Monday, November 08, 2004

Where am i going...???

Where am i going...!!! ( ? )

So this last month, i managed to save 300 $'s into my savings account,
which now has 620$ in it...
i've been thinking that next month, i should be able to save 400$,
making the total, a little over 1000$...
But that won't include airfare back to the mainland,
which may be anywhere from 200$ to 800$...???
The 800$ is what United and American want...?
And the 200$ is what i think ATA ( 175$ ) charges for 'Standby'...?
BUT-- ATA is now in BANKRUPTCY...!!!
So i don't know how much they would charge for Standby or Regular fares ( 400$ )-(?)
or Maybe i'll have to use some other airline...
i'm pretty sure that it would be 'around' 500$ - all other things considered... (???)
And that would come out of my JANUARY allowance...!
So it would be early January before i could leave here...!!!
But i still don't know where i would go...???
One of the reasons i left Bremerton was that i wanted to get away from all the Television & Radio stations there that are bought & paid for by MicroSoft...! i would just get so tired of all the news broadcasts & various commentaries that would consistently put a 'friendly spin' on all the news-reports of various states, countries, other corporations & individuals, including MS's own employee's that are persistently suing them.
But i don't want to go to Eastern Washington either...
My Aunt thought it might be nice if i moved back to my alma-mater (?) 'Eastern Washington University' in Cheney, so i'd been close enough to visit my aging mother and change her light bulbs from time to time...!!!
This is the same mother that fed me TV dinners and overlooked the fact the i was completely insane, all those years that i was living there...
Some of the blame should go to the Public School System too... ???
That's the trouble with having a 'subtle' personality disorder... Everyone just thinks you're an odd fish that will somehow 'grow out of it'... ???
( Well -- i didn't. )
i don't really like Oregon either...
Or California...?
Plus; They're very expensive.
The whole west coast is. ( ! )
But i don't want to move to Mississippi, Alabama or Ohio either.
i do think that i would like to move into a high-rise apartment building.
The last two places i lived in had established too close of a relationship with the managers & landlords... so that when it came time to form a personal opinion about me, they're were inclined to evict me...!
But- if the building manager just saw me as another bug under the carpeting on the 7th floor... then maybe i could evade this sort of personal animosity...???
What i would really like:
Is to become a disembodied robot, and float aimlessly between galaxies.
Forever dozing while the rest of the universe blew itself up, one star at a time.

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