Saturday, September 30, 2000

Solutions... [ Index ]

This section has been reserved for Various Solutions to all the worlds problems.
( if only someone would listen...!!! )

  1. The Nine Point Problem
    This Puzzle was originally designed to determine if the gamester has the ability to;
    'Think-- Outside of The Box?'.
    What i've done; Is to show that i can--
    'Think outside of the box, That the box came in...!'
  2. Homelessness
    Commentary and Link
    Additional Commentaries
    . . . . . . The Wretched Homeless...
  3. The Middle East
    Commentary and Link
  4. The Meaninglessness of Existence
    Commentary and Link
  5. Gay Marriage
    Commentary and Link
  6. The Fermi Paradox
    Commentary and Link
  7. The Coming Robotics ( And A.I. ) Revolution...!
    Commentary and Link

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