Thursday, October 12, 2000


DNA is A Red Herring
It was thought for awhile that there were something like 30,000 good Introns of DNA that made actual Proteins...
But Now;
It looks like that number has been reduced to 25,000 or less...!
Given that a typical page of text has 1000 characters on it,
That's 25 pages of text that make up the instructions for one humanimal being...!!!
Never mind the trillions of DNA couplets...
Most of them are just old candy wrappers,
and probably not even viable instructions for wings or extra organs that have 'turned off'...!
And Plus;
Each of those Introns,
that makes one Protein is all folded up to resemble a Lego Block,
and the functionality of all those proteins results from how these Lego-Blocks fit together with one another...!
Just consider when a baby is being made;
The single cell that you start out as,
divides again & again,
and when it needs to start making a ligament to connect to a bone,
and where to split a blood vessel or when to start making a tiny bump on a vertibrae,
that has to be encoded somewhere...
the cell has to be told when to do that...
which means that every little spot where there's a decision to be made,
that has to be in the DNA...
and there are A LOT MORE than 25,000 of there Decisions...
if that's all your DNA did...
But of course,
it does A LOT MORE than that...
it has to make all your tissue types
& encode parts of your brain to process visual information,
and how to suck on a nipple...
So to rescue DNA, they ( Scientists ) are now suggesting that the good Introns mix & match themselves to make a huge vocabulary of 'words' from these basic 25,000 'letters'...
BUT --
Where does the Dictionary Reside that tells where and how the letters are to be arranged...???
And Plus;
If every little instruction provided by the DNA is now an assemblage of Introns,
Then how would EVOLUTION ever work...???
If any given Intron were to mutate,
then it would almost certainly mess up all the words that it was a part of...
So that it either wouldn't fit together with them,
OR cause Crazy Changes throughout the entire organism...!!!
There could never be 'Tiny' Evolutionary Changes...
There could only be HUGE, devastating Changes...
and how often would such a catastrophic Collection of Changes be to the organisms benefit...???
In Short:
If DNA isn't the Blueprint of how were made...
Then what is...?
Maybe Reality itself is all wrong...?

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