Thursday, October 12, 2000

Nearly Everyone is a Janitor

80% (+) of All Jobs
are Essentially Janitorial.
( Maintenance Labor of The Status Quo )
Doctors maintain people,
Engineers maintain Machines
or The Cultural Manifestations of 'Stuff'...
All Middle Management Administrators simply maintain The Status Quo,
Librarians, Astronauts, Racecar Drivers simply Dance on an old wooden stage to keep The Unemployed, Idyll Loafers, The Damp Masses & The Momentarily Distracted--
From getting into Endless Mischief.
A scant 20%
( Probably much less! --
It may be The Creative 20%
of The Intellectually Prepared 20%
of The Culturally Heretically Predisposed 20%...!!! )
That Actually ever do anything to construct
&/or Continuously Invent Western Civilization,
or Modify It from it's precarious operational parameters...
Consider all The Big Self Important Countries
that fall over every few years & lay there like sick puppies
with tummies full of laundry detergent,
Like The USSR, China or Yugoslavia...???
Maybe what killed them off was that they neglected to properly feed and wash their Creative Intellectuals...
Those Same Huminals that not only act as The Kidneys of a society,
Cleaning out all The Black, Red & Yellow Bile that accumulates under the flaps of Obesity,
But act like The Hair & Fingernails;
Thought to be useless by Responsible Adults and other Mature Administrators,
That are constantly growing and never really contributing anything...
Except perhaps;

The very Elan Vital that makes Existence Worth While.
{ ??? ]

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