Monday, November 08, 2004

Rain & Rain...!

Rain & Rain

It's been raining like crazy over here for the past few days...
It looked like it had stopped this morning, but when i got over to my favorite park, it had apparently been raining all night- because the grass was soaking wet...!!!
Plus- with the humidity around here, the grass would NOT dry...!
i waited until 10 O'clock and the dew on the stems wouldn't even dry...!
So i road the C Bus around to the end of the island and back, which brought me back to Kapiolei just in time for the library to open...
This is the only library in the whole Hawaiian library system that lets me use the computer as long as i want -- so long as no-one else wants to use it...
This library has 18 (?) internet computers & most have only 3 or 4...!!! ( ? )
Even the main Branch library in Honolulu only has 8 or so...???
Plus -- : Most of the other branches are sticklers for making sure that you only use a computer for 1 hour a day...! The Waikiki branch & Wahiwa are especially evil in this regard...
The librarians will say things like; 'It's not the top of the hour yet.' When you go use one, even though all the computers are sitting there idle...! or they'll say 'Stand behind your chair until i say you can sit down.' ( !!! )
Somewhere along the lines they got a little mixed up about sharing a limited resource fairly, and restricking its use, which became percieved as a tool of Satan...?
( which is actually pretty accurate... ? )
i changed the dressing on my knee the other day, and it's coming along pretty well...
All the blackness and redness are gone, although there's still a big patch of raw blue flesh, and there's still the annoying hole in the middle!
i've been using a Q-tip to swab that out, and then use tweezers to pull out any remaining pus-boogers, then filling it with 3 in 1 Antibotic salve.
Usually that works pretty well on these kinds of 'boo-boo's' --
( i've had 3 in the last 2 months alone...! )
-- But this one is a little bigger than the others, plus; it's on my knee, so it's getting flexed around all day...!
it's MUCH BETTER than it was though.
i quit taking all the aspirins and advils that i had been taking for the last several weeks too...!
( After i started taking the Perscription Antibotics, Alot of my other problems disappeared too! )

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