Thursday, October 12, 2000


from The Future
are Shaping Our TimeLine
It seems to me that there are a lot of strange & unexplainable circumstances that while--
May be explained away with statistical charts & professionally produced bar charts;
There remains an ill taste of that, that comes from untreated bed sores often found on the sweaty flat surfaces of elderly people with neglectful children.

i am speaking most purposefully of the sorrowful absence of
Assassinations in This Country... ( US of the A's ).
While elections are commandeered by bloated, twangly judges that you or i wouldn't hire as assistant managers for an all night restaurant;
And While Corporate officers of Multinational Conglomerates Rape our Grandmothers--
The Damp Masses sit idly on their pianoless fingers & hum tunes from advertisements that they laborously memorized during their sad & unwashed childhoods.
Or so it would seem...???
Why is it that everywhere else in the world;
When two grown men have a reasonable disagreement about the price of carrots
or who was in a long forgotten film made in Japan...
They resort immediately to fisticuffs
or long boards with nails protruding at irregular angles...?
Because in those countries;
They don't have Time Travelers to undo their plain acts of hooliganry.
( Like we do here! )
There is a suspicious lack of robot toys & robot toy kits...?
This might be explained away as a conspiracy amoung industrial management guilds...
But how could they control The Mom & Pop businesses from distributing their products...???
...Under tables or by some method similar to Amway...???
The only reasonable solution calls for Time Travelers from The Future.

The only question that remains;
Are they acting for our good or theirs? ---

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