Saturday, November 13, 2004

Why i Left Bremerton

Why i Left Bremerton... ( ? )

i'd been wanting to get the heck out of there for at least 5 years...
But once i get marginally settled in, i am just loath to move...
Plus i'd accumulated a huge pile of crap... Which-- When i was forced to leave, got thrown out without even looking back...! ( Although; Some of the packages that i sent out, have mysteriously, either disappeared, or have become unaccounted for...??? ) ( oh well... )

Things just went all Wiggily...!!!
( Wiggiliness is when crazy bad things happen, then they seem to get better, then they seem to become ambiguous -- and you're not sure if what happened was for the best or not... ( ??? )
Ordinarily; i'd have Wiggily things happen to me every few months... But starting with ( ? ) my telephone breaking... things just got more and more wiggily... and they wouldn't let up...!!!
Wiggily things started happening every day, compounding themselves & jumping up & down, yelling strange foreign sounding slogans, and wetting themselves. ))

Chuck; from the local postoffice mentioned to me one day, offhandedly, that he'd sent 2 or 3
( he wasn't sure how many... maybe more ) of my returned envelopes to 'The Dead Letter Office', because he didn't like the way my return address was formatted...!!!
This is the same return address that i'd been using successfully for months, if not years...
( But this may have been 'accumulating'... since a month or so before this, i'd tried to mail 2 postcards which featured women being SPANKED...!!! and they were Returned...! ( ??? ) )

i've been deeply annoyed since i moved to bremerton that it had a shortage of crazy people...!!!
There were a few crazy people that rode the buses, but these were mostly bus-groupies... people that rode in the front seat and talked incessantly to the driver, and NO ONE ELSE...!
i hate bus-groupies!

Kathy Simber
i like Kathy alot, but she has this wierd effect on me, and i she has been implicated, via witchery or such in breaking at least one of my coffee machines.

The Embossible Dream ( Rubber Stamp Store )
They were just generally driving me crazy...
Like; i was helping with the newsletter, and for awhile they would let me use their stamps in the newsletter, but after awhile, they began to have 'second thoughts' about this, and related a 'story' of another rubber stamp store that had used images of rubber stamps and were sued down to the grime under their toenails...! So i kept trying to get them to write some letters to the various companies that they bought stamps from, asking permission to use their stamps...
and they just flat out refused...!!! ( !!! )
Another thing... After i was evicted, and i was trying to get some of my files printed up before i was going to abandon my computer, and thereafter, these files would be lost ( probably ) Kris decided that Miki was never going to get a new printer, and that i would have to print up enough mailing labels for the end of time...???
So i tried to print up the mailing labels on white paper, that she could then 'copy' onto the sticky labels... but she thought that that would be 'too complicated' and i ended up using the last of my ink in my printer on her dang labels...!!!
( keep in mind that i never got paid a dime for any of this...!!! )

i wasn't getting anything done...
i kept thinking that if i got a nice place, and a drawing board, and a computer or typewriter, and such... i could finally get something DONE...!!!
Like write a book or SOMETHING...!!!
But -- i had 15 years there in Bremerton, and i didn't get ANYTHING done...!!!
Just wasted alot of time with Rubber Stamping and MailArt...!!!
( MailArt - The Bane of Western Civilization...!!! )

Over time i grew to Hate Computers...!!!
Not JUST Microsoft &/or Intel Machines... But Apple and Macintoshes as well...!!!
Computers are just plain evil.

When i tried to get rid of some of my most Avant Garde books, i took them down to this used bookstore that was right next to The Embossible Dream... and he took them, but refused to pay me anything for them...!!! ( he only offered Store Credits... even though i was MOVING OUT OF THE AREA...! )

During this time, i got this idea of cutting out images from magazines and such, and arranging them into collages, and then using the collages to draw from...
Essentially; the collages would allow me to arrange more complex pictures...???
So i started cutting these pictures out, and it became HIGHLY COMPULSIVE...!!!
i filled up several boxes with these cut out images, and NEVER USED ANY OF THEM...!!!
( ok, i used a FEW of them, but less than 1% of all the crap i cut out...)

Another project that i spent hundreds of dollars on, that never brought forth fruit, or even dainty bruised vegetables... was my collection of Lego's Technic Series Blocks and MindStorm Robotics Accessories...!
( i gave these all to the girl ( 7 ( ? ) ) that lived next door. )

i was very annoyed that i could never find a suitable programming language for my Macintosh...???

Lost my good Browser during my 3rd Hard-Drive Crash, and just could not... !!! ...figure out how to replace it...!!! i tried downloading it with both the lame I.E. & Netscape browsers i had, but both of them would interrupt their downloads in the middle and refuse to resume...???

Kayla Khulman
This is a girl that i didn't even know, that committed suicide.
i'd seen her around town, and then when i read her obituary... i thought - she was everything that i wanted in a friend... PLUS -- she was a dwarf...!!! ( i love dwarfs...!!! )

i could not find my favorite Tiny Heart Stickers anywhere...!!!
They just quit making them... or quit stocking them... in the months before my eviction...!!! ( ? )
This was added to the grief of the little fuzzy teddy bears being discontinued too...!!!
( Like all the good TV shows...!!! i just start to like something good on TV, and then they'll cancel it... ) !!!

i was getting too fat.

It just makes me crazy that nobody understands my art...!!!
It's not VERY nasty, but i've had LOTS of people jump away SHRIEKING when they see it.
It just makes me loopy.

i was VERY disappointed with the New millennium.
What happened to The Future?

About a year or so after i moved to Bremerton, it was voted by ( x magazine ) to be America's Most Livable City...!!! i've been around a little big, and Bremerton is a Tiny, Undeveloped Shanty town with terrible roads & a decaying Business District, and the thought that this was the best America could produce fills me with dread.

The Buses in Bremerton...
It just made me CRAZY that they called The North end of town; The East Side, and that they had two Number Eleven Routes that went in completely Opposite Directions, and people were constantly getting on the wrong one... and yet they refused to give each route it's own Number...!!!
To their credit... They had for Several months another Route 11, which they changed, only because when they all got to the transfer station, it was nothing but number 11's, all going to different places, and Even They thought that that was too crazy...!!!

In the last few months, Bremerton put up a Convention Center...
One side of it faces the bay... The Pretty Watery Side... and That side of the Convention Center is a solid wall... with no Windows...!!! You would think that that would be the restaurant side or some such... But Nooo! That's the side for Garbage & Storage...???
( There's another restaurant about a mile from there that ALSO has NO Windows on the side that faces the water...??? )

i just needed a change.
i'd lived there longer than i'd lived anywhere.
( and i hated it...!!! )

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