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Inventions, Ideas Index

Inventions, Ideas
& Various Social Experiments

The Index:

  1. Phase Arrayed Camera
    This is pretty much what i would think of as a
  2. Internal Inertia Genertator
    Engine without a Transmission...
    Or AntiGravity...???
  3. IQ One Hundred Town
    A Social Experiment that would shame Richard Herrnstein; The Writer of
    The Bell Curve...!!!
  4. How Stupid is Normal?
    Something that occurred to be recently is; Do Normal people see things the same way that intelligent 'Artists' see things...
    Might it be that Normal ( The Damp Masses ) Humanimals, can only see stylized approximations of things...
    This is not entirely foundationless....
    One phenomena that i've noticed personally is how i see things now, as compared to how i used to see things as a child. i distinctly recall specfic feelings and attitudes about things that i saw as a child, and now, viewing those same things later, ( sometimes only a short time later, such as a few years ) i'm struck with how 'Real' i thought that they were then, and how 'Fake' they look now...!!! ( Such as Television shows that i used to think of as 'Realistic' -- Police Story, Hill Street Blues, The Dick Van Dyke Show, and others... -- And now i see they as Very Highly Stylized...!!! )
    This is Very Curious... Is the way we see things really so dependant on our cultural conditioning...???
    And as such; Are Normal People more susseptible to this...
    This may be indicated to some degree by the primative and stylized drawings they make of things,
    Or perhaps it could be more accurately measured by first establishing very carefully with each test subject that you want them to precisely rate, to the best of their ability, The 'Realness' of various pictures that they are shown...
    Will they be able to tell the difference between a nominally realistically drawn picture, and a photograph, or a artistically stylized photograph from a less contrived one...???
    Another interesting thing to consider is how 'Photographers' DATE-STAMP their pictures, even ones that they, and their audience think are
    'Completely UNArtistic...!'
    This would have to be taken into consideration...???
    What would the results be for a complete CrossSection of a Given Culture...
    For Different Cultures... Industrialized vs PreIndustrialized...
    Literate vs PreLiterate...??? Westernized vs Eastern or Arabic...???
  5. PreCogitator
    A Modest Outline for The Long Overdue 'Next Generation' of Computers that will Genuinely Think, and may, or may not, be Genuinely Conscious...???
  6. Universal Hieroglyphical Language
    A PostLiteracy Tool for Global Understanding...
  7. Unbiquity of Robots
    i just don't understand were all the Robots are...???
    It seems to me that it would simplisity itself to come up with a 'Kit' that could be used by any attentive 5th grader to make all sorts of interesting & potentially dangerous Robots...
    Which may be why-- Someone, somewhere, somehow; Is suppressing them...!
    1. Develope a simple controller, or use an off the shelf programmable calculator; Such as an HP48, to be the brains of the Robot...
      There's a certain school of thought that some robots may benefit from 'Local Brains' which do nothing buy control a single leg, or group of legs, and act in a Daughterish manner, subservient to the Mother Brain...
      This is potentially a good idea and if you'd like to experiment with it, i whole heartedly would encourage you to do so... ( But it's not absolutely necessary, especially for beginneresque roboting... )
    2. The next step is come up with a bunch of Motors and Magnetic Plungers and such... Various devices that push and pull things, and then add little bits of controlling circuitry to them, ( by way of NAND Circuits ...??? ) that allow the Brain to turn them Off and On. All these Devices would have Unique names, such as "A26" or "G47", So that the brain could simply refer to that device, as it is linked either serially or in paralell to all the other Devices ( And Sensors ) and Tell it to turn On or Off.
      Such a command within the Robot controller Language might look like:
      DEVICE (A26,1)
      Which would mean; Device, ( Motor ) A Section, Unit 26, Turn On.
      If you had a complicated Step Motor or some such, then the command may be slightly more complicated...???
    3. Likewise; There would be Sensors that would be capable of returning quantitative data that represented contact with a surface, temperature, rotational bearing, compass direction, visual brightness, sound frequency or intensity, or a video image or sound clip...
      Again; Each Sensor would have a Unique name and could be called by the Central Brain to return it's latest or current Sensor Measurement.
      The Central Brain's Command may look like this;
      SENSOR (EP91,1)
      Which means; Sensor, ( Light Sensor ) Section E, Division P, Unit 91, Send me your latest Reading.
      Then the Sensor EP91 would download it's Numerical Data to a PreSelected File, such as 'SensorReadings'.
      Which the Central Brain would pull the data from, and act on it according to other Propositional Conditionals... ( Robotic Behaviours...! )
    4. Then you'd attach these motors and sensors to a platform of Lego Blocks or Erector Set Pilons, or combination thereof, along with lots of customized structures made from cardboard, styrofoam & plastic sheets...
    5. Then write a program to make it fully autonomous...
    Why isn't this sort of thing available...???
    One of the principle reasons is that if such robots were to become available, there would be a sudden outbreak of robotcentric crime...!!!
    But a more curious problem is: Who could be suppressing this technology...???
    The basic ideas outlined here are so simple and ubiqutous are available to anyone, anywhere...
    Who could possibly have the power to suppressing something as commonplace as this...???
  8. Use Clones to Test for ESP
    Make a few hundred clones, wait for them to mature to teenages, then test them for ESP...
    What could be simpler...???
  9. Court Recordings
    Such a Simple and Modest Idea...
    Create an Entertaining & Logical Argument to Convict The Accused, and Record it for Posterity...???
  10. Citizen Prosecutors
    This idea sounds so reasonable that i'm almost sure that it must actually be implimented...
    It simply allows Ordinary Citizens to Become City, County, State or Federal Prosecutors for any crime that they think needs prosecuting, and discover that the local municipality is unwilling, or financially unable, to prosecute that particular crime...
    This would be particularly useful in prosecuting Police Officers that The District Attorney refuses to prosecute for some eggregious act, that if anyone else were guilty of, or suspected of, would be summarily, covered with raw honey and blown out of a short cannon into a stinky land fill infested with large, overwrought fire ants.
  11. Maturity Index
    There are tests for Intelligence...
    Should there be a test for Maturity, which would allow you to be, or not be--
    Or-- Allow you to CHOOSE to be, or not be;
    A Full Fledged Citizen...???
  12. Fair, Minority Representative PsuedoDemocracy
  13. Complete Fractional Reality Representations
  14. Allowance for MicroNations
  15. Taxivators
    Might it be possible to jump into something that looks just like an Elevator in a Skyscrper in New York City; and within this tiny box, travel at near supersonic speed, across the country, or around the world...???
  16. Ubiquitous Alternative Transportations Pathways
  17. Freedom of Fashion
  18. Digital Companions
  19. International/Global Security Force with Bite!
  20. Full Corporate Product & Services Access
  21. Perpetual Motion Machine
  22. What We Really Know, And How We Know It : Book
  23. Gazelle Legs
    i saw this originally in an old Discover Magazine, and it all the ear marks of becoming a BIG HIT, A Fabulous New Fad, A Technology that would Revolutionize World Transportation...
    And then-- Months and Years went by and noone picked up on it...???
    Then i found a web page from Denmark, or some other crazy Scandinavian Country, After some guy on a bus told me that these things, That were substantially different from the devices in the Discover Magazine, but still effected the same purpose...???...Were Hugely Popular in California...!!!
    But Now-- i can't seem to relocate that Web Page or any information on these things at all...!!!
    Obviously; My first Impressions were correct, That they would Revolutionize the world,
    And Consequently; They've been Suppressed...!!!
  24. System / Organization to Exploit / Maximize Crazy People
  25. Bug Hat
    There are at least two versions of this,
    The Main one is Electronic, and consists of a helmet with a number of video cameras arranged around it, or the cameras could be arranged around a car or airplane, With two video displays over The Wearer's Eyes, Large enough, so that they fill the wearer's complete field of vision! This field of vision is parceled out so that the wearer can see all around themselves, and with sufficient practice, make sense of it to such an extent that they have depth perception of objects that both in front of, and directly behind themselves...!
    The second version of this is that it has the same effect, but that it's accomplished entirely with optical components.
    Additional versions may have Infered and Ultraviolet spectrums included,
    Or Additional Frequencies, or Magnetic, NightVision, or Sound Visualizations...!
    It might also be constructed so that the wearer's head remains completely stationary, and that to focus on a particular object to the side of the visual field, the wearer would simply 'Gaze' at it for an extended time, such as 2_seconds...?
    Additional features may include Zoom in & out, Colour or Contrast shifting, or Window within a Window, and/or Complete Internet Functionality...???
  26. Ornocopter
    This is an Airplane that works by flapping it's Wings...
    i would be particularly interested though, in one that looks and operates, just like a Fly.

  27. Construction Extruders
  28. Reverse Spinning Hub-Caps
    i'm sure you've seen those hub-caps that spin, even when the car is stationary...
    Well, i was thinking, wouldn't it be fun if they were arranged with gears and reverse balance wheels, hehind them, so that they would spin in exactly the opposite direction and speed as the wheel... So that they would be stationary when the car was moving...
    So even though the wheel would be moving, the hub-cap, would be motionless, rotational wize, so that the car would appear to be Gliding, rather than rolling along...???!!!
  29. Active / Functional Lie / Truth / Secrets Detector
    Some time ago, on a TV program called; The Agency ( about the CIA, since canceled ) they featured an 'Effect' very much like the truth detector that i've been thinking about creating for along time, But with their version, and with another version, featured on 60 Mintues... My version would be much more extensive, and Less mobile, and More configured to Each Individual that is tested...
    The idea though, that the device would be looking for 'things' ( information ) that only the guilty person would have knowledge of, is fairly well established...
    You're not just looking for the person to 'Lie'... You're looking for places where the subject would react with familiarity to things that they couldn't or shouldn't know.
    With my version; The device would consist of a large number of sensory systems that would take advantage of every external expression that a body could produce--
    Such as ( But not limited to...! ) Pupil size, Brain waves, Sweatiness, ElectroConductivity, Breathing, Skin Temperature, Muscle contractions or relaxations, Stomach or Intestinal Convulsions, Urine or Blood composition ( Taken & measured continuously ), Genitalia Excitation, Anal pinching... and so on...
    Then each subject would be exposed to a wide variety of ordinary and supernormal, dada and sexual, Optical and Auditory stimulous, along with banal and bizarre questions to create an extensive profile of how they react to various activities...
    Once that was extablished; Pertenent Questioning could begin.
    The thing that i am most skeptical about, concerning other versions of 'Advanced' True Detectors, is that they axiomatically assume that everyone is going to express the same brain wave or even brain area excitment patterns to the same sorts of stimulous...
    This is like presupposing, as many do, that everyones dream imagery means the same thing for each individual...???
    This seems hardly likely.
  30. Borg Communities Based on Implanted CellPhones...
  31. School Projects
    1. Punishment Jar
      One of the most annoying elements of being mischeievious in school is having to stay after and endure some mind destroying punshment; such as copying several pages from a dictionary...!
      With the Punishment Jar: The student would pick an envelope from the jar and it would contain some difficult task that would have some redeemable qualtity to it, such as learning to juggle or memorizing the Declaration of Independence...???
    2. Best Student List
      Each student should be aware of where they are in the class standing, from minute to minute, and this listing could be constructed from plaques with each student's name on it, so that it could be moved easily from one tier to another at the teachers whim. This would allow poor students to enjoy an afternoon of high standing from time to time, while the best students would be necessarily constantly aware that their position is subject to review.
    3. Dunce Cap
    4. War on Drugs
      i've always felt that the strongest argument for some point must include an open and derisive consideration of the opposeing viewpoint... Rather than just simply ignoring it.
      With Recreational Narcotics; This is especially important.
      One Drug poster idea i have is to divide the poster into four sections; So that one contains a picture and opinion of The Lay Student, Representing 'Common Sense'; Then another section would be The Heretical Scientist offering some argument for a particular Drug, Then an Orthodox Scientist would have another Section, and of course, The Drug's user should have a section...
  32. Magick Tricks
    The Disappearing Elephant
  33. Various Film Ideas...
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