Thursday, October 12, 2000

You are Actually 11 Years Old...!!!

The Vertical Apex of
Humanimal Chronophisiometry
is that of An Eleven Year Old.

Have you ever noticed that young children seem to be really smart...
Not only do they learn any given language in a few years,
Without Even Being Taught It!
They rapidly absorb innumerable facts and trivial without a least effort...
This phenomena persists until they're 'Around 11'...
And thereafter they seem to become Dumber & Dumber.
Even Humanimals that remain smart throughout their lives,
Were REALLY smart before they turned 12.
And when you examine a Cafeteria of Children,
Or an Auditorium of Adults
And make an effort to note their Maturity...
The number of Children with Adult Quality Maturity;
Is Matched by the Adults with Childish Quality Maturity...
This seems to suggest to me that; Maturity is Not Age dependent...!!!
Is it that People are just Fixed from the moment that they're born
with qualities of Intelligence & Maturity? ( et. al. )
And that when they're around 11 years old...
Those qualities seem to match their age.
Eleven is the 'Normal' Age to which all People should exist at...
---------If we were Immortal.
But since we're not;
We just pass through that phase,
and it's often neglected as a Bump
In Our otherwise Tragic Existence of Imbalance.

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