Monday, October 09, 2000

Have You Ever Been a Victim of...

Are you now; Or Have You--
Ever Been a Victim of Angelic Street Theatre...???

What do i mean by this?
First Off--
Do you ever think about what you're going to say?
Well-- i never do!
i'm listening right along with everyone else whenever i say anything,
or type anything...!
For Typing... i think i have a vague idea of what i'm about to type,
But mostly, Especially when i'm writing Haiku's or Dada Prose,
What i write or type is appearing before me as if i were standing off to one side...!!!
The same applies, and More Especially, This applies to Drawing...!
Whenever i'm Drawing, i'll pick out a photo to work from, as a starting point,
and then as i proceed more and more into it's details, things will appear on the paper as if someone else were controlling the content...!
This effect is so pronounced, that whenever i try to 'Think-Up' or 'Plan' on drawing something,
It Never seems to turn out nearly as well as the Spontaneous ones...
But when i'm referring to Angelic Street Theatre--
i'm thinking of something else...!
For anyone to be a victim of AST...
You have to be out & about, in a reasonably public environment,
and then:
1) Do or Say Something that Is TOTALLY Unexpected...
2) This Action will be directed at a Total Stranger ( usually )
3) This Action will consist of a Momentary Event,
that will last for a brief time.
The functionality of The AST will be that Some Angel will need a Optically Opaque Object to occupy a specific spatial location and either 'Do Something' or 'Say Something' for the Benefit of The Humanimal ( or such ) that they are supposed to be 'Looking After'...
And you just happened to be there when they needed that someone...!
Do these 'Occupations' of your body infringe on your Autonomy...???
Do they Violate your Personal Space...???
Do they Freak You Out...???
Usually; These Occupations will occur in situations that will have no long term consequences for you-- People that you know & would potentially be Shocked or Confused by your Unusual Action/s) are not present, and will not hear about this Event,
Unless of course; you tell them!
What can be done about it, If you want them to Stop...!!! ( ??? )
Probably Nothing...
It's just the price you pay for existing in this Universe.

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