Friday, November 19, 2004

HealthNews Update

Right Knee

It's coming along, it's finally scabbing over...??? Maybe...?
It's not a regular scab, it's more like a hard puss covering...?
But -- right next to it, is another owy that i think may have been exasperated by the hankercheif that i've been using to hold the bandage in place...


I've been under the impression that a cold will last exactly 7 days,
So when this one didn't end yesterday; i became extremely alarmed...!
OK-- it may be fading... but it's not overwith...?
Do your colds go through cycles so that you have one set of symptoms on one day,
then another set the next day...???
The phase that it's in now is runny nose, even though i already went through the runny nose phase last Tuesday... But -- to be fair; this may not be actually a runny nose, this may be some kind of "Residual HyperPhlegm Cycle Out"... ( ? )

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