Thursday, October 12, 2000


All is Maya
( or : An Introduction to The Infinite Continuum of Realities )
This ( The World ) is:
i'm convinced;
A Screen Saver Reality.
It has incorporated within it,
innumerable clues that 'give it away' as a fake reality.
Such as Gravity.
Or ElectroMagnetism.
Or Consciousness.
There's just no way that our brains,
in this reality,
with the physical laws that are governing us,
are going to allow anything as frizzy as Consciousness to exist!
( Are we living in A Universe that is So Cruel,
That it allows us to Be Aware that we are Robots. )
What good does knowing this do you?
In "The Matrix";
Neo is allowed to fly around and morph into the machine representation of Mr. Smith,
Just by 'Knowing'
that he's living in a 'Fake' Reality.
i just don't see that happening.
In my interpretation;
There's this thing,
One Reality Layer; Up,
that is Generating our Reality...
And i call it;
Blandly enough: The Reality Generator.
The Reality Generator.
To better understand how The Reality Generator, that produces Our Reality Works...
It might be beneficial to Make One For Ourselves...!!!
How much trouble would it be to create a Virtual ( Fractional ) Reality that is every bit as real as Our Reality... ???
The first problem is that if we want to put 'Real People' into our fractional reality--
Ones that can think & exercise freewill; Just like us... ( ? )
We're already stuck -- because no one knows how to do that yet...!!!
But -- If we step aside that for the moment...
Let us move on to other things.
To begin:
Let's first 'Allow' that THIS Reality is Pretty Much Exactly As It Is.
That is;
It's really real.
[ This contradicts our original thesis,
But we're only pretending to imagine that it's really real--
as a point to take off from...
We don't REALLY believe it,
But we have to start somewhere... ! ]
So -- If this Reality; is Really Real,
Then WE are Really Real.
Our bodies and BRAINS are Really Real,
and within Each Persons Brain
Is a Complete MODEL,
A Schematical Model of
It's missing a lot of the fine details,
But everyone that is walking around has within their own minds,
a fully functioning,
100% viable
representation of reality.
If we wanted to create A Fractional Reality of our own,
that filled a volume of 14.7 Billion Years across,
back & forth,
up & down,
side to side...
We'd only need to obtain a hard drive,
with the holding density of a human brain,
about the size of a human brain...!!! { ??? }
To make the whole thing work really well,
and to allow some margin of error to creep in along the edges...
and to allow more than just one fully autonomous person to inhabit our reality...
We'd buy one several times that size...
One that we could fit under the table,
or in the closet.
But Still...
Even if there were only a few dozen 'Real People' inhabiting our reality...
And making everyone else just 'puppets'...
we would still need to perform numerous 'tricks' to make the whole thing work...
( ? )
One trick is a routine that we could superimpose on our participants psychics, that would provide them with 'A Sense of Familiarity'...!
Let's say that our Alpha participant is walking through a neighborhood several blocks from where she lives...
To save memory, We never actually created a permanent model of this neighborhood,
but we merely mapped it out as 'A Neighborhood' and whenever one of our 'Conscious Participants' penetrates one of these regions,
The Computer generates a neighborhood 'On The Fly' and 'Inserts' into the mind of our participant A Sense of Familiarity!
i think that the Reality Generator that Creates our reality must use something very much like this, because it seems to me that 'My Environment' is changing a little bit from time to time,
and that The Familiarity Routine has some 'Bugs' in it,
so that i'm left with a sense that it's NOT Familiar...!!!
Things that really shouldn't have changed...
Have changed...!!!
Is it me; Or The Reality?
Another Trick that our Fractional Reality might employ is to
Only model things that need to be modeled.
If our Conscious Participants have never been to Australia,
then there's no reason to actually generate any details of what's there.
When one of our participants looks at a photographic book of Australia,
then our computer generates pictures on the fly,
and... perhaps ...makes a set of notes that will be used later to ensure consistency when a participant looks at another book or actually visits there.
The Fractional Reality that we're going to create should hold many surprises for US...
So that our computer will only generate new phenomena when a participant demands it,
and the resulting phenomena will be what the participant expects...
( more or less... )
This means that if they've never cut into an actual pig before...
they won't know what to find...
It could have anything inside there...
But they will probably have some expectations of what they will find,
So the computer examines their minds and generates a reality that won't startle them 'too much'...!
Does this mean that the computer has to be conscious itself...???
Well --
It should be MORE conscious or 'Able' than the participants...
So from our perspective of watching and interacting ( ? ) with the participants,
We'll also be interacting with the computer that generates that reality...!!!
If we're playing [ gawd ] --
Then the computer that's creating our play-time reality will be our Angels...!
They'll be doing all the real work, and we can influence how things go from time to time...
Just like The Gawds that are supervising Our Reality.
One of the most annoying 'Attributes' that is often placed on our gawd
is the varying forms of omnipotence and being All Good and so on...
The real gawd that is overseeing our reality,
is in all probability,
a 12 year old tentacled insectoid;
using off the shelf software,
on a computer that's been obsolete for 15 years.
To make everything even hinkier...
The computer that's generating our reality is hooked up to the internet,
so that [ people ] all over that world can watch us...
We're it's Home Page...!
But --
This also allows other 12 & 15 year olds to HACK INTO OUR REALITY...!!!
Maybe this would explain Flying Saucers, Ghosts
& a Whole Slew of Other anomalous Phenomena...!!!

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Touko said...

Had very similar thoughts, frighteningly similar! If you watch carefully, you can pick up mistakes in the programing occasionally. They're invariably small things that go unnoticed initially. Additionally you're able to perceive the emergence of algorhythms that were clearly designed to simply the complexity of the programing itself. An example of this can be found in sychronicity