Monday, November 22, 2004

12 Entirely Reasonable Beliefs

Twelve Entirely Reasonable Beliefs


1: TimeTravelers are Amongst Us

2: We are The Property of Aliens

3: Various Necessary Technologies are Being Cruelly Suppressed

4: The Real Secret Organizations are Actually Secret.

( One of The Great Accomplishments of Our Government

was to Convince its Citizens that it could Not Keep a Secret! )

5: The Bible was Written by Satan

6: Introduction to The Infinite Continuum of Realities

7: People are Morons

8: The Public Schools are Not Failing to Make Children Smarter;

They are Succeeding in Making them Stupid!

9: DNA is a Red Herring

10: Greed

11: Our Karmic Age is Eleven

12: Everyone ( Nearly So ) is a Janitor.


TimeTravelers from The Future are Shaping Our TimeLine

It seems to me that there are a lot of strange & unexplainable circumstances that while--
May be explained away with statistical charts & professionally produced bar charts;
There remains an ill taste of that results from untreated bed sores often found on the sweaty flat surfaces of elderly people with neglectful children.
i am speaking most purposefully of the sorrowful absence of assassinations in this country...
( US of the A's ).
While elections are commandeered by bloated, twangly judges that you or i wouldn't hire as assistant managers for an all night restaurant;
and While Corporate officers of multinational conglomerates rape our grandmothers--
The Damp Masses sit idly on their pianoless fingers & hum tunes from advertisements that they laborously memorized during their sad & unwashed childhoods.
Or so it would seem...???
Why is it that everywhere else in the world; When two grown men have a reasonable disagreement about the price of carrots or who was in a long forgotten film made in Japan...
They resort immediately to fisticuffs or long boards with nails protruding at irregular angles...?
Because in those countries; They don't have Time Travelers to undo their plain acts of hooliganry. ( Like we do here! )
Likewise; There is a suspicious lack of robot toys & robot toy kits...?
This might be explained away as a conspiracy amoung industrial management guilds...
But how could they control mom & pop businesses from distributing their products...under tables or by some method similar to Amway...???
No-- The only reasonable solution calls for Time Travelers from The Future.
The only question that remains; Are they acting for our good or theirs?

We are The Property of Aliens: ( Extraterrestrial )

Some time ago The Magazine 'Scientific American' distributed an issue that asked
The Question: "Where are They?"
Meaning; The Aliens... The Walking Fish People, Greys, Martians or The Rarely witnessed; Ronald McDonald.
This gave this dilemma some authority that it had previous been lacking...
Pseudo-Skeptics have long held that the other stars, even within our own Milky Way Galaxy are just too dang far away for any civilization, irregardless of how technically superiour they are, to journey from there to here...
Well-- Scientific American said "BUNK!"
That's just silly-- Just because we can't travel to the stars in our dewy eyed foreseeable future, doesn't mean that nobody can...
Furthermore; If there was another planet, just like Earth ( Hypothetically Pondering )
And it was way over on the other side of The MilkyWay Galaxy...
About 300 Million Lightyears away...
And they started out at the same time we did, and duplicated all our biological & climatical events... ( and so on... ) they were just like us...
And that is that they never had an Age of The Dinosaurs...!
So that when they got around to evolving people and discovering electricity...
They would be about 300 Million years ahead of us...!
With that TINY advantage... And allowing that they would NEVER be able to build spaceships that could travel faster than the speed of light, and perhaps never faster than 10% the speed of light...!!!
So considering that some other planet may have only a couple of million years advantage over us, and that they could travel faster than light, or pretty fast by our standards...
They really, really should have been here by now.
Of course; A lot of people think they ARE HERE...!!!
But the pseudo-skeptics will only be satisfied when they hover over The White House or Kremlin and drop from their circular windows; toy monkeys that will cure cancer or tell us how to eat whatever we want & stay thin.
Regretfully; That will NEVER HAPPEN...!!!
Movies & Books that have lightly discussed this issue, routinely give their Ant Headed Visitors either a desire to conjure our world and eat our delicious brains, or invite us to join their club of space ship racing dune buggies...!?!?
Well-- The simple truth is: If they're coming all this way for something...?
What is it that we have, That they don't?
Water, Gold, Uranium...??? Beef Flavored French Fries...???
They could easily find or make these sorts of things with their commonly available serpent generators and atom splicing 'Vacuforms'.
The one & only thing that we have that they don't have, and can't make, at any cost...
Is that we're WEIRD...!!! REALLY FAWKING WEIRD...!!!
And by this i mean; Unique.
The way we do mathematics, compose music, construct language, consider what is a simple machine and what is not... These represent one case example in the infinite diversity of evolutionary variation...! They might try to create something as boneheaded as our multiplication table... But they'll never be able to come up with it on there own...!
Because they're not as Weird as We Are...!!!
Like contact us overtly...?
Plus; Since they probably seeded us here;
( Consult a book on Biological Diversity and look up "Burgess Shale Repository of Fossils" )
With DNA that they invented and hold a patent on...
They own us; ( ! ) -- And are shielding us from contact with other extraterrestrial races...
If any others even exist ( that they don't own or control )...!
That's why we can't find any of their radio stations, and why they haven't landed in front of an independently owned Television Station.
The good news is; So long as we STAY WEIRD and keep producing our Unique Version of Popular Culture; They'll protect us from The Klingons ( et. al. ) & ourselves...
Your Job is To Be Kooky...!

Various Technologies are Being Suppressed

Do you remember back to when the first computers came out...
The old Atari's, Commodore's & Apple's ( When they were called Apple's and Not PC's!!! )
Well; You may also recall that many of those primitive machines came with their own programming languages, and many came with, or you could easily buy from a 3rd Party Vendor, a Simple Robot that would roll around on the floor, and draw flowery pictures or mark up the linoleum...!
Now-- Centuries later; you Can't buy an easy to use Programming Language anywhere for any price, and robots, the dream of the 21st Century to put us all in hammocks for the rest of our lives have mysteriously disappeared as well...
Even the 'Fancy' Robots that are now coming out of Japan are LESS SOPHISTICATED than the robots that Disneyland had 50 years ago... and can barely hold their own against the rare, but exquisite mechanical robots from the 1800's...!!!
What The Heck Happened...???
Even The Lego Robot Kit, The only robot kit on the market; Is specifically designed so that you CAN'T make a viable robot with it... Have you seen any...???
No! You haven't...!
And it may well be that somebody, somewhere, figured out the obvious problem with robots...
And that is; They're as Dangerous as an auditorium full of monkeys with a Chain Saws...!
Can you imagine what would happen if 12 year olds could actually built a platform that was fully autonomous and was mounted with a video camera, BB gun or aerosol Can & a BIC lighter...???
And what happens when they turn 16...???
The question is; Who has the power to suppress an entire industry like this...
All over the World...???
What if JUST ONE TROUBLE MAKER... ( like me ) ...Were to tell you how FAWKING EASY it would be to turn an HP48 Programmable Calculator and a pocket full of NAND circuits into a BalsaWood automaton that could use the network of GPS Satellites to fly anywhere in the world and act like a 20 Million dollar Cruise Missile...!!! ( For less than 600$ ) ( ? )
The World would End.
Who can stop Me...???
There is only one answer; Time Travelers from The Future.
Believe me restful readers-- They are doing their job. ( for good or ill )

There are Various ( Partisan & Non-Partisan )

Secret Organizations Operating Around Us...

It seems entirely reasonable to me that at some time in the past,

possibly recently, but more likely-- thousands of years ago;
a particularly smart person knew another particularly smart person,
and they decided to start a club of smart people that shared ideas & resources and then; as these things often do-- became a secret society.
NOW --
Is not THIS Secret Society.
i'm talking about THE REAL ONE...!!!
All the 'Other' Secret Societies are just 'a bunch of guys' ( usually just guys ) that have formed a club & like to spank each other while wearing Halloween masks.
This Real Secret Society that i'm referring to has a name ( almost certainly ) --
But i don't know what it is.
So anyways...
What's so special about THIS Secret Society...?
Well -- Depending upon when they formed;
They are probably hundreds or thousands of years more technologically advanced than
'The rest of us'.
Are they the ones buzzing around in 'The Flying Saucers'...???
Are they the 'Men in Black'
( And by this; i mean 'The Tricksters that have appeared throughout humanimal history,
and not just the recent spate of 'AirForce Operatives' that seem principly interested in UFO's. )
Are they good or not very good, or like most smart people, just want to be left alone to 'do their thing'...???
Who knows...???


The Bible was Written by Satan!
( or : Only Atheists will Get Into Heaven! )

If you think about what is in The Bible much than you probably are not a Christian.
Those that do think about what's in there are a mixed sort,
But what i've been thinking about lately is that most everything in The Bible is EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE of what i WOULD EXPECT from a Supreme Being.
When i say 'Satan' -- i should clarify that 'My Satan' is probably a little different from 'Your Satan' -- Just as 'My Gawd' is probably a little different from 'Your Gawd'...!
My Gawd; For example is the creator of this fractional reality spectrum.
This layer.
Gawd has his or her own layer, and it might very well be just as phony as ours...!
That is; i believe (! ) that our reality; This Layer;
Is just one of An Infinite Continuum of Realities.
( i sometimes call this a 'Screen Saver Reality' )
There is a bottom to The 'Real' Universe, and that bottom is called: The Kitchen Floor.
But for the time being; Let us not digress too awfully much.
Satan is NOT the exact opposite of Gawd; Satan is more like The Mischievious ID of Gawd, or his little sister, or a hacker from across the street. Gawd & Satan probably know each other,
( If they're not the same ( person ) )...
The point being; Is that Satan is working with Gawd for some end purpose...
And that is --- ???
They have left us some clues.
Let us first take into consideration that some humanimals are smarter than others,
and that we ( believe we do ) have something like Freewill... ( Consciousness )
And that Gawd may be interested in Harvesting -- The Good Ones Amoung Us... ( ? )
To do this ---
( This is NOT an Original Idea... It's been battered around by a number of other authors & philosophers... )
--- Satan has written a clever little book ( amoung others ) Called The Bible.
And in it: He promises you a Heavenly Respite when you're dead,
And all you have to do is a few ( arguably ) Nutty Things...
Like Mutilate your Genitals, Stick your Head in a Bucket of Water, & Completely Turn Your Brain Off.
If you don't do these things; You'll burn in Hades for All Eternity.
At any given time in History; When people ACTUALLY BELIEVED THIS BOLOGNA,
Just try to imagine how BRAVE and HEROIC and TRUE you would have to be to yourself to TURN AWAY FROM THAT... to SEEK THE TRUTH, and TRY TO BE REALLY GOOD...!
( that is; Seek genuine truth & goodness )
( it might be noted that people that BELIEVE in 'That Crap' already think they know the real truth & what goodness is...Persecuting gays for example; murdering innocent Islamic children, ignoring reality... and so on... )
One thing that most annoys me about 'Gawd' and 'The Bible' is that;
It seems to me that if Gawd really wanted to leave us 'A Message' --
Then s/he would have done it in such & such a way so that it would be impossible to misinterpret or corrupt it in any way... and the VERY ANTITHESIS of this would be to leave this message in a book, written in a dead language.
The Best way: Would be to leave the message In The Universe Itself...
And THEN: It would be available to ANYONE, ANYWHERE without a priestly class to interpret it for them...! You wouldn't have to join a club to find this message, all you have to do, IS LOOK AROUND YOU...!!!
Alright... So some people are really dumb, and they wouldn't be able to 'figure this message out'... Does that mean that they would go to hell...
NO! If you'll recall -- The entire idea of hell is make, turning away from gawd a particularly Heroic & Noble Act of Truth Seeking...

It doesn't really exist...
So what would be in This Message...???
Bonus Extras.
You'd get into Heaven without them, But they're just something a little extra for people that want to keep busy.
So: The end point is that--
Only Atheists will Get Into Heaven.
And the people that believed all that crazy nonsense in The Bible...
i don't know what will happen to you... Either a really lame heaven, or reincarnation, or something else...???

All is Maya
( or : An Introduction to The Infinite Continuum of Realities )

This is: i'm convinced; A Screen Saver Reality.
It has incorporated within it, innumerable clues that 'give it away' as a fake reality.
Such as Gravity.
Or ElectroMagnetism.
Or Consciousness.
There's just no way that our brains, in this reality, with the physical laws that are governing us, are going to allow anything as frizzy as Consciousness to exist!
( Are we living in A Universe that is So Cruel,
That it allows us to Be Aware that we are Robots. )
What good does knowing this do you?
In "The Matrix"; Neo is allowed to fly around and morph into the machine representation of Mr. Smith, Just be 'Knowing' ( Really, REALLY TOTALLY FAWKING KNOWING!!! ) that he's living in a 'Fake' Reality.
i just don't see that happening.
In my interpretation; There's this thing, One Reality Layer Up, that is Generating our Reality...
And i call it; Blandly enough, The Reality Generator.
The Reality Generator.
To better understand how The Reality Generator that produces Our Reality Works...
It might be beneficial to Make One For Ourselves...!!!
How much trouble would it be to create a Virtual ( Fractional ) Reality that is every bit as real as Our Reality... ???
The first problem is that if we want to put 'Real People' into our fractional reality--
Ones that can think & exercise freewill; Just like us... ( ? )
We're stuck -- because no one knows how to do that yet...!!!
But -- If we step aside that for the moment...
Let us move on to other things.
To begin:
Let's first 'Allow' that THIS Reality is Pretty Much Exactly As It Is.
That is; It's really real.
( This contradicts our original thesis, But we're only pretending to imagine that it's really real as a point to take off from... We don't REALLY believe it, But we have to start somewhere... ! )
So -- If this Reality is Really Real, Then WE are Really Real.
Our bodies and BRAINS are Really Real, and within Each Persons Brain is a complete MODEL, A Schematical Model of THE ENTIRE FREAKING UNIVERSE...!!!
It's missing a lot of the fine details, But everyone that is walking around has within their own minds, a fully functioning, 100% viable representation of reality.
NOW... If we wanted to create A Fractional Reality of our own, that filled a volume of 14.7 Billion Years across, back & forth, up & down, side to side... We'd only need to obtain a hard drive, with the holding density of a human brain, about the size of a human brain...!!!
To make the whole thing work really well, and to allow some margin of error to creep in along the edges... and to allow more than just one fully autonomous person to inhabit our reality...
We'd buy one several times that size... One that we could fit under the table, or in the closet.
But Still...
Even if there were only a few dozen 'Real People' inhabiting our reality... And making everyone else just 'puppets'... we would still need to perform numerous 'tricks' to make the whole thing work... ( ? )
One trick is a routine that we could superimpose on our participants psychics that would provide them with 'A Sense of Familiarity'...!
Let's say that our Alpha participant is walking through a neighborhood several blocks from where she lives... To save memory, We never actually created a permanent model of this neighborhood, but we merely mapped it out as 'A Neighborhood' and whenever one of our 'Conscious Participants' penetrates one of these regions, The Computer generates a neighborhood 'On The Fly' and 'Inserts' into the mind of our participant A Sense of Familiarity!
i think that the Reality Generator that Creates our reality must use something very much like this, because it seems to me that 'My Environment' is changing a little bit from time to time, and that The Familiarity Routine has some 'Bugs' in it, so that i'm left with a sense that it's NOT Familiar...!!! Things that really shouldn't have changed... Have changed...!!!
Is it me; Or The Reality?
Another Trick that our Fractional Reality might employ is to only model things that need to be modeled.
If our Conscious Participants have never been to Australia, then there's no reason to actually generate any details of what's there. When one of our participants looks at a photographic book of Australia, then our computer generates pictures on the fly, and... perhaps ...makes a set of notes that will be used later to ensure consistency when a participant looks at another book or actually visits there.
The Fractional Reality that we're going to create should hold many surprises for US...
So that our computer will only generate new phenomena when a participant demands it,
and the resulting phenomena will be what the participant expects... ( more or less... )
This means that if they've never cut into an actual pig before... they won't know what to find...
It could have anything inside there... But they will probably have some expectations of what they will find, So the computer examines their minds and generates a reality that won't startle them 'too much'...!
Does this mean that the computer has to be conscious itself...???
Well -- It should be MORE conscious or 'Able' than the participants...
So from our perspective of watching and interacting (?) with the participants,
We'll also be interacting with the computer that generates that reality...!!!
If we're playing [ gawd ] -- Then the computer that's creating our play-time reality will be our Angels...! They'll be doing all the real work, and we can influence how things go from time to time...
Just like The Gawds that are supervising Our Reality.
One of the most annoying 'Attributes' that is often placed on our gawd is the varying forms of omnipotence and being All Good and so on... This is COMPLETELY UNWARRANTED...!!!
The real gawd that is overseeing our reality, is in all probability, a 12 year old using off the shelf software, on a computer that's been obsolete for 15 years.
To make everything even hinkier...
The computer that's generating our reality is hooked up to the internet, so that people all over that world can watch us... We're his Home Page...!
But -- This also allows other 12 & 15 year olds to HACK INTO OUR REALITY...!!!
Maybe this would explain Flying Saucers, Ghosts & a Whole Slew of Other anomalous Phenomena...!!!

People are Morons.


i believe that if you were to take any major metropolitan city,
And remove the upper crust - ( 20% of the brains & creative lumpettes )
The remaining 80%; in as little as six months, would revert to their natureal social state of something very much like a chimpanzee culture, only without all the mutual grooming.

Schools Aren't Failing to Make Our Children Smart;
They're Succeeding in Making them Stupid!

Whenever i suggest to someone that EVERYTHING that children are taught in our ( USA ) public school system is falsehoods & lies...!
They respond in a manner that would insist that this is an obvious exaggeration...!
But -- The more i think about it; The more i'm convinced that there are so few 'accuracies' in the materials that are being infused into our children; That 'Everything' is more accurate, and qualifiably simpler, than to include amoung the grand mountain of nonsense, those few exceptions.
One of my Grand Pet Peeves is the frequently demonstrated case of
Which will fall faster; The hammer or the feather!
This experiment supposedly dates back to the experiments of Galileo... or Newton...
or Bill Bixby... ( ??? )
Anyways; i'm sure you're familiar with the basic premise;
If you were to drop a hammer & a feature ( in a vacuum to be especially accurate )
Which would fall faster...?
The Populist Answer is that they would fall at the same rate...!
Which is Completely Wrongity Wrong, and Wrong, Wrong, Wrong...!!!
It couldn't be more Wrong.
The Correct Answer is; The Hammer.
The confusion is brought about by the substantially greater size of The Earth than either The Hammer or The Feature...!!!
The Difference between The Accumulative Gravitational Attraction of The Earth & The Hammer, and The Earth & The Feather...
Is Very, Very, Very, VVVEEERRRYYY TINY...!!!
But the sum of the Earth & hammer is greater...
This would be alot easier to see if you were dropping The Moon & The Feather on The Earth,
Rather than the hammer & feather...!!!
Why is this so bad...
Because it's teaching children ( and many adults ) to THINK BADLY...!!!
Another of my pet peeves is teaching children that our modern mathematical system was brought about substantially by the introduction of the ZERO...! Without the Zero, so it is said, We would be unable to Add & Subtract with the ease that we do...!
i would be willing to concede that if we were choosing between the Roman System of Alphanumerics & our current middle eastern collection of actual numbers... The numbers win.
But if you instead took the numbers and simply removed the Zero... Allowing for one between 1 & -1... and that's all...! You could still have a perfectly viable system of mathematics, and be able to add & subtract, multiple & divide, and use nonecimal fractions with the same ease that we do now... ( allowing for a few months of getting used to it...! )
It's a little confusing trying to demonstrate this system with numbers, so; instead, i'll give you a brief introduction using the alphabet, because you don't have any ( preconceived ideas about how alphabetic characters should behave as quantitative symbols...??? )
For this example; The base we'll be using will have 26 numbers; A through Z
A will be One, B will be Two and so on...
Until Z equals TwentySix.
THEN; Without the Zero; TwentySeven will be AA.
Using the same method as we do with a base ten system of 'Numbers';
You can break this down into columns with The lefter most A being equal to One Set of TwentySix's, and the Righter most A being equal to one set of One.
TwentySix Plus One Equals TwentySeven...!
TwentyEight would then be AB... and so on.
Natureally; You can then create a Table of Addition & Multiplication, which would be memorized as Decimalians memorize theirs and off you go.
The Necessity of Zero is A BIG FAT MYTH...!!!
Think Dang It...!!!
Refute all that crazy nonsense that they've filled your head with...
You'll be far better off, if you simply recall various items that you've been taught,
and Believe Exactly the Opposite...!!!
( The exceptions to this rule are so few that when you encounter one, it will be immediately obvious & reversible before extensive monetary damages should occur. )
Another Case is The Seven Simple Machines!
The Seven as they are commonly listed are:
The Lever / & Fulcrum
The Incline Plane
The Wedge
The Screw
The Pulley
The Wheel & Axel
And The ---?---
Clearly; The Incline Plane and The Wedge are the same tool.
It's only that one moves through the material being separated, The other remains stationary while the material moves on one side of the Wedge. It's basically a topological problem...
Likewise; The screw is an Incline Plane/Wedge, that is wrapped around an Axel.
And why does the Wheel get an Axel, while The Pulley, which is the same tool, does not...!
Again; The Wheel moves along a Track, While the Track moves around a Pulley.
As For the Lever, It's a self contained Inclined Plane, and isn't a Wheel a circular Lever, where as the Fulcrum is the axel... Visualize a ball being thrown essentially horizontally... vs- being thrown so hard that it reaches orbital velocity...! The Wheel as a Lever demonstrates the same relationship...!
It seems to be that The Seven Simple Machines are Actually manifestations of a single principle, While there are countless other Machines that are not mentioned...
Just what is a Machine anyways...???
Is a Diode a Machine, A Hole...??? A Sphere...? A Plane...?
A Hollow Space...? ( Daoists & Buddhists would say: Yes! )
A String...? An Axel is Clearly a Machine in itself...
Can a Simple Machine have parts...??? How many Parts...???
If you allow a Lever to have a Fulcrum,
( A stick; which is an independent machine, with a vertice )
Then why not Let 5 or 6 parts form a simple machine...???


DNA is A Red Herring.

It was thought for awhile that there were something like 30,000 good Introns of DNA that made actual Proteins...

But Now; It looks like that number has been reduced to 25,000 or less...!
Given that a typical page of text has 1000 characters on it,
That's 25 pages of text that make up the instructions for one humanimal being...!!!
Never mind the trillions of DNA couplets... Most of them are just old candy wrappers, and probably not even viable instructions for wings or extra organs that have 'turned off'...!
And Plus; Each of those Introns, that makes one Protein is all folded up to resemble a Lego Block, and the functionality of all those proteins results from how these Lego-Blocks fit together with one another...!
Just consider when a baby is being made; The single cell that you start out as, divides again & again, and when it needs to start making a ligament to connect to a bone, and where to split a blood vessel or when to start making a tiny bump on a vertibrae, that has to be encoded somewhere... the cell has to be told when to do that... which means that every little spot where there's a decision to be made, that has to be in the DNA... and there are A LOT MORE than 25,000 of there Decisions... if that's all your DNA did... But of course, it does A LOT MORE than that... it has to make all your tissue types & encode parts of your brain to process visual information, and how to suck on a nipple... PLUS SO MUCH MORE...!!!
So to rescue DNA, they ( Scientists ) are now suggesting that the good Introns mix & match themselves to make a huge vocabulary of 'words' from these basic 25,000 'letters'...
BUT -- Where does the Dictionary Reside that tells where and how the letters are to be arranged...???
And Plus; If every little instruction provided by the DNA is now an assemblage of Introns,
Then how would EVOLUTION ever work...???
If any given Intron were to mutate, then it would almost certainly mess up all the words that it was a part of... So that it either wouldn't fit together with them, OR cause Crazy Changes throughout the entire organism...!!! There could never be 'Tiny' Evolutionary Changes...
There could only be HUGE, devastating Changes... and how often would such a catastrophic Collection of Changes be to the organisms benefit...???
In Short: If DNA isn't the Blueprint of how were made... Then what is...?
Maybe Reality itself is all wrong...?

The Trouble with The World;
Is Not that People are Too Greedy--
The Trouble with The World is that People aren't Greedy Enough.

This is a very simple idea...
People normally waste their resources in a thoughtless manner,
Which; If they were more attentive to The Value of Their possessions,
Would be able to get more out of them, and in turn, require less crap to replace it.
When we apply this simple idea to People;
It means that Employers should be more concerned with understanding their chattel,
So as to Exploit them in a manner that would be most beneficial to them, and their Resources.

The Vertice of Humanimal Chronophisiometry is that of An Eleven Year Old.

Have you ever noticed that young children seem to be really smart...
Not only do they learn any given language in a few years, Without Even Being Taught It!
They rapidly absorb innumerable facts and trivial without a least effort...
This phenomena persists until they're 'Around 11'...
And thereafter they seem to become Dumber & Dumber.
Even Humanimals that remain smart throughout their lives,
Were REALLY smart before they turned 12.
And when you examine a cafeteria of Children, or an auditorium of Adults
And make an effort to note their Maturity...
The number of Children with Adult Quality Maturity;
Is Matched by the Adults with Childish Quality Maturity...
This seems to suggest to me that Maturity is Not Age dependent...!!!
That People are just Fixed from the moment that they're born with qualities of Intelligence & Maturity ( et. al. ) and that when they're around 11 years old... Those qualities seem to match their age.
Eleven is the 'Normal' Age to which all People should exist at...
If we were Immortal.

But since we're not; We just pass through that phase, and it's often neglected as a bump in our otherwise tragic existence of imbalance.


80% (+) of All Jobs are Essentially Janitorial. ( Maintenance of The Status Quo )

Doctors maintain people, Engineers maintain Machines or The Cultural Manifestations of 'Stuff'...
All Middle Management Administrators simple maintain the Status Quo, Librarians, Astronauts, Racecar Drivers simply dance on a stage to keep the unemployed & otherwise idyll loafers from getting into endless mischief.
A scant 20% ( Probably much less! ) Actually ever do anything to construct Western Civilization, or Modify it from it's precarious operational parameters...
( Consider all the Big Self Important Countries that fall over every few years & lay there like sick puppies with tummies full of laundry detergent, Like The USSR, China or Yugoslavia )


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