Monday, July 17, 2000

Maturity Index / Verified-Citizenship

From 12 Ideas that May Change The World...???

Maturity Index

It's been awhile since a small child has taken his mothers Berretta to school and blown off the elbows of her class bully... But the circumstances of this situation are still with us, in a variety of different appointments...
What most annoys me with these conditions is that the child is often, summarily; And without any measurable reasoning: Tried as An Adult!
It has always seemed to me that the idea of treating children any differently from adults, In the First Place was suspect...! -- But given that it has been traditional for such a long time to treat children as children... We are stuck with the initial problem.
As such:
It seems to me that we should have A Test of sorts to determine The Maturity of any given individual, and based on that; Assign that Person a Maturity Index. This might be thought of as that Persons Citizenship-Age... Or Caste.
There would be essentially 2 Castes for this argument, right now... But it might be worthwhile to consider other applications for this Maturity Index, and create a broader range of Castes for each particular Novelty.
The Two Castes that i'm concerned with now; Are Child & Adult.
Anyone; Irregardless of their age could apply to take The Maturity Index Test, and then; based on their score; Be awarded Adult Status, or not.
A Unusually Bright 7_yr. old could then become an Adult; And as such, sign legal documents for herself, Vote in National Elections ( for all the good it would do ) And have sex with much older men.
Also: It might be allowed that this Awarded Citizenship could be taken away from a fully grown adult-- If; At the behest of another person, and a court order; The Person of Questionable Judgment would be ReTested and if found Wanting; Be made a Ward of someone with Adult Status.
What is perhaps the difficulty in this idea is:
What would you test for...???
General Intelligence...? Cultural Literacy...? Financial Awareness...? Cynicism...?
What is Maturity anyways...???
It might also be necessary to design The Test so that; Under court order, If a person were to be required to take the test, That they would not be able to Flunk It by cheating...!
Such a situation may arise when someone that well understood to have a high degree of maturity, but is lacking in yearly growth, is put upon by another, and then pleads that they are actually An Innocent Child...!!!
In such a case; The True Victim, would be desirous of proving that an adult is hiding under the covers of a childish appearance...!
Other pitfalls...
A 6_yr. old prodigy may be drafted in a time of war.
Many people, now considered Adults; would be found to be children, that need to be cared for indefinitely.
Children would become intolerable in their constant demands to be treated as equals to their parents.
Adult criminals would be given ridiculously light sentences for atrocious crimes...!
Car manufacturers would have to design cars suitable for children to drive.
And so on...

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