Monday, October 09, 2000

Obvious Untruths Or: Things that are Exactly Wrong

i've been interested in a category of phenomena for along time,
Which i call :
Obvious Untruths.
These things overlap, or are grouped under perhaps, or contained as a subset of,
Another Group of Phenomena that are know collectively as :
Things that are Exactly Wrong.
Within one, or both, of these sets, is another category that is nearly synonomous with
Things that are Exactly Wrong;
And this set of Phenomena has been labeled :
Things that are 180 Degrees Quirky from True.

Such things are:
1) Red Hair
2) The Hammer & Feather Falling Demonstration
3) Anything a Politician Says
4) Anything a CEO Says
5) Quantum Theory
6) What Electricity is
7) What Magnitism is
8) How Lightning Works
9) How Tornadoes Work

Do you know of anymore...?
i would like to collect a large list of them...
Obvious Untruths should be Obvious, once they've been 'Suggested' or 'Pointed Out'--
But very often;
Some Dunderhead like me will not 'Catch-On' quite as quickly as you might hope,
So please include a short 'Arguement' that outlines the Phenomena itself, and why the general perception of it by The Damp Masses is Exactly Wrong...!

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