Tuesday, October 10, 2000

Resumé Supplement

i've already worked up a few of these lists of opinions and such...
Is this one any different... ??? i don't know if it is or isn't...
--But i have a compulsion to keep making more of them...!!!

If you can think of anything that i've left out...
Be sure to eep me and ask about it...!!!
Work History
i can't recall ever having a real job...???
i was in the Navy for awhile, and flunked out of two 'A' Schools...
One for Chinese, and one for Morse Code...!!!
People are still speaking Chinese, but no one is using Morse Code anymore.
Then i did a bunch of 'Day Labor' jobs... Most notibly in Berkeley California.
i tried it again in seattle, but i kept being turned away for various incomprehensible reasons...???
Of all these 'Day' jobs... i think of any one that resembled a real job...???
Oh! There was this one job that i had for a few months... Near Berkeley...??? Harvesting Bean Sprouts...!!! There were some production problems, that for some reason, management wasn't as eager to solve as i would have liked...??? So i quit after a few months...

Sexual Preferences
i'm not exactly Hetrosexual or Homosexual...
And i'm not exactly 'Bi' or Celebate...???
i usually refer to myself as a Monosexual, that fantasizes of women or within the context of women... while masturbating.
When i've actually been with women, i do not become sexually aroused.
i find them comforting, and generally feel very relaxed around women, much more so then men, whom i do not like being around-- ( usually ) ( in fact i usually don't like being around either men or women, but when i'm around women, i'm more relaxed than when i'm around men, unless they're smokers, and then i want to slash at them with a light saber! ) --But i don't 'react' to them in a sexual manner. There have been some 'odd' exceptions, but they were so odd that i couldn't figure out what was odd about them, before they disipated...!!!
So -- my idea of a fun time; with a lady person, would be to get naked and tickle each other!
( Tickling in this context is gently touching and rubbing ( ??? ) )
-Or- just sitting around and watching t.v.

Am i Crazy?
The general definition of 'being crazy' is that the crazy person believes things that no one else believes. If this is it; then it applies to me.

Have i Been Abducted ( By The Flying Saucer Bugs ) ?
i made up a list when i was in Bremertowne of all the things that might make someone believe that i'd been abducted by the walking fish people, or thier ilk...
i've forgotten what was on the whole list... But here are a few:
1) at one time, i had a pair of shoes, and the left shoe had to be regularly relaced because one lace side was forever becoming shorter than the other...??? !!! i would wonder; If this is a natural phenomena; when is it happening...??? Not when i'm wearing them, because they are tied then, and can not gravitate in one direction or the other... and certainly not when they are off my feet, and under the bed...! The only other explanation is that when i'm being abducted by the bug people, they are messing with my shoe laces... because 'That's what they do...!!!'
2) i used to get this weird 'feeling' in the back of my throat, and then as part of a 'job interview'... ( ??? ) - [ Maybe how THIS came about is the strangest part...??? ] ...i went to have it looked at by an Ear, Nose & Throat specialist and he took some X-Rays, and they showed that i had several Hollow Spots in my Nasal Cavity, and this was probably causing my occasional breathing, swallowing trouble... AND that these hollows are Caused by DENTAL WORK...!!! { Somehow Indirectly } -- The thought that i had was that these hollows were the effect of alien transmiters having been removed ( obsolete ones...??? ) -- But that these Ear, N & T doctors see this ALL The TIME...!!! And came up with this cockamamie explanation, just so they could have something to tell their patients...???
3) i have felt for along time that i belong 'Somewhere' else.
4) When i was little, i used to sleep walk quite a bit, and then;
While i was out one night, after hitchhiking along the coast of Washington, i couldn't find a good place to sleep, so i just laid down outside a library is some town ??? north of Olympia, ( just after having a bigfeet experience...!!! ) and i 'woke up' some unspecified time later, as a stumbled over a railroad track...!!! i didn't know where i was, and how to get back to the library, where my pack was... so i just started wandering around, and somehow things worked out... i don't think i went back to sleep that night...
Was i abducted that night...??? Was i routinely abducted as a child...???
5) ...

i was raised ( ??? ) as a Lutheran, then i tried Daoism for awhile, then switched to Zen-Dada-Daoism, then Dada-Zen-Daoism, then joined The Babynous Cult... And now i'm a member of The Riders of The Golden Hamster. Who believe that Everything is Wrong, and that this reality is a Screen Saver for The Universe One Layer Up. The Ξ.6 Controllers are The Mischievious Angels of this reality that shape it for their own -incomprehensible- agenda.

i was once a cub-scout for about 2 weeks. Then the cub master had nervous breakdown, and i didn't relocate.
i never paid any 'dues' to the HP48 club, but we met once a month, and i quit after about 4 years, becuase the cub master was a jerk and never let anyone else contribute anything.
i went to one meeting for Roboticists... But i wasn't actually building robots at that time, and all the robots they had... ( none, if i recall correctly! ) ...were really lame, in conceptuality...!
Favorite Books
The Tao is Silent: By Raymond Smullyan
( See other Favorite Books listed along The Sidebar )
Favorite Films
Eraserhead: By David Lynch ( before he Sold Out...!!! )

Special Skills
Asperger's and Autistic people are supposed to have special; Usually Weird, Special Skills... Such as tearing animal silhouettes from construction paper... But i can't do anything like that...??? But i can draw things really well... and that's a special skill... But it's not very weird...??? ( ! ) Perhaps this is why it was so easily overlooked...???

Recreational Narcotics
Just Coffee.
Other than Cigarettes, i am pretty sympathetic of anyones desire to destroy their temple of gawd with chemical acids and such... Why the hell not... If you want to.
It's just that i don't.
Perfect Soulmate

Controversial Topics
Women should have 'the right to chose' and choose not to.
It's obvious to me that an abortion is killing a human being; But is that wrong... Who knows...???
Transluminous Velocities
Faster than Light Travel...??? Sure! i would be VERY FAWKING SURPRISED if, 300 years from now, ( or 100 years...??? ) we still weren't traveling faster than light...!!! And Anti-Gravity... Absolutely...!!!
These sorts of things are so NOT UNDERSTOOD at this time, that it's really VERY SILLY to suggest that they're impossible.
Is it True that 'Anything is Possible' or that 'Only Possible Things are Possible'.
i tend towards; Only Possible Things are Possible... But the limiting variable is whether we can concieve of 'it' or not...???

Computers are Evil. Or it may just be that the ones that we have access to are Evil-- But the good ones, that will come after Western Civilization collapses will be OK. There are just Sooooo Many things about computers that are really dumb, that i can't believe... You will Never Make me Believe that they are 'That Way' because of general dumbness... It is only by way of some organized force that computers are as frustrating and as stupid as they are. Sometimes i think that this is Bad... And at other times, i think that these forces are doing what they believe to be Good... Because if genuinely useful and functional computers were available, the world would end in a single day. ( ??? )
Pretty much the same with Robots.
Pretty much the same with AI. All the fears of an AI Robot taking over the world... That just seems like a forgone conclusion. i can't imagine it happening any other way... and as such, maybe it is a GOOD THING that 'Expert Systems' are being supressed.
Capital Punishment
If it's wrong to kill people, then you shouldn't kill people.
C. P. teaches crimminals and children that it's alright to kill people. If only your reasons are good enough...! i've been thinking for some time now that a really good defense for murder would be that the killer used all the same criteria that the state uses when it murders someone, and thus; they should be let off.
One argument that i often hear made, by religious fanatics, of all people, FOR Capital Punishment, is that it's so expensive to hold 'really bad people'...
It seems to me that the same argument applies here as it would for FreeSpeech, and that is; You have to abide by Ugly Speech when Tolerating Free Speech, and you have to abide by Bad People, when you have a superiour moral notion that people's lives are important or valued or somesuch... That point is kind of vague with me actually... But i think it's ANNOYING that The State, using all it's resourses and Wisdom, finds Capital Punishment to be the most judicious solution...???
When Presidential Canadate Michael Dukakis was asked if he would support the death penalty for someone that murdered his wife and daughter... it seems entirely reasonable to me that he would be allowed to strangle the murder himself...!!! But that's not the position of The State... The State has the time & luxury to be more circumspent & impassionate... It is one thing for a person to be filled with murderous rage or even to enjoy a recreational spree of sexually motivated canbalistic lunches... But it is quite different for a Politial State to thoughtfully & Deliberately, over a period of years, to murder a complete stranger, for no apparent reason at all, except to fullfill the necessity of bureaucratic obligation.
It's wrong to kill cows, but i eat hamburgers anyways.
Killing to eat is an unmistakable element of nature, but the mechanistic slaughter of millions does seem morally wrong.

Minority Considerations
Are some Racial groups smarter than other racial groups? Probably.
But what can you do with that information, even if it's true? Nothing.
Such statistical factiods would apply only to groups, not individuals.
Assisted Suicide
If i could somehow murder someone, and have it be legal.
How can you argue against that?

The Schools aren't failing to make children smarter,
They are succeeding in making they stupider.
i hate the public school system.
School Vouchers have so many attributes to favor them,
That let us consider only what are percieved to be their failings, or who is it that wants them to fail...
The established private schools that don't want poor black children attending them... Entry Requirements should be able to protect them.
The State shouldn't fund private religious schools. The separation of Church and State is to protect students from endoctrination against their will, not from a foundation of moral & spiritual instruction.
The Public School system would go broke. So be it.
It's just crazy that rich children can go to expensive bad schools, while poor children are forced to go to free bad schools. On the off-chance that some children, both rich and poor, will be able to find a school that is deticated to their speical needs and futures, then it has to be better than a system that is created to destroy the futures of all children.
How the world, &/or The United States has gotten as far as it has, it due, almost in it's entirety, to children that have been homeschooled.
The Best Taboos are the ones that you can't even name.
Utopian Dreams
Giant Mechanical Ants, Small Villages, No Cars, No Cigarettes, Floating Electroplastic Brains, Knowledge Kiosks, Masturbation on Television.
Global Warming
When i was in grade school, ( everything they taught us was lies ) ( But-- ) they told us that we were at the tail end of the last ice age, and as such, the natural environmental temperature was lower, now-- than it 'should' be... taking eon length scales into effect... So it seems to me, that global warming will just bring us back up to where we're supposed to be, a little bit sooner.
Also: i would like to see us burn up all the fossil fuels as quickly as possible.

i hate store bought puzzles.
The best puzzles are the ones without solutions.
Science is broken.
Are you a Gullible Skeptic, Skeptically Gullible or A Naive Wonderer?
"Everything is Political." { Che Guevara } ???
Politics is the Agenda of Lies.
What is Art?
The trouble with saying that Everything is Art-- ( Including the things that Gawd has made ) is that then there are no Counter Examples;
and as such: The original proposition / desired definition, looses all meaning--
But everyone does have an intuitive / tacit / visceral understanding of What is Art... And counter examples that are -Clearly- Not Art...!
Even i have opinions of What is Not Art...!
But i'm also reluctant to espouse what those things are...!
Consequently; i will instead suggest that The Quality of Artiness is a Property that everything possesses, in varying Quantities.
Artiness is a Continuum; Not a Dichotomy.

Is it Ethical to Own Pets?
No; But you can have one as a Room-mate.
And you might also be reasonably 'aware' that they need your baleful & responsible care to survive in this artificially alien world.

Quixotic Beings
Fairies and such...

Gay Marriage
The Solution for Gay Marriage is for the government to get out of the Marriage business!
Alternately: Churches would issue marriages based on their own criteria, and create their own licenses, then the united couple would take this document to the county registrars office where they would make a digital copy of it and put it in their records.
Could some churches and licensed free-lance/unaffliliated clergy of unique/fringe cults allow men & women to marry chickens, televisions & unsubstanciated invisiible beings...
Sadly; Yes... or -- Maybe not so sadly... ???

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