Monday, October 09, 2000

Do Angels Arrange Things...???

If your as crazy as most other 'happy' people,
Then you believe, as they do, that most things happen because they were arranged,
Either by Gawd, Angels, Aliens, Xi-6 Controllers or The Hive Mind
( that goes by many different names... )
Only Sane, Unhappy People believe that the world's events & it's accompanying humanimal circumstances are the results of Chaotic Circumstances, Initiated at the beginning of The Universe, some 14 Billion years ago...

i think that the most benign, and reasonable explanation for most circumstances is that they were arranged by Angels.
These Angels are NonDenominational, and Amoral.
They do not act on our behalf because they want us to be happy,
But because it is The Pure Act of meddling in the affairs of others is what pleases them the most.
While our 'meaning' derives from the consequences of these arrangements,
Their 'meaning' derives from the randomly that ensues from the arrangements that they create to further shape the universe in a manner that, even they, do not know is for what ultimate purpose.
They are victims of The Hive Mind ( Single Autonomous Monad ) just as we are,
But they are closer to the source, but some infinitesimal amount.

The Evidence:
  1. As a consequence of my Asperger's/Schizoid Personality Disorder, i rarely talk to anyone, and since i've been on this latest adventure, chiefly to Hawai'i, i have talked most extensively to 4 young women, 3 of which initiated the conversations, and of these three, all three had the most astonishingly horrorible teeth. Of all the people that i have ever met, these three women had the worse teeth that i can recall. And more curiously, of those three, two of them discussed their teeth-- The last one, talked of nothing but her teeth...!!! (???)
  2. The other day; i got up from a park bench to catch a bus and in so doing, i caught my bus-pass on some protrusion on the bench and tore the wrist bracelet off...! i like to wear my bus-pass on my wrist while i'm waiting for a bus, so that i don't have to fumble around looking for it, and so i don't loose it. As soon as i'm on the bus, i'll return it to the pocket that i keep it in, on my back-pack. This system has proven itself to be very reliable. So it was very annoying when i broke it. So i went over to _Longs Drugstore_ and found several variations on this buspass holder, but none of the exact kind that i wanted...!!! Then i found one, exactly like the one i'd broken, and had become familiar with... crazy people hate to change things like this...!!! So i was thinking, where did this come from... and i couldn't find anymore like it...!!! That one that i found was the only one like it amoung the displayed bus-pass holders... But this is not the crazy part... The crazy part came several hours later when i was on the No. 14 bus, and a middle aged man got up from his seat, and in so doing, somehow caught his watch on something... ( ??? ) and it popped off...!!! and more so, he didn't realize that it had popped off...!!! ( ??? ) [!] The guy that was sitting near by noticed it, and although the watch landed right under his seat, he was in an inappropriate position to retrieve it... so i did, and returned it to the very unobservant victim. It may be that you would see these two events as completely unrelated, but for me, they follow a central principle of design verification that i often use in my drawings... ( Interiour Landscapes ) ...and that is: to make the appearance of one thing in the drawing 'Valid' by repeating the same shape, colour, or some attribute, at another place in the drawing. By doing this; the repetition demonstrates that neither occurrence was 'random' or 'accidental' but each Validates the other....! This is what the angels were doing when they popped the watch off the bus rider... they were saying, we broke your bus-pass holder, and we popped off this strangers watch, just to show you that we're still controlling your life. ( ??? ) How often has either event like this happened in my life previously? ( Never! )
  3. My Programmable Calculator crashed a few days ago... When this happens, it simply doesn't start up... However; It will show signs of life... sometimes displaying either large black blocks, or randomly distributed lines, usually vertical, across the screen. No attempt to reset the calculator seemed to work. i tried ON-C & On-D & On-E... and Even On-A-F...!!! Which is intended to clear the memory...!!! But none of these techniques worked... i then tried taking out the batteries... for a few minutes, and then a few hours... and it still refuse to 'come back'... i even tried to reset it by pushing in the reset button that is hidden under a foot-pad on the back... ( this has never worked for me, but others think that it does...??? ) so i finally took the batteries out and was going to wait until the next day to put them back in...! But i instead only waited for about 4 hours, and then when i put them back in, it came right on like it had never even had a stomach cramp...!!! No Memory was lost...!!! ( i have left the batteries out for over 24 hours before, and it had come back with No Memory lost... ( and this is memory that needs batteries... No like the memory in my Camera's memory card...??? ) So what does that mean...??? The last time it behaved like this, i was thinking about ( and did ) leave The Big Island, to come to Oahu. This time, i think it might have been jealous of my new Cell Phone... It crashed along time ago, right after i got my computer... so i think that it may be sensitive to emotional changes in MY life...!!! ( Angels come in many different Shapes & Sizes... and doesn't the Bible warn us to be nice to all strangers, as they may be Angels InCognito...??? ) { Flies are another shape that Angels like to take on... }

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