Saturday, November 27, 2004

More Haikus...!!!

Stay off feet today
Let blisters heal a little
Sleep away the day.
Kept seeing heart clouds
While in Oregon -- Now --
Just one small grey heart.
Laying on my back
Watching popcorn balls float by
Are they upside down?
Vanilla Cokes and
Found French Fries or stained Rice Balls
Sure to lose some weight.
Must shift to the side
As the sun slowly rolls by
Stay under tree's shade.
No Hilo beaches
Means: No showers for grey skin
Where is a fountain...?
Mocha & Danish
At the campus cafe; Not priced --
Much too expensive!
i have forgotten
That this is a tropical -
Island -- Needs much rain!
Hula girls practice
Like some aerythmics elsewhere...
Not art; Exercise.
Familiar sparrows
Most birds, insects & people
Very different.
What i liked most was --
Everything Not Hawaiian!
-- Realized to late!
Pentacostals & -- ?
Other fundimentalists
Are right, We are few!
Food from garbage cans
Always take stuff from the top
Those Ants mean: "No Good!"
New dental work feels --
Very funny still! Afraid...
It will all fall out!
The hidden horrors --!
Are most people too lucky?
Is there music...? DANCE!
Trying to lose weight
But keep spending money on
Cookies & Danish!
Where should i go next...?
Path chosen most often by
Avoiding Nit-Wits!
Used to sleep twelve hours
Now-- It's more like three or four
Dream during the day.
See: Wiggles & Bumps!
Everything's so imperfect
Try to seek smoothness...
Tropical forest
Infers rain & rain & rain...
Plus humidity.
This morning starts out
From horizons edge to edge...
Clear -- Then pouring rain!
@ The U.H.H.
A girl that looks like Rimmer ( ! )
Near by on a bench.
Distant cloud structures
A flat wall; Circle or form
Is many miles wide.
Am i luckier --
Than a sparrow, ant or Queen...?
Don't ask this question!
[ Will marry for food! ]
Passive fundimentalists
Please don't inquire!
Is it my duty --
To lift up The Entire World
Or float like a leaf...?
So far away
Doesn't see the wind or rain
On our tiny world.
Tropical people
Would do well to be thin -- But...
Need blubber at night!
Fine dust in the air
Looks like stars drifting in the --
Dark ocean of light!
Eating from garbage
No tiny hawaiian ants
Take from top only!
'Puerto Rician frogs'
Sqwak & Squeal most of the night
May hear ghostly cries!
When snooping around
In the dark -- Beware of lumps --
May cause you to fall!
A homeless lady
Washing @ parks fountain
Changes underpants.
Those soft drink machines
Seldom work to serve humans
They should be our slaves...!
Young Japanese man
Taking a crap & praying
Keeps his backpack on.
Hard to find a park
With a lawn, Both green & free
Of pesky insects!
Gather at McDonald's
Old people have coffee,
Apple pies & chat.
Can't get anything done
What is there to do anyways?
Write programs & draw... ( ? )
When i don't eat food
My gums will hurt, Adding
To strange pain in legs.
Legs & tummy hurt
Most of the time, Can't get relaxed
Ants & flies buzzing.
Pretending to be
Just a silly animal --
Let everything go.
Germs are stronger here
Living in a petri dish
Minor cuts mean DEATH...!!!
Hard to sleep when pain
Clings to swollen blackened knee
Aspirins don't help much.
Very odd stabbing --
Pain... Like dark, tickling black ants
Under my bare flesh!
Please -- Don't pull those hairs!
Hawaiian bugs will jump into
Small holes left behind!
No Appointment made
To Queen Emma Clinic for --
Surgury Check Up!
Emergency Room
Visit with Dr. Britian
Drained abcess on knee.
Hawaiian bodyform
Often seems to mirror dwarves
Except they're taller.
Morning & sore throat...
Don't know if it's just a cold --
Or Death wrapped at flu.
Humidity here
Makes just breathing difficult
With a simple cold.
Phlegm fill lungs last night
Coughed & coughed & coughed -- Then
Laid on back; raised feet.
November Forteenth
Very cold & windy... But --
Calm in Wahiwa.

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