Wednesday, August 30, 2000

Dreary Considerations : Introduction

Tenebrous Nous
- - - - - - - - - - - -
This is a special section dedicated to those deeply troubled thoughts,
considerations, sagacities, deliberations & follies
that-- i would like to believe --are
an elemental component of everyones most recessive Id's.
So don't be so judgemental when you discover
how disturbing my normally secret
perspicaciousness tends towards.

Saturday, August 12, 2000

Generally Darkish Thoughts...

It's taken me awhile to get going on this topic area...
So i'll just fill in some Generally Darkish Thoughts now,
so that it'll have something at least, until i start to fill it in...

  1. Smokers
    i grew up around a family of smokers, and all during that time,
    And now, Perhaps more so...!!! i was and am, a FANATICAL ANTISMOKING NAZI...!!!
    i would like to Slash at them all with a Light Saber...!!!
    This is my usual responce to just about every frustration i have...
    Slash at anyone within striking distance, with a Bright, Neon Red, Light Saber.
    The Great thing about a consequental remains from a Light Saber, i would imagine, would be that all the smaller arteries would be cauterized, so that severing mere limbs would be nearly liquid free.
  2. Terrorism
    i think that Terrorism is an Entirely Reasonable Response for Minority Individuals &/or Groups to utilize when The Central Authority has Denied them their Elemental Rights by means of The Courts, or even A Free Press.
    This; By the way, is an excellent example, Demonstrating the Lack of A Free Press in this [ The USA ] Country...!!! When was the last time you saw or heard of some Minority Group, that was later Trampled Over, Able to express their views in a Local or National Forum...???
    They are shut out.
    And consequently; Their only reasonable venue for Free Speech, is to blow stuff up.
  3. How to Build your Own Cruise Missle
    It seems to me that it would be very easy, using a small computer, a GPS reciever and a few pounds of black market Plastic Explosive ( or
    Make Your Own from recipes found on the internet ) -- Then load that all onto a reasonably enlarged Hobby Kit Glider ( Made from BalsaWood, that would be harder to detect with RADAR ) with an electric &/or rocket engine... and Voila!, you've got a Cruise Missile.
    The curious thing about this; If it is so easy, and i can't see how it couldn't be, then why aren't the masses of disenfranchised using them...???
  4. Robot Assassins
    This is undoubtedly the main reason why Robots are being suppressed...!!!
    With my idea, you'd build a robot around a small rock, say generally roundish, about 6_inches long, and put legs on it.
    i think that any Robot on Wheels is a Cheat! and unworthy of being called a Robot.
    So this would have retractable legs and little tiny holes for video, and a Cell Phone to transmit infomation to it's controller... And the gun. ( it would be a little autonomous, but mostly, in this incarnation, it's acting as a remote servant ).
    Then you'd simply heave it over a fence or wall into the area where the potential victim lives, and then walk it over to a good spot, at night, possibly during a rain storm. Rain Storms are terrific for keeping prying eyes away from mysteriously wandering boulders.
    Then you'd wait for a good shot, and take it.
    Why don't we see this sort of thing happening all the time...???
    Maybe it does, and the Media is suppressing it, to reduce the number of copycats, or maybe The Time Travelers from The Future are nipping it in the bud...???
  5. Another Version of A Robot Assassin
    This one would hidden away, waiting, patiently waiting, waiting for months, or years for someone important to come along... The POW!
    Where to hide a Sleeper Assassinating Robot...
    In one of the kewl boxes on the top of a building, with a Stenciled Warning: DANGER: HIGH VOLTAGE: KEEP CLEAR
    Or underground, in an vacant lot...
    Or inside a piece of furniture, in an apartment, overlooking a square where politicians occasionally give speeches...???
    Then: When the time is ripe, it pops out of it's turtle like enclosure, and POW!
  6. Robot Airplane Assassinators...!!!
    i think that you should be getting the idea by now...
    Why isn't anyone using these...???
    It seems very mysterious to me...!
  7. War On Terrorism...
    You know...
    If there really was a War On Terrorism...
    That is; ( e.g. ) There really were Terrorists that Western Civilization was at War with...
    Then they certainly are VERY, VERY INCOMPETENT...
    Where is this War taking place...???
    There are SO VERY MANY Excellent ways to Blow Stuff Up...
    Why isn't ANYTHING getting Blown Up...???
    The ONLY Reasonable explaination is:
    There is NO War On Terror...
    It's all Made Up...
    So that...???
    Prelude to a Full Blown Police State...???
    Was this all Orcestrated by a small group of Texas Millionaires,
    Just to inflate the price of Oil...???
    It would actually take only a few key 'Agents' to implant disinformation into another few key 'Government Employees' to make just about any crazy thing happen...!!!
  8. Hints on How to Blown Stuff Up...
    What 911 taught even the most dull witted student of anarchy,
    Was that common household appliances,
    Such as Airplanes could be used as Explosive Devices.
    What makes an Airplane such a good Improvised Device?
    It's mobile, and it has Lots of Potential Energy stored in it.
    What else would be good to consider?
    Gas Stations, Nuclear Power Plants, Big Trucks, Electrical Power Dams, Tall Trees, Tall Buildings ( packed together like sardines ), Fat People...
    Imagine simply knocking over a fat person at the top of a hill, where a crowd has gathered.
    Think Outside The Box!
    Think Outside of The Box,
    that The Box was Delivered in!
    ...Warehouses where flamable things are stored, Or Toxic Things...
    Maybe you could make it look like an industrial
  9. Motivation & Intent...
    i would like to digress for a moment, after that last comment/suggestion of making a Terrorist Attack look like a Accident...???
    The Entire Functionality, it would seem to me, of a Terrorist Attack;
    Is to Assertively Promote 'Reasonability' into The Thinking &/or Policies of your Enemy.
    And as such: They need to known that you're the one ( or group ) that is blowing stuff up.
    That seems obvious-- Doesn't it?
    Yet many allegedly Terrorist Groups seem so convinced that their demands are so thoroughly understood by their enemy, that they neglect to mention them.
    Don't let this Ridiculous Oversight happen to You...!!!
    Contact your Enemy BEFORE each attack and give them some kind of hint, or clue, as to what the Target will be and When... Along with constant REMINDERS of what you expect from them in Return...!!!
    And let The Damp Masses Know too... Their Government isn't going to tell them, that the reason you're blowing stuff up is because they've ( The Government's ) been trampling on you for the last 50 years...
    If you're not going to tell them, who will...???
  10. How to OverThrow a Government
    This idea occured to me the other day, and it seems so simple...???
    You announce to a country that you've planted some number of Atom-Bombs in various cities, and that unless they overthrow their illegally established, and highly crimminal government within the next 48 hours, you'll start detonating the bombs.
    Of course; It would be helpful if you had at least one bomb to detonate at the beginning, just to let them know that you're reasonably serious...
    And then you'd also have to have all the other bombs, In Place, at the beginning of this experiment...
    Each bomb, or Faux Bomb, would be surrounded with 'Trip Devices' to keep anyone from removing or disarming it...
    And if they are only Faux Bombs, you'd want them to exhibit those qualities, such as radioactiviity & weight, that a real bomb would posess.
    Again... There are so many excellent ideas that a Real, Active Terrorist group should be employing... that there is NO WAY that i could ever believe that there is a Real
    al-Qaeda... If such an organization actually exists, then they must all be Native Hawai'ians.
  11. Pre-Uranium Bomb
    It seems to me that it 'should' be possible to build a Nuclear Bomb without Uranium or Plutonium...!
    The reason that Uranium is used, is because it's 'Radioactive' to such a degree that if you simply pile a bunch of it together, it will blow up without any prompting...!!!
    But there are lots of other Elements that are Radioactive too, and it should be possible... i would think... doesn't it make SENSE that if you took like one element below Uranium,
    like: Protactinium... ( OK-- that one sounds pretty rare... ) or Bismuth #86 to Uranium's #92...
    Bismuth sounds like the first one, moving down from Uranium, to be common enough to buy it in sufficient quantities to make a B-Bomb...!
    So you would simply accumulate enough of it... How much...??? ...and help it along a little bit by bombarding the pile of it with Naked Neutrons.
    OK-- i don't have all the details on how to do this; But if you've been trying to buy an old Russion Nuclear warhead and they seem to be 'Currently Unavailable' or 'Too Pricy', then you may want to consider making a B-Bomb.
    Be sure and e-mail me with the results that you get from your experiments!
  12. Pirate T.V.
    i'm sure you've heard of Pirate Radio...
    These are Radio Stations that either operate at such low transmiting power, that they are 'Overlooked' by the FCC, or are Stationed on an Oil Platform past the 3 or 10 mile ( ??? ) Limit off the Pacific or Atlantic Seaboards...
    Why have we never heard of Pirate T.V.
    This idea occurred to me High School, and i was thinking, why not use The Fence around the School as the Antenna...???
    Another idea would be to release A Balloon with a MicroWave Reflector on it, so that you could broadcast to It... and then The FCC wouldn't be able to Hone in on you...!!!
    What could you Broadcast...???
    Pornography of course.
    But not just any Pornography... Oh No!
    Peep Show Pornography; taken through peoples windows...
    How Delicously Evil...!!!
  13. Future Present...???
    Cloned Humanimal Robots...

    OK... This idea may be unavailable for a few more years;
    But i've been wondering about how 'Ethical' it would be to...
    ...'Scan' Someone ( Attractive Young Women: for example )
    and then make an Exact Biological Duplicate of them,
    But change their Brains a little bit, so that this new version would be madly in love with me!
    She would still retain whatever Freewill that everyone else has,
    and she would be completely Autonomous,
    So that any claim that the 'Template' has to her, would be moot...
    She just wouldn't have Freewill from The Get-Go.
    Does anyone really have Freewill from The Get-Go...???
    Would this be 'Alright'...???
  14. Synthetic Reality Burglar
    i'm not sure what i would call this exactly...???
    But it basically works like this...
    i would knock on someone's door ( Attractive Young Female; for example )
    and she would invite me in; on the pretense that i would be conducting a 'Modern' Survey;

    And this would require them to Wear A Headset, with which their Inner Most Opinions could be recorded... Naturally; they would sign an agreement that would protect their privacy and we would disregard any opinions that the device recorded that were not pertinent to our study...!
    But this would all be a Ruse...!!!
    What the device is actually doing; Is Reading her Expectations of what she Percieves as Real and Playing them back to her, so that she would then be 'Placed' into a False Reality that Exactly Mirrored the One that she Actually Live In...!!!
    i would then conduct a survey of sorts, then remove the headset and leave...
    But she would still be sitting on the couch, with the headset still on, and i would still be at the controls...!!!
    Once this is Established; The Operator; Me: could modify that reality in a variety of ways.
    i could oversee their experiences from a Gawd-Perspective, looking down on her, or as an Invisible Agent, or become a person they are expecting to see, and act through that person...
    Making; for example a close friend, say or do, the most outrageous things...!!!
    Or i could create entirely new people, animals, fantasy creatures &/or entire realities to superimpose upon her.
    The element of time may be speeded up,
    or i may have to isolate the subject in a office suite somewhere to play out a good senario that may last for several days...! ( It may be necessary to carefully select people that may easily go 'missing' for several days, or weeks, at a time...! ) - ( It may also be necessary to attach I.V's or Catheter's into various orifice's for the duration...??? )
    The most masterful stroke would be to Cycle the situation around, So that when you take Off the actual, Real Headset, she is where you started and all the things that happened, will make sense in the continuation of her existence when you leave her. ( ??? )