Thursday, October 12, 2000

Suppressed Technologies...

Various Technologies
are Being Suppressed
Do you remember back to when the first computers came out...
The old Atari's, Commodore's & Apple's
( When they were called Apple's and Not PC's!!! )
You may also recall that many of those primitive machines came with their own programming languages, and many came with, or you could easily buy from a 3rd Party Vendor,
A Simple Robot that would roll around on the floor, and draw flowery pictures or mark up the linoleum...!
Now-- Centuries later;
You Can't buy an easy to use Programming Language
for any price,
and Robots,
The dream of the 21st Century
to put us all in hammocks for the rest of our lives
have mysteriously disappeared as well...
Even the 'Fancy' Robots that are now coming out of Japan
than the robots that Disneyland had 50 years ago...
and can barely hold their own against the rare,
but exquisite mechanical robots from the 1800's...!!!
What The Heck Happened...???
Even The Lego Robot Kit,
The only robot kit on the market;
Is specifically designed so that you CAN'T make a viable robot with it...
Have you seen any...???
You haven't...!
And it may well be that somebody,
figured out the obvious problem with robots...
And that is;
They're as Dangerous as An Auditorium full of Monkeys with a Chain Saws...!
Can you imagine what would happen if 12 year olds could actually built a platform that was fully autonomous and was mounted with a video camera, BB gun or aerosol Can & a BIC lighter...???
And what happens when they turn 16...???
The question is;
Who has the power to suppress an entire industry like this...
All over the World...???
( like me )
...Were to tell you how FAWKING EASY it would be to turn an HP48 Programmable Calculator and a pocket full of NAND circuits into a BalsaWood automaton that could use The Network of GPS Satellites to fly anywhere in the world and act like a 20 Million dollar Cruise Missile...!!!
( For less than 600$ )
( ? )
The World would End.
Who can stop Me...???
There is only one answer;
Time Travelers from The Future.
Believe me restful readers
They are doing their job.
( for good or ill )

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