G:
( Return to Calculator Simulations )
Here i tried to fine tune the amount wagered by taking

the ABS(H-T) x (ABS(H-T)/2) and betting that amount...
Number of Heads 221 : Tails 279 -
Note The High Anomalous Difference of 58...?
Smart wins with 39,744 : Maximum 42,587 Minimum .5
Dumb loses with 2,294 : Maximum 2,294 Minimum –241
Run Gb:
Number of Heads 258 : Tails 242 – NonAnomalous Difference
Smart wins with 2,486 : Maximum 2,806 Minimum .5
Dumb loses with –489 : Maximum 142 Minimum –533
Run Gc:
Number of Heads 255 : Tails 245 – NonAnomalous Difference
Smart wins with 2,595 : Maximum 2,862 Minimum .5
Dumb loses with 315 : Maximum 448 Minimum –281
Run Gd:
Number of Heads 251 : Tails 249 – NonAnomalous Difference
Smart wins with 2,112 : Maximum 3,619 Minimum .5
Dumb loses with 288 : Maximum 366 Minimum –291
Run Ge:
Number of Heads 276 : Tails 224 –Anomalous Difference of 52
Smart wins with 30,258 : Maximum 33,015 Minimum .5
Dumb loses with 1,138 : Maximum 1,196 Minimum –289
Run Gf:
Number of Heads 257 : Tails 243 – NonAnomalous Difference
Smart wins with 1,643 : Maximum 1,643 Minimum .5
Dumb loses with -28 : Maximum 423 Minimum -60
Something kind of quirky occurred in these last five trials;
The Range of Dumb’s winnings & loses was around ‘600’ for each...???
And Smart never lost money on any of them...!!!

Roulette Simulations:
Here i switched from a Coin Flip to a more Accurate Roulette Simulator.
The Generator that i used;

Simply made a Random number from 1 to 38
Then subtracted 2,
Leaving 1 to 36 ( MOD 2 ) for Red’s & Black’s
And –1 and 0 for Zero & ZeroZero
The Expected Results for a Series of 380 Spins,
should have been 180 Red’s : 180 Blacks : 20 Green’s.
The Program Generated:
189 Red’s : 163 Blacks : 28 Green’s
181 Red’s : 176 Blacks : 23 Green’s
This was determined by a panel of judges to be acceptable.
Run H:
Number of Red’s 234 : Blacks 238
Smart wins with 539 / Maximum 2,601 Minimum .5
Dumb loses with –520 / Maximum 42 Minimum -1032
Run I:
Number of Red’s 221 : Blacks 252
Smart wins with 4,055 / Maximum 5,047 Minimum 0
Dumb loses with –910 / Maximum 13 Minimum -910

Run J:
Number of Red’s 233 : Blacks 242
Smart wins with 1,324 / Maximum 3,004 Minimum .5
Dumb loses with –1,288 / Maximum 3 Minimum –1,477

Run K:
Number of Red’s 237 : Blacks 241
Smart wins with 772 / Maximum 1,779 Minimum 0
Dumb loses with –619 / Maximum 44 Minimum -672
Run L:
Number of Red’s 238 : Blacks 230
Dumb wins with -32 / Maximum 0 Minimum -36
Smart loses with –679 / Maximum 2,451 Minimum –789
This was a Very Quirky Run...

Smart is all over the place...???
Should it be ignored,

or is it the exception that (dis(proves)) the rule...???

Run M:
Number of Red’s 231 : Blacks 241
Smart wins with 1,001 / Maximum 1,093 Minimum .5
Dumb loses with –50 / Maximum 9 Minimum -50

Run N:
Number of Red’s 239 : Blacks 237
Smart wins with 753 / Maximum 1,060 Minimum .5
Dumb loses with –40 / Maximum 5 Minimum -44
Up to here; Smart and Dumb started wagering with Zero in their Personal Accounts,
Smart starts with $100
Dumb is no longer playing. Smart is playing against The House.
Smart Wagers ABS(R-B)/VarianceFactor x ABS(R-B)
The VarianceFactor is an arbitrary amount that i was fooling around with to find something that 'Worked Best'...???
Difference: is the Difference between Red & Black at the end of the Trial.
Kitty: is the Amount in ( $ ) that was won at the end of the Trial.
Max and Min are the Amounts at those extremeums during the trial.

Red : Difference : Black : Kitty : VF : Maximum : Minimum
131 Spins per Trial.

66 : (1) : 65 : $205 : 5 : 205 : 60
85 : (39!) : 46 : $-3338!!! : 5 : 109 : -3354
59 : (13) : 72 : $249 : 5 : 349 : -291
63 : (5) : 68 : $227 : 5 : 231 : 77

From here: Difference refers to The Maximum Difference

70 : (14) : 61 : $196 : 5 : 229 : 1
70 : (16) : 61 : $215 : 5 : 215 : -45
75 : (23) : 56 : $69 : 5 : 165 : -551
Even after dropping to -551, it recovers to lose only 31$
70 : (12) : 61 : $202 : 4 : 240 : 63
69 : (10) : 62 : $197 : 4 : 197 : 76
60 : (8) : 63 : $207 : 4 : 207 : 86
67 : (11) : 64 : $217 : 4 : 218 : 34
68 : (7) : 63 : $172 : 4 : 180 : 93

70 : (16) : 61 : $403! : 3 : 403 : -130
64 : (7) : 63 : $238 : 3 : 238 : 91
72 : (13) : 59 : $40! : 3 : 179 : 13
66 : (9) : 65 : $274 : 3 : 274 : 49
500 Spins per Trial.
253 : (20) : 247 : $1,445 : 3 : 1,460 : 21
262 : (33) : 238 : $924 : 3 : 1084 : -2062!!!
Safety Valve Installed to prevent Cascade Failures
during Highly Anomalous Series of Reds or Blacks...???

234 : (33) : 266 : $1,259! : 3 : 1,367 : -13
245 : (22) : 255 : $-397! : 3 : 529 : -397
257 : (38) : 243 : $613 : 3 : 613 : -1418!!!
Removed Safety Valve...!!!
Around here i was also playing around with a Limit of how much The Wager could be,

as a % of what was in The Kitty,
Such that if The Wager was more than 80% of The Kitty,
You could only Bet 80%.
This amount varied from 25% to 80% with unspecified results...???
255 : (22) : 245 : $125 : 2 : 130 : 39
242 : (22) : 258 : $0! : 2 : 197 : 0
239 : (26) : 261 : $539! : 2 : 584 : 57
249 : (12) : 251 : $672! : 5 : 672 : -130
70 : (16) : 61 : $403! : 4 : 403 : 100
At this point i was also beginning to wonder about things like;
After 'x' number of spins, how much should i have won...???
Is there a Curve or a Slope that would predict this amount...???
When would it be wise or prudent to quit...???
New System considers only The Last 12 Spins
Alpha Kitty = $100
Betting Factor is 2, which doesn't seem to make any difference as to what it is...???

Kitty at End : Max : Min : MaxProfit/MaxLoss
Zeroed Out - Max was 134
: 218 : 56 : 118/44
$99 : 138 : 56 : 118/44
$100 : 166 : 48 : 66/52
$116 : 162 : 82 : 62/18
$214 : 250 : 96 : 150/4
$133 : 210 : 64 : 110/46
$202 : 202 : 98 : 102/2
Zeroed Out @ 38 Spins : Max 124 : 24/100
Zeroed Out @ 74 Spins : Max 126 : 26/100
$111 : 134 : 18 : 34/82
$69 : 104 : 48 : 4/52
This set of trials went pretty badly,
Even assuming that the player were able to jump out at The Most Opportune Time,
The amount of profit is pretty dismal.
For my 2 Cents worth, if i'm going to stand at a Roulette Wheel all evening, i would want to wipe The House's ass with sandpaper, and this technique doesn't seem to be owning up to this desired potential.
Examining the Odds with Pascal's Triangle...

This latest incarnation of The System only considers The Last 12 Spins,
Such that any probabilities considered would fall within this range...
There is a 1 in 4096 of 12 Red's showing up...
There is a 1 in 341 of 11 Red's showing up...
There is a 1 in 62 of 10 Red's showing up...
There is a 1 in 19 of 9 Red's showing up...
There is a 1 in 8 of 8 Red's showing up...
There is a 1 in 5 of 7 Red's showing up...
There is a 1 in 4 of 6 Red's showing up...
There is a 1 in 5 of 5 Red's showing up...
There is a 1 in 8 of 4 Red's showing up...
There is a 1 in 19 of 3 Red's showing up...
There is a 1 in 62 of 2 Red's showing up...
There is a 1 in 341 of 1 Red showing up...

The Formula for this is:
! means: somenumber multipled by all the numbers less than it, to 1
6! = 6 x 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1
( NumberOfMarbles + 1 )!
Divided by:

((NumberOfMarbles + 1)
(m+1)! / (r!*((m+1)-r)!
The result is the probability of That number of Red Marbles ( r )

Occurring in a group of Randomly selected Marbles
Of a predetermined quantity ( m ).
The Probability of a Red or Black coming up on a Roulette Wheel is 9 in 19
Slightly less than '50/50'
Because of the two Green Slots:
The Probability of a Green coming up is 1 in 19.
The Probability of The Ball flying off The Wheel is...
( i don't think you can bet on that, so why worry about it...? )
My notes become very confusing here...
But i seem to recall that i was thinking that if there were an abundance of Reds,
i would consider not just the probability of a Black coming up,

But The Set of 12 Spins showing 1 new Black or 1 old Black coming up...???
As The 13th Spin would be discarded,
The next Spin could Equalize or Destabilize the Number of Red's to Blacks...???
It made sense to me then.
So the numbers i cam up with were:
Because of the way The Set of 12 Discards and Adds Spins,
You can only have Differential Quantities of 2 MOD = 1
ABS (Red - Black) = 0; then Bet 1
If it's 2; then Bet 3
If it's 4; then Bet 3
If it's 6; then Bet 7
If it's 8; then Bet 20
If it's 10; then Bet 101
If it's 12; then Bet 85
( !!! ??? )

Alpha Kitty = $300
Number of Spins = 5000
Kitty = Amount at end of the Trial
Max = Maximum Amount won during Trail
Min = Minimum Amount during Trial
Gain as Fraction = Actual Winnings / Actual Losses
Gain per Spin ( Max =

Amount expected to win; Per Spin; if you baled out at Zenith
Gain per Spin ( End =

Amount expected to win, Per Spin; if you hung on to the End
Hitz = Number of Correct Colour Guess' :

...Smart vs The House as a Fraction
Pure chance of Hitz is .4737 and it doesn't seem to significantly deviate from this...
Although- It is always above it...???

Kitty : Max : Min : GaF : GpS(Max) : GpS(End) : Hitz
$571 : 766 : 158 : 3.28 : .09c : .05c : .4832
Zeroed Out @ 2155 Spins
$0 : 680 : -19 : -- : .18c : .00c : .4863
$700 : 706 : 121 : 2.268 : .08c : .08c : .4772
Zeroed @ 979 Spins
$0 : 483 : -3 : 26.143!!! : .19c : .00c : .4863
This is apparently a classic case of Catastrophic Cascade Failure due to a Very Anomalous Chromatic Distribution...!!!

A plot of this Trial shows that fell VERY Quickly after hitting a local peak of 293...
So ignoring the Catastrophic Element-

The Gain as a Fraction would be about 26.143
Which is absurdly high.
$654 : 727 : 170 : 3.285 : .08c : .07c : .4944

After 25,000 Spins for these latest Trials,
It would seem that;
Using this System;

The Smart Player should expect a solid return of 6 to 7 Cents for every Dollar Wagered.
( That would mean $1.06 to $1.07 per Spin, before deducting the Wagered Amount )
Obviously then;

Betting $1000 as a 'Unit' Wager, you could expect to Win $60 to $70 per Spin.
The Programs

as Crude Flow Charts
Calculate Red-Black; Absolute ( Make Positive ) for any given Spin.
These Quantities; Red & Black are Tallied within The Set of 12 which is also ongoing.
For each Spin that The House Makes; The Oldest Spin ( #13 ) is Discarded, and the New Spin is added to the Set. Then The Red & Black Quantities are reassessed.
If this Difference between Red & Black is 0; Then a Bet of 1 is made.
If the difference is 2; The Bet is 3.
4 is 3, 6 is 7, 8 is 20, 10 is 101 and 12 is 85.
If there are too many Reds, Bet on Black.
And Vice Versa.
You may also want to build in a safety feature that doesn't allow you to bet more than is in your Kitty, or a substantial fraction/percentage thereof.
This threshold is something that you, yourself, must agonize over.
Randomly Generate a Number between 1 & 38
Subtract 2
If the result is -1 or 0, then it's presumed to be either Zero or ZeroZero on The Roulette Wheel. It is discarded and no number's are added to The Set of 12.
Otherwise The Number is Sieved through a Modulus Two Function which will make it a 1 for Red or a 0 for Black.
This result is attached to a prearranged list of 1's and 0's
{ 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 } ( The Set of 12 at the Beginning )
The oldest is Discarded from one end, While the new Red or Black, 1 or 0 is attached to the other end.
The 1's are counted and assigned to The Variable 'Red'.
The 0's are counted and assigned to The Variable 'Black'.

Determine How Many Spins you would Like...
Store The Alpha Kitty with The Desired Amount.
Store The Initial :
The Set of 12
Store Zero in Hitz If you're Interested in that Variable.
Store/Initialize all The Other Variables that you'd like to Track.
Generate The Smart Player's Prediction and Wager
Generate The House's Spin Colour
Did The Smart Player Guess Correctly?
If so; Add The Wager to The Kitty.
Otherwise; Subtract The Wager from The Kitty.
Post all Variables that you'd like to view during The Trial.
If Kitty equals Zero =
Otherwise; Repeat until All Spins are completed.
That's all i have...
There's more in the Directory; But it's just a load of crap.
Does this System really work?
Does it...???
Really, i'm asking you...
Do you think it actually returns a small,

but consistent profit margin...???
--- --- ---
Supplement / APPENDIX Ω

After receiving and analyzing a significant amout of critical exposition;
[ see:
HP48 NewsGroup: Can You Win @ Roulette...??? ( part a )
HP48 NewsGroup: Can You Win @ Roulette...??? ( part b ) ]
i have decided that The Key Ingredient for Winning at Roulette is not The Guessing of Which Colour will come up at all...
That may be Completely RANDOMIZED--
The Key--
If there is one;
Is in The Betting;
And The Scheme here that i've rediscovered, ( Sort of Vaguely )

Is known, i think, as "Doubling Up".
Also called:
The Martingale System or The O'Hare Straddle
This latest round of Simulations that i've done;
Tried several new 'Dumb' Attacks:
Just to make sure that the Simulator was still working, i retried The Smart Emulator...
Each Run consisted of 500 Roulette Spins,

And each Trial consisted of 5 of these Runs,
So that Each Smart or Dumb Emulator got to play with 2,500 Roulette Spins.
Smart Zeroed Out on two of the Trials,

And for the other 3, Won $20, $105 & $214.
It continued to look, both; Somewhat Inconsistent--

Yet Optimistically Promising.
Just to remind you;
This Approach consists of Betting on the Deficient Colour; Proportional to it's Deficiency,
In Increments of { 1 3 3 7 20 101 85 }
Dumb a) Bet on the Excessive Colour; Proportional to it's Deficiency.
It Won/Lost $-13, $+52, $-141, $-74 & $-161
It never Zeroed Out, But it only Won Meagerly...???
Is there something to Betting on The Deficient Colour...???
Probably not...
The Maximum Zenith's for Smart was 387.4,
While Max Zenith's for Dumb a) was 366.7...
Not terribly different...???
Dumb b) Bet on The Excessive Colour; Anti Proportionally!
Disaster! It Zeroed out every time...!
BUT...!!! Before Zeroing out--
It's Average Maximum Zenith's were $1,144.2...!
All Maximum Zenith's were above The Alpha Kitty of $300.
Way better than Smart or Dumb a)'s...???
Dumb c) Bet on The Deficient Colour; Anti Proportionally...
Again-- It Zeroed Out for Every Trial...

With a Maximum Zenith of Minus $8...!!!
It's difficult to make any conclusive denouement's when the data isn't being the least consistent or even 'Trying' to form a pattern of some kind...!!!

Dumb d) Bet Randomly on Red or B-; Proportionally to The Deficient Ratios...
Proportional Wagering Pays off...
$47, $141, $445, $51 with one loss of $-33.
These are Winnings Over The Alpha Kitty...
( More than what The Player brought in )
Dumb e) Bet Randomly; Anti Proportionally.
Zeroed Out Every time, But with a Maximum Zenith Average of $93.
Dumb f) Bet Randomly; Randomly from Proportional List
The Wild Card
Zero's Out for 4 of the Trials,
But Wins one Trial with $1,391...!!!
On One of the Zeroed Trials, it got up to $842 ( Winnings )
The Average Maximum Zenith was $482.6
Dumb g) Bet Randomly; Wagering Cyclically...
Wagering Forward & Backwards { 2 4 6 8 10 12 }
Wins $32
Wagering only Forward; 2 to 12, 2 to 12...
Wins $18
Dumb h) Bet Randomly: Wagering Modulus Mirror Clock
What i mean by Modulus Mirror Clock is that the Wagers are arranged around a illusive Clock:
{ 2 4 8 16 32 64 128 64 32 16 8 4 }
The Net Effect is that while an incremental amount is advanced, or decremented, in units of '1', the amount, taken from The Clock's Face Values, changes by only 'One Step' per Spin.
Since this Set contains 7 unique elements, The Modulus Set Limit would be "7".
The Program that i used to accomplish this is:
[ Mod~ ]
Incremental Number = 'n' Store
Modulus Set Limit = 'm' Store
IF m <>
THEN ABS(m) + 2 = 'm' Store
( m * 2 ) - 1 = 'i' Store ( Integer Modulus )
MOD(n-1,i) + 1 = 'r' Store
IF r > m
THEN ( m * 2 ) - r = 'r' Store
r is The Answer
This overly complicated approach resulted in One Trial that Won $1,536,
While the other 4 trials Zeroed Out with Maximum Zenith's of; $102, $1,348; $358 & $132.
What does this all mean...???
Is there some Crazy Variation on 'Doubling Up' that actually works...???
Future Examiners...
Good Luck!

Monday, July 17, 2000

Maturity Index / Verified-Citizenship

From 12 Ideas that May Change The World...???

Maturity Index

It's been awhile since a small child has taken his mothers Berretta to school and blown off the elbows of her class bully... But the circumstances of this situation are still with us, in a variety of different appointments...
What most annoys me with these conditions is that the child is often, summarily; And without any measurable reasoning: Tried as An Adult!
It has always seemed to me that the idea of treating children any differently from adults, In the First Place was suspect...! -- But given that it has been traditional for such a long time to treat children as children... We are stuck with the initial problem.
As such:
It seems to me that we should have A Test of sorts to determine The Maturity of any given individual, and based on that; Assign that Person a Maturity Index. This might be thought of as that Persons Citizenship-Age... Or Caste.
There would be essentially 2 Castes for this argument, right now... But it might be worthwhile to consider other applications for this Maturity Index, and create a broader range of Castes for each particular Novelty.
The Two Castes that i'm concerned with now; Are Child & Adult.
Anyone; Irregardless of their age could apply to take The Maturity Index Test, and then; based on their score; Be awarded Adult Status, or not.
A Unusually Bright 7_yr. old could then become an Adult; And as such, sign legal documents for herself, Vote in National Elections ( for all the good it would do ) And have sex with much older men.
Also: It might be allowed that this Awarded Citizenship could be taken away from a fully grown adult-- If; At the behest of another person, and a court order; The Person of Questionable Judgment would be ReTested and if found Wanting; Be made a Ward of someone with Adult Status.
What is perhaps the difficulty in this idea is:
What would you test for...???
General Intelligence...? Cultural Literacy...? Financial Awareness...? Cynicism...?
What is Maturity anyways...???
It might also be necessary to design The Test so that; Under court order, If a person were to be required to take the test, That they would not be able to Flunk It by cheating...!
Such a situation may arise when someone that well understood to have a high degree of maturity, but is lacking in yearly growth, is put upon by another, and then pleads that they are actually An Innocent Child...!!!
In such a case; The True Victim, would be desirous of proving that an adult is hiding under the covers of a childish appearance...!
Other pitfalls...
A 6_yr. old prodigy may be drafted in a time of war.
Many people, now considered Adults; would be found to be children, that need to be cared for indefinitely.
Children would become intolerable in their constant demands to be treated as equals to their parents.
Adult criminals would be given ridiculously light sentences for atrocious crimes...!
Car manufacturers would have to design cars suitable for children to drive.
And so on...

Friday, July 14, 2000


From 12 Inventions that May Change The World...!!!


This is pretty much lifted right off of Star Trek,
But i think we could push it a little bit further,
By putting tubes in all office buildings, and then interconnecting them, not only with one another, but with other cities and countries...!
So that you could step into a Taxivator on the 6th floor of your Office Building, and go all the way to Japan or France...!
With all these tubes underground, we could also put all the overhead wiring down there, eliminating telephone poles and those cancerous high voltage towers...!
The tubes could also contain all of garbage collection services, Mail, Grocery & Department Store Deliveries...!
The Taxivators would be semi-autonomous; In that they would cooperate with a central directory so that they could pick up people along the way, just like a regular 'Elevator', and deliver people to their destinations in an efficient manner-- But the Individual Taxivators would watch out for other Taxivators and choose their own routes when they sense that trouble is brewing...???
Most of the Technology for something like this already exists... except for a really efficient tunnel building system...???

PreCogitator Version Alpha

Here are some Ideas / Suggestions of How
The Next Generations of Computers
Might be Configured...

  1. i should first of all note that i'm Very annoyed with the lack of progress in the development of computers & their software...! i don't think this is accidental...!!! -- Just imagine for a moment what would happen if a genuinely intelligent PsuedoIntelligent Robot Mind were to become available to a Free Market Capitalist Economy--? Every Industrial Management Sector would replace all their workers, which consist of at least 80% of The American Work Force...! Why isn't this being discussed...??? Is anyone ready for this...??? What makes this all the more critical-- Is that; i believe that these Robot Brains are already available; But are being suppressed by someone, somehow... But that it's only a matter of time, days or weeks... ( ? ) ...before the cat is out of the kitchen...!
  2. This new computer / precogitator will have a collection of Central Processing Units, Rather than the Bottled Neck version commonly Available... While some computers have dedicated Math CoProcessors, or Video Cards & Such... The next generation will have a wide variety of specialized Assistants that process spoken language, both to understand & create it. It will also be able to interpret Visual images, recognize faces and identify common objects & 'scenes' to determine whether something anomalous is occurring! There will also be assistants to 'consider' things in the background of normal activities...
  3. Amoung all these specialized CPU's; Will be 3 SubSystems that may be thought of as The SuperEgo, Ego & Id. The Ego is in the middle of operations, organizing the activities of the other Processing Units, but even it doesn't 'Run' the programs that have been loaded into it... The Work of the Ego will be so involved that irregardless of it's speed, that job of merely Running programs will be done by underlings.
  4. The SuperEgo Subsystem will set aside of all the other activities, monitoring the Ego & all the other systems, It will be hardwired into the cogitators motherboard so that it will be incorruptible! The SuperEgo will have its own HardDrive that only it can read & write to. No instructions from The Internet, Programs or The Keyboard can tell the SuperEgo what to do...! The job of the SuperEgo is to protect the whole system and all it's contents!
  5. The Id is active mostly at night, but during the day, it's constantly looking for ways to make the job of the Ego more efficient! At night, when the System is sleeping, It analysis all the instructions and 'lessons' that the User has tried to teach the system, to make it smarter... During this dreaming phase; The Id boils all these helpful hints down, fitting them together with all it's other 'Cogitative' Directives and thus, when morning arrives, The System is Fully Self Consistent & Compacted to run as smoothly & quickly as is possible.
  6. As mentioned in [5.] The PreCogitator has a ability to be taught things. These things may be shortcuts as to how to perform various functions, or simply saying "Good Morning!" when the User gets up each morning.
  7. One Elemental difference between Computers of Today ( Jan 2005 ) and The PreCogitators of Tomorrow, will be the absence of anything resembling The Operating System & The Internet.
  8. Instead of a Desktop, The PreCogitators may be configured any way the User would like, But as a Default format, They will present the User with a Blackboard that the User interacts with... The User may write on the Blackboard or speak directly with the PreCogitating Ego. There will be No Programs...! Instead, The PreCogitator will simply 'Do Stuff' that the User would like to get done.
  9. In the place of well delimited 'Programs'-- The PreCogitator will have a Gigantic Collection of 'Routines' that do 'Little Jobs'... Most of these will be performed by the PreCogitator without the Users participation... The User will simple ask the PreCogitator to Do Something... And it will get done...
  10. Another big difference will be that the PreCogitator will have a Sense of 'Goal'... and will keep trying to achieve this Goal even if it's usual approach doesn't seem to be working.
  11. The User may well understand what the Routines are though, and construct new Routines using The older ones as subroutines... Thus allowing the functionality of the System to continuing growing over time...! These are the 'Lessons' that the Id will consider at night-time, when it's Dreaming... All these Lessons will be compared to old lessons and merged together &/or modified to avoid conflicts that would make the system schizophrenic. When morning comes around, the Id & Ego may hold a morning conference with the User to discuss how these Dream Sessions went, and what further modifications or adjustments are necessary... As time goes by, and the User & System Matures, These morning sessions would become fewer & fewer... The Ego & Id would continue to Anticipate the Desires of the User...
  12. This is not, Nor would be require the System to have any 'Magical' Conscious Abilities... It would simply create a large catalogue of Routines that would make the system easier to use, over writing previous instructions that may have been clumsily written, thus allowing the Users Preferences to be superimposed on the Systems Operations.
  13. The Internet, as we now understand it, will become more and more invisible to the User, and become more & more a repository of resources for your system's Ego. When the user would like to access a movie, book or file of information, it would be the Ego, or a subsystem directed by the Ego to go to the internet and retrieve it for the User.
  14. Chiefly; The PreCogitator would be Trainable. It will grow and Adapt to the needs of the User, and allow itself to be shaped into any form that the User Desires.
  15. Elementally opposed to this-- Would be a sense of primal Morality that the SuperEgo would be hardwired with, to prevent the User from using the computer as a tool for Evil.
  16. What exactly this Elemental Moral Code would consist of; Is something that will have to be debated further, and may make the difference as to which model or manufacturer the User purchases his/her PreCogitator from.
  17. --- ?

Wednesday, July 12, 2000

DVD/HDTV Court Recordings

From: 12 Experiments that May Change The World

DVD/HDTV Court Recordings

One of the most annoying things about The American Judicial System is that juries have to sit through days or weeks of tedious, often unbearable court proceedings that have nothing to do with the guilt or innocence of The Accused...!
What if; A jury were selected by conventional means, and the trail went about it tedious business in the usual manner... But these two elements could be separated...!
The Trail would be just like a regular trial, with some new and innovative differences...
For one thing; If you needed the expert testimony of a world class criminal investigator or pathologist, and you couldn't afford to fly him or her in for the trial, you could could just rent their video of their theories instead, and allow your local pathologist to do the actual work, and then testify that they adhered to the famous pathologists theories and these are the results... (?)
Another idea that i've been having- is that instead of the police department having sole access to the pathology labs, it would be an independent lab, and all evidence sent to it would be double blind protected, so that they wouldn't know if it was the police or the defendants attorneys that sent them some material to be examined!
Along these same lines; Instead of having predefined prosecutors and public defenders, all these lawyers would have private practices and then be 'on call' at any time to randomly be assigned to any case, and act for either side...! So that a given lawyer might be a prosecutor one month, and a few months later when they come up again, they'll act as a public defender.
Getting back to the DVD.
So the trial goes exactly as it would otherwise be performed... and as this is all happening, it would be filmed and recorded on to a DVD format.
Then after all the arguments have been made. All the Material would be edited into it's final form, working with all the lawyers and the judge, and any appellate judges that might be deemed necessary to call in, and after all that; The final DVD would receive the Approval of all involved.
This would eliminate all those pesky 'spurts' of testimony that the judge would rule inadmissible or otherwise instruct the jury to ignore... the jury would simply never see them now!
So then the jury is selected and they view the DVD, which is like an hour or so, and now contains lots of colourful animations and explanatory sidebars to give them everything they need to act as expert juries for their case...???
And after seeing it, they want to see it again. So be it!
And if either side wants to appeal the verdict, or if there's a hung jury, all you have to do is show the DVD to a different judge or jury...!
What is the chief difficulty with this approach...?
It's too damn simple -- that's what...!
Don't hold you're breath waiting for this sort of sensibility to come to your town.