Thursday, December 30, 2004

Happy Stuff...!!!

Thank you all very much for
all your Best Wishes
and New Years Sentiments
of Encouragement...!!!
--uh... Wait.
i didn't get any warm
sentiments of encouragement
or best wishes for the coming year...!!!
i definitely need a new support group.
Oh well...
Happy New Year...!!!

Various Positions...

Various Positions...
  1. Abortion : Women should have the freedom to choose; Not to get Abortions.
  2. Fetal Autonomy : The way that i think of Life, is that it's a Miraculous example of Clever Machinery, and that if it contains an extended warranty of Consciousness, as a by-product of it's Emergent Complexity -- or Whatever... ( ? ) ...Then that additional bit of nonsense is simply an extension of that original mechanical wonderment...! You should never break something, Unless you can fix it. But---!---Nature seems to have a tacit contempt for life... Allowing for the appearance of Waste & Misuse of this resource without providing us with, even, an appearance or hint of some Grander Meaning for it all... ( ??? ) The net effect being; You should express a benevolent respect of All Life, including blobs of cells with a potentiality for becoming a morbidly obese, chain smoking humanimal-- or a common housefly, delicately washing behind its ears, while sitting on a mound of dog shit. Life is simply The Best Trick we know about, Show a little appreciation for it, Even if it's as common as dust!
  3. 911 : i very much suspect that it was an organization within the United States... Some Unknown Group of PsuedoGovernment Employees, that organized these attacks.
  4. The Universe : It's fake. That is; It was created, And it's not Infinite, or 'Everything', or an Accident... Somebody made it, and we're their property.
  5. God : There is undoubtedly some alien intelligence that influences our existence, and may have created us, or some portion of us, or modified us... &/or The Universe as we understand it... ( ??? )...But this intelligence is as far from a weeping hamster with rickets-- as from the gawd mentioned in any popular religious appellation...! The True Gawd is Unknown to us, and is undoubtedly Unknowable. i very much doubt if the gawd that created our reality is All Good, All Knowing or even has a Definitive Plan for our Well Being...! The True Reality; Is unknowable as well, and given that the True Universe consists of an Infinite Continuum of Realities; The True Universe is Unknowable to our Local Gawd as well.
  6. Public Schools : The sooner they're eliminated; The better...! Everything about them is wrong, From uninhibited & wanton spending on gratuitous sports programs, to tenure for imbeciles, to overstuffed classrooms, run by bands of malformed bullies, to obscenely written text books... et. al.
  7. Anarchy : i'm not really sure what Anarchists mean by Anarchy...??? But if it's simply Lawlessness; then i'm against it... If they mean; The Law of The Jungle or Natural Order... Then i'm against that too. What i would like to see replace Western Civilization, and it needs replacing, make no mistake about that...! i would like to see the humanimal species become subservient to a race of Giant Mechanical Ants that are themselves, The Faithful & Loving Drones of A Reasonably Benevolent Floating Electro-Plastic Brain. This new social order would embrace the simple doctrine of Pleasantly running all afternoon in a Wire Wheel and Munching on The Soft Mellony Husks of artificially grown shrubs that both calm us down, and allow us to think clearly about Mathematical Progressions or Balancing on Unicycles.
  8. Satori : i don't believe in Enlightenment. It seems to me that if there is something like Reincarnation or Transmigration [ my own favorite scenario is that we not only reincarnate to different people and animals, but that we reincarnate to all the other people, animals & inanimate objects, including all the component elemental parts or subunits of those people, animals & inanimate objects, complete independently of any chronological restrictions... Such that you will, or have already been, every other people that has ever lived or will live...! ( Along with all the individual ants, amoebaes, electrons, photons & virtual particles in this local universe & -- Possibly all other universes in The Continuum of Realities. ] As such; The idea that at some finite point in your development, you would suddenly or progressively: "Get it." --Seems completely absurd to me. It may well be that there is Nothing to Get...! The only axiom of wisdom that has any meaning whatsoever is very possibly, The definitive & obvious observation that applies equally to all Beings & their components: Is to Keep Busy.
  9. Cellular Telephones : Cellular Telephones are a lot like smoking, in that when people are using them, they are obvious to everything else.
  10. Recreational Drugs : i have never used recreation drugs, but the reason for this is rather bland... if you or someone you know would like to use them, i good with that.
  11. Cigarettes : i have an idea for a AntiCigarette Commercial... It starts out with a cute little girl eating a bowl of icecream, and she is saying... "I love my icecream!" and then a reasonably friendly, but authoritative voice from off screen says; "You do huh-- How would you feel if you had to go a whole day without any icecream?" and saying this, a hand reaches into the frame and takes away her icecream! The girl pouts and says; "Give me that back!" And the friendly, but stern off screen voice says; "You can have some ice cream tomorrow, But not today." The little girl sneers into the camera and says; "Fine then-- You meany!" Then off screen-- Behind the little girl, perhaps while this was happening, we hear someone rummaging around the room, opening drawers, shuffling things around, and mumbling... Then as the camera pans back so that we can see more of the room, we can see an older woman frantically tearing the room about and screaming-- "Where the Hell are they...?!!!?" She tears the pillow couches off the sofa, and turns over chairs... "Where are my Cigarettes...???!!! What have you done with them you wretched child...!!!???" Then the friendly, but smug off camera voice says; "If you smoke, You can be certain that you don't Love to smoke, The Cigarettes have chemicals in them so that they control your brain! The Cigarettes love nothing better than to make you smoke Them! The final shot is the woman throttling the child by the neck, "WHERE ARE THEY...!!!"
  12. Drinking : Perhaps because i've never had any direct experiences with problem drinkers, i'm passive about alcoholic consumption. i get a pounding headache and inoperably dizzy after sipping a beer on a hot day... But if other people want to destroy brain cells, ( so they say ) then; Go ahead.
  13. Terrorism : The problem with Terrorism is that it's, apparently, used so ineffectively most of the time... If i was going to use Terrorism to advance my perfectly reasonable agenda, then i would follow some simple guidelines to maximize their effectiveness! First: i would make an honest effort to inform the people, and the subservient drones that serve them, of what my grievances are. Secondly: i would arrange a Secret Signature with my oppressors, So that they could be sure of when i attacked, and that it was me. ( it's so annoying when a plane gets blown up or a building inexplicably falls over, and all the frothing, catnip sniffing ferrets call up their local 70's & 80's Rock & Roll Radio station to claim that they're the group that was responsible! ) Thirdly: i would strike hard, unexpectedly, never the same place twice, never the same way twice... and often. ( So Called Terrorists like Al-Qaida & Ted Kazynski that blow up a few buildings, or send a mail bomb once a year, without letting anyone know why they're doing it, and so infrequently, that the only people that become concerned are news junkies that tape pages from Newsweek to their refrigerator doors! ) Fourth: i would provide my victims with a clear & unambiguous list of demands that i expected from them. And i would accept no substitutes! As a Thoughtful & Object Oriented Terrorist, i would expect results in a timely manner, If i wasn't getting the results that i demanded, then i would just keep applying more and more pressure until i was caught, or things started rolling in my direction. -- The thing to remember about Terrorism though, is that it's a perfectly reasonable, And Necessary Component to any Freedom Loving Culture. It's just another tool to balance the scales that often become weighted towards a Status-Quo of Powerful Industrialists & Entrenched Political Families that fill the courts with judges that are too sympathetic to their patrons whims. That's where Terrorism comes in; When a Society or Majority forgets to listen to The Lone Nut, The Lone Nut still has a voice that must be listened to! What is the Antidote to Terrorism? To be Forever Reasonable, Embrace the tenets of Perfect Egotism & Infinite Greed-- Which spell out the simple techniques to lead a full & happy life of opulence, while surrounding yourself with placid sleepy little hamsters that wish you the best & treat you like an eternally popular movie star.
  14. Legal Insanity : i have this idea that seems obvious to me; And that is; That no one ever does anything that they think is Wrong...! If you thought that 'x' was wrong, Then you wouldn't do it! It might well be that you understand that other people believe that 'y' is wrong, But that You Don't! Thus: Legally; When judges or prosecutors faithfully wonder-- 'Did Joe Blow really understand that 'y' was wrong...?' And the answer will ALWAYS BE -- NO!
  15. Flying Saucers : There is undoubtedly a Phenomena that is commonly addressed by it's Acronym : UFO's ( Which outside of it's trivial considerations - Means: Flying Saucers! ) - But i'm not willing to say what this phenomena refers too... The literature on this topic is all over the place, and it may well be too simplistic to think that all Flying Saucers are filled with Creatures from Other Planets...! The actual solution may be MUCH MORE complex or Just Plain WEIRD...!!! If our Entire Idea of Reality is Wrong...! - As i suspect, it is -! Then such questions as 'They come from another Dimension' may be more meaningful in a way that we can't imagine... and by 'Can't Imagine' - i mean = We Humanimals with our brains or 'Minds' preprogrammed in such & such a manner; We simply can't bend our thinking to 'See' the real solution...?!?!? What does this mean for Flying Saucers...? Does it mean that we shouldn't even be Wondering About Them...! ( ? ) - No-- i think what it means is that We SHOULD be trying to figure them out -- But while this Investigation will Never BearOut any real Solutions... We may discover alot of fun things about The Universe & Ourselves by Thinking Hard about this Otherwise Intractable Puzzle. ( ! )
  16. Bigfeet : The most reasonable solution, i think, as to why we've yet to capture a Bigfoot, is that they're 'somehow' related to The Flying Saucer Phenomena...??? And as such; Outside the 'normal' continuum of experiences...!
  17. Ghosts : Many Ghosts seem to be dead people trapped on 'This Plain of Existence' -- While other Ghosts behave in a very puzzling manner... Performing the same ritualized acts over & over again, time without end... What does this say about them... Are they Recordings... or Really Kooky Spirits...??? As with most Weird Phenomena... It may well be that we've given one name; [ Ghosts ] to a whole spectrum of very different phenomena...! Are there Dead People Trapped on The Earth...??? i would certainly hope so... It may well provide those with a ticket to Eternal Damnation, A back door out of their well deserved, But ultimately dubiously unjust fate...??? ( ! )
  18. Angels : i believe that Angels are an elemental part of this universe and that they are nondenominational! While many religions may claim that Angels belong to, or work for them-- They are Independent agents, whose acts are determined by a standard of morality that we have no inkling of.
  19. Dwarves : i just think dwarfs are adorable...! Is that wrong?
  20. Sex : It has been widely suggested that the funniest thing in the world in an erection... But the use of that erection is even funnier.
  21. Consciousness : There are so many Impossible things about Consciousness that it's hard to know where to begin... But suffice to say that if it were the case that The Brain generates The Mind; Then at any given moment, The ElectroChemical Patterns of all your Neurons are somehow being projected into a Mental State of SelfAwareness...??? Is it that Patterns themselves, within this Universe are able to exhibit Consciousness... That any doodle or painting or skid mark-- Represents a frozen instant of Consciousness... And how do all the Neural States spread out over the area of your brain communicate to form a Holistic Unity of Mind... Are they projecting somekind of Magnetic Field... And -- Is that somekind of Natureal State of Consciousness... ??? i think it proves more than any other example, that we're living in a 'False' Reality, and the True Reality, where such things as Consciousness, Gravity & Freewill -- Make Sense.
  22. Freewill : The nutty thing about Freewill is; There's just no way that it could work! Either you make decisions ( That's what Freewill is-- Isn't it... Making Decisions? ) based on a reasoned set of mechanical procedures... Either Logical or ElectroChemical -- Or you make random Decisions... And in either case; It's not really 'You' that's making that Decision...! It's the procedure or Randomality...! Even if we were to allow that it's the brain that generates the mind, and that the whole of the universe, from gravity waves churning out of distant blackholes, or the subtle magnetic lines of force that stretch through the Earth, coming off the wings of a Butterfly in China... Then the whole of this is complicated, But it's still the same principle. You may be a node in an autonomous universe of one mind that we all share, the decisions that you make are governed by the structure or underlying randomality of that universe! OR -- If you want to believe that there is an Homoculii or Dark Wingless Angel hiding in your Brain, Heart or Liver... Then the before mentioned question is simply moved to this other realm... We don't have any other items to select from other than Effects follow Causality, or Not. -- BUT Since the underlying foundation of our existence critically depends upon our ability to be Free in Spirit, This leaves, i very much suspect, Only one recourse: The Universe as we Perceive it; Is Wrong. We are living in a world of Maya; Illusion & Shadow, Completely fabricated without a smidgen of commonality to The Real Reality... Which somehow allows for Freewill, and pipes it into this world... along with Consciousness.
  23. Logical Paradoxes : i don't believe in Paradoxes... That is; i know of several good ones, such as the teacher that announces to her class that on some Undisclosed Day next week, there will be an Unexpected Test at 9:00am! A especially thoughtful student then surmises that this unexpected test couldn't be on Friday, since if it hadn't come by Thursday, then it must be on Friday, and would not be Unexpected! Using this same logical; The student reasons that it can't be on Thursday, or Wednesday, Tuesday or Monday...! Then the Students utter horror... The Teacher suddenly announces on Wednesday morning there will be a Test...! The Student is Dumbfounded! How did his logic Fail? What i believe is happening in the case of Paradoxes is that While The Sentences that describe the Paradox May Sound Reasonable, they are in Fact-- Pure Gibberish! Somehow, Somewhere, In the Verbal or Textual Definition; There is a Gruesome Flaw in the way Logical Language SHOULD Be Used. This may be... That is; While we are still using The Flawed Rules of Grammar that we put up with -- The Aliens will stay away & keep all their Clever Medicines and Antigravity Machines to themselves.
  24. Mathematics : The System we use is Wrong. For one thing; You shouldn't be allowed to multiple by Negative Numbers! -4 x -4 should not equal +16...!!! That's just crazy! It doesn't make any sense to multiple anything by a Negative Number...!!! If you multiple 4 empty egg cartons by 4 you'll get a perfectly reasonable 48 Missing Eggs... But what do you get by multiplying 4 Eggs by Negative 4...??? 16 Missing Eggs...??? NO! That's Crazy! Until this is fixed, It is undoubtedly another reason why the Aliens are avoiding us...!
  25. The Filthy Rich : i think that there is definitely a place for the filthy rich in the continuum of social castes. Without the filthy rich, who would build The Pyramids or Cathedrals or absolutely pointless Rockets to Mars...! The worst thing ( regarding avarice ) is to accumulate great wealth & then do nothing with it. This is undoubtedly The Greatest Crime of Bill Gates.
  26. The Filthy Poor : Just as we need the filthy rich, we also need the filthy poor so that... uhhh... well, i'm sure that they perform some useful function on the grand floating mattress of hellish shipping accidents that has become our signature of existence.
  27. Aborigines : In the same vein as the filthy poor, ( since Aborigines are usually filthy & poor ) is that we as a technological society that overwrites their cultures... We should allocate a suitable & adequate geographical region for them to live as peacefully ( or not ) as they wish, outside of our decaying civilization. It would then be up to their council or elders or Shaman to allow for non-aboriginals to join them.
  28. Literacy : It's a Fad. Literacy was developed as a bad solution to the expanding collection of verbal histories, folk stories & weather reports... Now that we have the tools to record these things in their native format, we can abandon books & their ilk. This may even allow forests to begin growing again... ( after we start turning our mountains of plastic garbage into building materials. )
  29. The Big Bang : It just sounds wrong to me... When astronomers talk about the universe expanding outwards forever ( one scenario ) -- they seem to think that all the galaxies are moving straight outward from a single central vertice... It would seem much more likely that all the galaxies are moving in a chaotic pattern, swinging around one another, in a daisy like manner, like a Spirographic Drawing...! As for why we don't see starlight from galaxies farther away than 17 Billion Lightyears ( or whatever ) --It's because photons of light, after a long time of flying through space, is absorbed back into The ZeroPoint Sea of Nothingness. Of course, if this reality is really just a ScreenSaver for our parent reality, one universe up, then this whole inquiry is moot.
  30. Bell's Inequality : Does anyone know what this is about...??? Please Eep me.
  31. Sages : As a general rule; i don't believe in Wisdom... i have yet to come across anything that resembles wisdom, and i certainly haven't come across anyone that demonstrates an ability to apply some resemblance of it. There are plenty of lucky people, that are lucky either through statistical aberration or psychic abilities... But Good Fortune is along way from a deeper understanding of The Incomprehensible Meaning of Stuff.
  32. Good & Evil : There are events & circumstances that may appear superficially to be in your favor or not, but there is certainly no general, universal circumstance or conceptual ideologue that is good for all references. The closest approach to something like this; Would be some circumstance that when applied to the fabric of reality-- Is good for The Universe, every time. But since The Universe 'Is' exactly what it is... It's kind of difficult to imagine something that would potentially alter Te Universe into 'What it is not.'
  33. How to Act : The trouble with acting is that there's no way you can predict how your actions are going to 'playout' in the future...! So that; If you try to do something 'good', it may very well tumble along the side roads of fate into the future where it will knock over an old lady carrying a discarded nuclear bomb and wipe out an orphanage of genius' destined to save a friendly Alien that is about to give us the secret of their unimaginably perfect Tapioca Pudding! Or -- All those bad things that your parents & teachers scolded you about, May play an irreplaceable role in The World being saved from Evil Aliens; That scowl at the very thought of Tapioca Pudding...!!! As a side note: Have you even thought about how many people, children, dogs & cats, or Invisible, Friendly Aliens you've killed; Either by some collection of otherwise innoculous actions or INactions...??? i'm sure that if we could trace all your actions & inactions backwards to the afternoon that you were born, we would find many, many examples of horrific carnage...!!!
  34. Modern Manufacturing : The great promise of Modern Manufacturing was supposed to allow machines to manufacture the greatest ideals of humanimal design with trouble free & inexpensive abandon... And yet everything is looking crappier and crappier as time goes by...!!! One of my most virulent pet peeves is the visibility of Screws & other Fixatives...!!! Why can't we built everything like automobiles, that hide these things...!
  35. Osama Bin Laden : i don't think he exists. He's no more a real person than Alfred E. Neuman, Scratchy & Itchy or Grover Cleveland! The real tip off i think is all these 'tapes' that are allegedly coming out of Afghanistan or Pakistan or Florida...??? For one thing, He keeps referring, ( so the translation says ) to himself as a Terrorist...! i just don't think any Terrorist would refer to themselves as one, It would be like a liberal calling themselves a Democrat. ( or vice-versa ) Once you've come to the realization that this Whole War on Terrorism is a Hoax! Then it's Obvious that None of The Elements of The War are Real...! What is this War Really All About... i don't know... It may be that our beloved President is willing to destroy The World so that he can raise the price of oil in Texas... Or it may be ( So we would all pray to hope... ) That there is some other reason that we don't know about... Maybe it's all a cover story to allow the government to protect us from Aliens that we'd never believe in -- No matter how much indirect evidence were given to us...! ( Those Aliens are pretty UnBelievable... Even if you're 'Prepped' to believe in them... The Real Truth about The Aliens... If it ever becomes available... Will be Genuinely Unbelievable...!!! -- Yes, i think so! )
  36. The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics : Very often; When you hear about The 2nd Law of TD... It is spoken of as the expansion of disorder as a function of time... That is: Everything becomes more disorderly as time goes by... But the curious thing about this is-- Is that Order is a purely subjective observation...!!! Every definition of Order requires an observation of it to be made, and then decided upon, based on an aesthetic criteria...!!! Plus: The 2nd Law implies that the universe was More Orderly Billions of Years ago, when it was allegedly a huge ball of white hot plasma...! It seems to me that the universe will be Much More Orderly, when all the particles are spread out in an even pattern, and as cold as a Witch's Refrigerator.
  37. Neanderthals : Wouldn't it be fun if the Neanderthals had survived, and we could Enslave them with very nearly the same argument that use to enslave animals...! Or -- If at some point, Western Civilization decided that we shouldn't be enslaving Neanderthals... That would allow the Animal Rights Humanimals to say that we should be enslaving Any Animals...!!! Which side would you be on?
  38. Nudism : i just don't understand why it's illegal to Be a Humanimal. Fashion Laws are essentially saying; In no Uncertain Terms that The Natural State of Being a Humanimal is Just Plain Unacceptable! On the surface; You would think that the reason for this is so that The Religiously Minded could assert that People are not animals, since we can drape the skins of dead animals over ourselves, and they ( the animals can't drape our skins over themselves ) which makes us superiour. As a Religious point of view, doesn't this violate the Separation of Church & State...!!! ( ? ) If on the other hand, it's supposedly a Health Issue, Then why do we allow dogs & cats to run around naked?
  39. Dinosaurs : Who doesn't love Dinosaurs?! i think that this is because everyone has subconscious memories of when they themselves were Dinosaurs, and that was the last time they were really happy.
  40. Clouds : Clouds are one of the ways that The Gawds Communicate with us. Whenever i see a Square Cloud, or one with a Sharp Corner on it... i interpret this to mean that Everything is Going as Planned... Since it's forming a 'Right Angle'... Is every cloud you see a message...??? Is this related to The Idea that Every event that happens to you, was arranged by Angels...??? Who knows.
  41. Tornadoes : They're alive. ( as is Ball Lightning )
  42. Levitation : i would like to believe that some people can Levitate, But if it really were possible... i think that it would have been unequivocally shown to be an genuine attribute of The Universe by now. As a side note; The TM'ers demonstration of Levitation is comically tragic.
  43. Money : Evil or just a Carrier of Evil?
  44. The Damp Masses : While i freely & voraciously believe that flies are Conscious... i somehow also believe that most people aren't. They are just zombies... Acting either randomly or at the behest of evil forces... ( ??? )
  45. Sad Things : Chewed Gum, Unread Newspapers, Telephone Poles & The Strings that Bind them,
  46. MailArt: Mailart is a form of art for people that lack the coordination & attentiveness for craft kits.
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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Recent Events...Wiggiliness Abounds...

Something Unexpected...
Third Place...!!! ( Scroll Down )
More Wiggiliness...
This morning started out especially wiggily when at around 2:30am;
A couple of teenagers were running up and down the street beside where i sleep, and wouldn't go away...
Then: Later at around 4:00am, they were still there, and now sitting at a bus stop, right across the street...!!!
i didn't want to go out with them there, because usually, at that time in the morning... there isn't anyone along this street...! i didn't want to 'give myself away' -- since i'm sleeping in a semi-illegal place.. OK-- Extremely illegal place... But what could i do, i absolutely had to be out of there by 5:30am, because that's when the lights come on inside the building that i sleep by...
So as Stealthily as i could; i worked my way down the porch, and tried to remain out of their line of sight until the bus came by, then i nonchalantly got up and walked over to meet it and got on...
Time will Tattle as to how successful this ploy was.
Then much later on in the afternoon;
After waiting about an hour for The Number 11 Bus, Which never came, i tried taking The Number 'E' to the main Library, but about 6 blocks from my destination, the driver decided that she'd reached the end of the line and threw me off...!
So on the way over to the library, i passed a reasonable secluded telephone...
It was in such a place that i could make a quiet phone call, without having any unnecessary interruptions...
So i called SSI to change my mailing address, since they usually send me a notice of how my Allowance is going to change for the coming year...
And when it 'Bounced' at my old address, i wasn't sure what they'd do...
Something unexpected perhaps...???
So to head that off, i called them first.
During the phone call to 'Jean' i inadvertently mentioned that i was now in Hawai'i and that i'd been there ( here ) for about 3 months...!!!
This was VERY BAD.
It seems that i'm here illegally...!!!
The State of Washington has been paying me my SSI Allowance for the last 3 months, when that should have been the State of Hawai'i...!!!
When i was in the process of leaving Bremertowne, i distinctly recall calling SSI and telling them that telling them that i would Homeless for some unspecified time... and they replied that i shouldn't worry about it, but that i should just call them back when i'd found a new place to live, and tell them my new address...
It's just taken alot longer than i'd expected - to find a new place...
So i went over to the SSI office here in Kapiolei, and had to deal with the Security Officers at their tiny cubicle there... ( They were much nicer ( and dumber ) than i'd expected... )
The girl that i talked to for a few minutes didn't seem TOO TERRIBLY upset that i was here illegally,
But i did have to come in tomorrow ( Thursday The 30th ) to Straighten (???) it all out...
Stay Tuned.
Speaking of a new place to live...
i think i may be becoming somewhat 'phobic' about moving into some new place, since the last... well, everywhere that i've ever lived, has ended with the landlord, or angels, throwing me out with the barest of warnings.
i've been thinking that i would really like to live in one of those tiny little cells that they reserve for the likes of Ted Kazynski (sp) or Jeffery Dalmer...
That would provide me with the security and isolation that i really crave.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

What you might have put into a Chrstmsa Eep...

Merry Chrstmsa...
Something Fun... ( ? )

T'wasThe Night...

Magickal Poops...!!!

Well... before that even, i noticed that my new nosehair clippers weren't doing the job that i wanted them to do...!
i'd gotten them ( it ) from Waldomart, and they're of the type that you stick in your nose ( or ear ) and spin the handle, which; in theory, will trim your hairs for you.
Unfortunately; this model was of such a cheap and inferiour quality, that it merely succeeded in pulling the hairs out, in a manner very similar to that obtained with tweezers, which i'd discovered was severely injurious to my well being...!!!
What happens when i pull them out is; that the root holes would become infected and then 'puff up'-- making the inside of my nose feel likes it's full of boogers that can't be picked out...!
So i decided to get some little scissors, and that was yesterday.
On my way over to the Library in Kapiolei; i stopped off at their Longs Drug Store and found some Wee Cosmetic Scissors; specifically intended for use with Children... The Children element to the Scissors is that the tips have rounded tips... Not merely blunt, but rounded, dull edged disks that make in impossible, ( ? ) for anyone to impale themselves with them...! And since i intended to stick them into my midlin facial orifaces and auditory manifolds, this feature would be perfect for me...!!!
( i also got some Twinkies and a tiny bottle of shampoo...
i should have gotten some Q-tips too, but i forgot...! )
Then; While i was over at the library a few minutes later, i checked my Bank Balance and discovered that these latest purchases had sent me $4.11 into the RED...!!! Eeeeeeeek...!!!
When i was living in Bremertowne, and this would happen, i was usually unaware of it for a few days, and they would send me a note in the mail, asking me to make amends...!!! ( Threatening me with arduous fines...! )
Curiously though... i have such a nice bank, that they never have fined me... even though i have gone over about a thousand & four times since i became a street person...!!!
So fixed that by transferring $20 into my checking account...!
TRAGICALLY...!!! This meant that my Savings Balance dropped below $800...!!!
i was thoroughly dispondent when it dropped below 1000, then 900... But now i couldn't even keep it above 800.
Saving Money sure is Hard...!!!
So then:
Today-- Knowing that i had $16 or so dollars in my checking account, and that the Food Mart was out of slabs of Bread Pudding-- i bought TWO sandwiches for breakfast instead...!!!
Each of which was $3.50... ( or thereabouts... ? )
So a little bit after breakfast, i went over to Ala Moana Park and dropped a huge load of crap into a toilet bowl, and then continued on my way... i watched some surfers for awhile, and thought... 'Since Sailboats can sail haltingly against the wind, i wonder if there is some manner that surfers can surf against the waves...'
i began to piece together a scheme by which the surfer could 'backpedal' to the next wave behind them, but that wouldn't actually get them further away from the beach...???
So i'm still thinking about it...
While i was leaving the park, i became aware that i had to go to the bathroom again...!!!???
Really BADLY...!!!
And since i was NOWHERE near a bathroom, i sat down on a bench on the far side of The Ala Moana Mall, and played with my Calculator for about a half an hour...
( Sometimes just sitting quietly for awhile will help calm my intestines...! )
This helped a little, But i decided that i really should work my way over to their bathrooms and i just BARELY MADE IT...!!!
( Apparently; The Tunafish Sandwich ( or Egg Salad ) was a little Too Oily for me...!!! )
The Magickal Poops...!
When i got into the restroom-- ALL THE STALLS WERE FILLED...!!!
Wait... The last one ( out of about 20 ) had it's door open...
When i got to it; Someone; The previous Occupant-- Had Puked in it...!!!
It wasn't too bad though, and Miraculously-- !!! --i was so focused on emptying my own large intestines, that i didn't Barf myself, as i am prone to do when seeing someone elses Vomit...!
Almost all the puke was in the toilet bowl, with just a little on the seat, and none on the floor, so i wiped up the seat puke, and flushed the toilet, and got around to sitting down, just as i filled the bowl again with a sickly yellow fluid of oil and Egg Salad.
i felt a little better.
So after cleaning myself up, i turned and flushed the toilet again, after it had automatically flushed itself already.
When i flushed the puke down, i had noticed that ( maybe ) there was a turd that remained in the bowl, but i was too intent at that time to get my own business done to pay it much mind...
But now, after all my yellow bile and toilet paper disappeared...
Three small, meatball sized turds floated back up, into the bowl.
i flushed again, holding the manual button down for a lengthy period...
The Three returned...!!!
Again i flushed and The Three would not be broken up in the violent turbulence, and they would not be flushed away...!!!
i must have tried about 5 ( five ) times, alternating between long and short flushes,
and they would return each time...!!!
Finally i gave up, and informed the elderly Japanese gentleman that took the booth next of the peculiar anomolie awaiting him. ( ??? )
Only after i was halfway across the parking lot did i consider that they must have been WISHING TURDS...!!!
If only i'd had the presence of mind to make Three Wishes and Flushed once for Each Wish...
i could have Anything The Imagination of The Universe could have manufactured for me...!!!
Does this sort of thing happen all the time...
Usually under circumstances-- Not quite so Obvious...???
Well-- From now on; i'm going to be much for attentive to this possibility.

Monday, December 27, 2004

Predictions for 2005

Various Predictions for 2005
  1. Flying Saucers will remain as mysterious as ever.
  2. Your Favorite TV show will be Canceled.
  3. Fidel Castro will become terribly popular after he marries Condoleezza Rice.
  4. The 'War' in Iraq will end suddenly-- When one morning, No one shows up for roll call.
  5. Disney Corporation will be found out as the principle distributor of subliminal Internet Porn.
  6. Peyton Place will be made into a Hit Movie, Starring John Kerry & a computer generated telareplicant of Mary; ( Mother of God ).
  7. Another UnderSea City will be found, and you won't be told about it.
  8. A 14_year old in Kansas will think up a wonderfully novel way to pay for her Future Social Security; And that is-- To Lease her DNA rights to a newly created National Mexican BioTech Firm.
  9. A Hollywood Movie's Production Cost will Exceed 1 Billion Dollars, Half of which will go to Tom Hanks; But curiously-- It will not be released, And No Reason will be provided for it Suppression.
  10. Fully Implanted Cell-Phones will become Popular amoung wealthy Teenagers.
  11. A Rival Operating System for Intel Based Computers will become immensely popular for several months, then mysteriously begin disappearing from users hard-drives...
  12. Autonomous Robotic Pets will become more popular than parakeets & turtles, but lag behind dogs & cats.
  13. A New kind of Bicycle will be invented.
  14. A Children's book about 40 foot dustballs will become extremely faddish.
  15. An investigation of the 2004 Presidential Elections will show that John Kerry is our actual president; But he will decline to fill the office, after his loosing interest in politics.
  16. Food will become obsolete.
  17. Brain Tumors will overtake Car Accidents as the leading cause of death amount 20 to 40_year olds.
  18. Martha Steward will become involved in Politics & become the leading Libertarian Candidate for President in 2008.


More to be added... BookMark this Page...!!!

Friday, December 24, 2004

Merry... _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Merry... Stuff...!!!

Thank you all for your Cards & Eepmail Best wishes...!!!

i didn't get any Cards...
But since i don't have an address... That is more easily overlooked...

i didn't get any ( Completely Zero ) Eepmail Chrstmsa Greetings Either...
( !!! )

This is somewhat disconcerning...???
i'm pretty sure that at least 100, or so, people have my eepdress...
So this delusion that i've had for the last 10 years
of being marginally famous within the mailart community has been especially delusional.

Which actually fits in well with my assertion,
( which many people fail to either grasp or believe )
is that i'm reasonably crazy.

It's much more annoying to not-know if you're crazy or not...
If you think you might be crazy, but are; in fact, mistaken...
Then; that would imply, that all the strange & worrisome events
occuring around you are the result of your living in an insane world...
It's much nicer to know that i'm the only one, and the rest of you are just fine.

Best Wishes & So on...

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Letter from My Auntie BareBelly + Commentary

Been busy, but have also been quite tired. I think I am getting back to normal, yesterday I didn't even have a nap. Made up for that today an had a good afternoon snooze.
When i was living in Bremertowne; Especially towards the latter half of those 15 years,
i was sleeping at least 12 hours an irregular day, at very irregular hours...
i would often stay up all night, from 8pm to 7am, when things were quiet,
and i wouldn't be bothered by all those pesky thoughts from my crazy neighbors,
that i kept picking up out of the eather...
So then after sleeping until around noon, i would try to get some daylight activities done,
and be home by dark, since i hate to be out after dark...!
( You might be surprised at how few people believe in Vampires &/or Werewolves...
( i've had direct personal experiences with both,
and i know that they're as real as Santa Claus or Ralph Nader! ) )
So Then i'd go back to bed, ( Never bothering to change my clothes ) and get up around whatever time a particularly, Not awful Television show would be on...
Then stay up until i got sleepy again...
In Raymond Schmullyan's Book "The Tao is Silent";
He insists that this sort of behaviour, when viewed upon his dogs, is very Tao...!
But Now: Here in Hawai'i;
i often sleep only 4_hours a night, usually because of all the weird sounds that are going on around me, Plus-- my brain is programmed to wake me up ever hour & a half to check to see what time it is-- So i don't over sleep... Because-- That would be very bad...
( People would yell at me...!!! )
Occasionally, i'll manage to sleep peacefully enough to get 6 or 7 hours of sleep...
But that's quite rare.
One of the odd things about Hawai'i, is that because it's so close to the Equator,
The Days & Nights, All year long, are about 12 hours each...!
So even in the summer time,
When Washington States days are 18+ hours long,
Here in Hawai'i, they are the same as in the Winter time...
You might think that since people usually close up shop when it gets dark,
and i 'could' go to bed when it gets dark,
and get up when it gets light,
i could easily manage 10 or more hours of sleep per night,
but things are never that easy.
One restricting factor is that i can't hold my bladder that long,
and if i have to get up during the night,
my perception is that i will have compromised my position...!!!
+ i would have to go in the bushes,
and i don't like to pee anywhere near where i sleep,
because that would simultaneously tip off & annoy my blind benefactors...!!!
Curiously: This lack of sleep doesn't seem to bother me any...
with the possible exception that i am completely free of any imaginative thoughts.
You might also think that it would be easy to just go to a park and get some sleep there...
And while many homeless & not particularly homeless people are often found sleeping in the parks, i can not.
The grass is usually too wet, and i don't have a blanket, or the bugs are too buggy,
or ( mostly ), i'm just too figgity to sleep with people walking around me...!!!
Every year I swear I will start getting ready for Christmas early and every year I goof. Got my tree up yesterday, sort of a Charlie Brown type tree but good enuf for us.
Don Crabtree had a week off last week so he came home and they had their Christmas with him. He has been having some stomach problems so had to get back to Portland for some further Drs appointments.

This should have been accompanied by some more information...

Other people's illnesses are almost always either entertaining, amusing --
or tragic in a theatrical kind of way...
and since i'm poor, crazy and 2000 miles away from all this,
it would be entirely reasonable that i would be free of any meaningful participation in his recovery.
"Get Well Soon!"

Your mom is going to Sandi's Christmas eve. She thought she might have people in on Christmas day just for snacks and goodies, but I doubt she will find the energy. We are all slowing down. Norm had his 75th birthday last Sat.
It is almost always the case that when you're a child,

All adults seem to be Really, Really Old...
And it always seemed to me that Norm,
The oldest of my Uncles was already 100 or so--The last time i saw him...
Especially with his wife at that time, 'Jackie' who also looked much older than anyone else in the family...
This was attributed to the fact that she was from 'Back East'
and those people just age faster than us Westerners...
Or it may have been that she was a chain-smoker,
as was EVERYONE back then...
She was -- incidentally -- The first of my 'Relatives' to die...!
So anyways... I'm surprised to hear that he's Only 75...!
( And with only 1 Kidney )
and Bruce and Tina had a nice party for him. Lots of relatives, but as Bruce said- there were more to invite but the house is only so big.
Pat has had lots of trouble walking any distance and was driving very little, sooo we got rid of his little car and are now trying for the first time in many years to exist with only one set of wheels. So far so good.
Put him on a diet...

Some years ago -- when i suddenly discovered that i was FAT...!!! Eeeeeeek!
( The way i discovered this; was that one day, while sitting at my desk,
i became 'AWARE' that my belly was resting on my legs,
So i went on a crash diet and lost... several inches... i don't know how many pounds...
and thereafter, many of my aches & pains miraculously went away...!!!
Now that i'm in Hawai'i, i'm losing more weight, but due to all the crazy bugs in the air around here, i've got all sorts of weird illnesses...!!! ( ? )
Like my Right Foot...
It had been looking OK, but it's starting to hurt like a tray of chopper liver...
So today, while i was taking a shower,
i examined it more carefully, and decided that it was getting a little 'puffy'...???
The little toe had this big ass callus on it about a week ago,
so i trimmed it back with my fingernail clippers,
and i think i might have nicked some underlying skin...
which became infected...!!!
Any injury over here, irregardless of how trivial, will become infected...!!!
So i've been smearing 3 in 1 Antiseptic Salve all over that foot and hoping for the best...???

Now, I didn't make you a Christmas card cuz I don't know if you have any way to get mail. Please advise.

Awhile ago; i looked into getting a Post Office Box,

But apparently; i would have to be a land owning Republican to get one...!!!
If you actually need anything,
It is directly disproportional to the chance that you will be eligible to get it...!
So then: i went over to UPS... But they wanted something like 300$ for 3 months...
and with the amount of mail i would be getting, it would come to about 100$ per letter.
The principle reason i needed an 'address' for the Medicare ( or Medicaid...??? ),
but since that's water under the garage now... i'm not worrying 'too much' about it...???
i was also thinking about getting some 'food stamps'
( which are no longer in stamp form ),
but i would like to lose some more weight -- Anyways.
The end nut of it is that; No-- i don't have an address.

Also been checking in on the bog once in a while and I checked out the Asperger info and while it sounds very interesting you probably know more about your particular symptoms than anyone.
Well-- i sent that to you because... Well...

i've been wondering (???) for along time... 'Am i retarded?'
When i was being brought up, everyone thought i was retarded...!
i thought i was retarded...!!!
And then-- Later -- i started collecting bits & pieces of this & that,
that suggested that maybe i'm not retarded...!
( it turns out that i'm actually a sub genius...
( But then; Just the other day, i was reading somewhere, that someone, ( ? ) had suggested that a genius is someone that's had at least 2 really original ideas during their lifetimes... )
And i've had LOTS more than that... So -- Who knows )
So anyways...
i've always wondered-- Why i wasn't able to get anything done...???
And while many Aspergerians ARE able to get things done... BIG things...!!!
It may have been because they came from families that didn't think they were retarded...???
It's all about SMOKING...!!!
The thing about Smoking is that if you're a Smoker,
And you're given a choice between doing any given thing 'x'
( Like showing interest in your children ) -- or Smoking.
And if you're able to do Crossword Puzzles while your Smoking, So much the Better.

Got carried away on that site and read lots of stuff till I forgot my original quest. Be careful about putting your financial info out in the vapors lots of nuts out there who would do most anything to get a hold of 4 or 5 bucks.
i don't think that that's a problem, since no one is reading this.

It is after midnight and time for me to change back into my witch figure-
be careful

Love bp

-- Terminus --

Monday, December 20, 2004


If you're reading this, or any of my other posts...
Or-- Anyone else's Blog Posts...

ReCent Events...

So last night, i woke up at around 1am and thought...
"Ow! My arm really hurts... What is that about...???"
So i turned over, and after a while...
"Ow! My Neck really hurts... What is that about...???"
So i turned over to my stomach... and...
"Ow! My Ear really hurts...!"
So i jumped up, grabbed my flashlight, and started shining it around,
and noticed a GIGANTIC...!!! Millipede ( Centipede-??? ) furiously scampering away...!!!
It was at least 8 inches long, Very skinny, and was a deep & shiny Cockroach brown...!
Since it was running away, and i was still trapped in my sleeping bag,
i let it escape...!
But that place that i've been sleeping at is Now Compromised...!!!
It's been a Very Good Place, that is usually BUG FREE...!!!
So i'll keep using it...i guess...
i certainly don't want to find a new place...
This place is Really Nice ( Usually )...
It's kind of noisy, But the traffic sounds are actually kind of soothing...???
and The headlights against the walls are actually quite pretty as they shine through the trees and other obstacles...???!!!
So the 'Bites'...!!! Hurt for about 10 minutes or so, then cooled off.
What i think is worse now-- Is all the dang GNATS...!!!
i used to like laying in the grass, but now that it's apparently Gnat Season,
They are all over the place, and just chew & chew & chew away on my delicate legs...!!!
My Right Knee is now almost completely healed,
But my Left Knee has developed, or was trying to develop an Identical abscess...!!!
But i think i have it under control...
( The last time i was in Hawai'i; i had two other abscess' that followed the same pattern...
One started on my left leg, in the middle of the shin, then after i started taking care of it,
i got another one, in the SAME PLACE, on the other leg...!!! What is That about...??? )
So anyways...
Now that i don't have any OutStanding Leg injuries...
My Right Foot is acting up...???!!!
i think i may have stepped on an Acorn ( Or Hawai'ian NUT! ) about 4 days ago,
and it must have bruised my foot bones...???
The foot doesn't LOOK injured... It just hurts ALOT when i walk on it...
And it seems to be getting worse every additional day, rather than better...!!!
It's always something.
After washing out some things the other day,
i noticed that my Ball Cap was becoming unraveled...!!! Around the Brim...!!!
( The trouble with Hawai'i is that everything decays Very Quickly around here...
Everything is Damp All The Time, and there are tiny, tiny, tiny bugs that eat everything...! )
And because i can't stand wearing tattered clothing... dirty is OK though... But Not Tattered...!
That i started looking around for a replacement Ball Cap...
A nice one... of Quality... But WithOut an Advertisement on the front...!!!
A plain one.
And i could find any plain ones, so i had to settle on an Red, Old Navy Ball Cap.
It says: Old Navy ** NY * SF EST 1994
They were on Sale for only 7.50$.
And Old Navy has a 90_day Return Policy.
Then; The day after that unexpected expenditure...
i discovered that one of the nose grips on my glasses had broken off...!!!
So i went over to Lens Crafter's, and they fixed it for 10$...
BUT-- ( Get this...!!! -- That 10$ can be applied to a Purchase...!!! )
So i got a new Hard Case... One that the Glasses fill All The Way Into...
For 10$...!!!
So i got my glasses fixed, and a new Glasses Case for only 10$...!
Bakery goods though... THEY ARE VERY EXPENSIVE...!!!
Hostess Fruit Pies... That were 12 cents when i was a teenager...
Are Now Two Freaking Dollars...!!!
A few days ago...
i must have eaten something WEIRD...???
Because i was sitting in the middle of Ala Moana Park and i felt a fart coming on,
So i let it come out... But it WASN'T A FART...
i unloaded; ( Explosively...! ) about 5_lb.s of CRAP...!!!
So i very calmly... after several minutes of contemplation...!!!...loaded everything back into my backpack, took off my filled shorts, dragged my butt around on the grass for a few minutes, put on my ONE Alternate pair of shorts, then gently picked up my beloved purple shorts that i bought in Hilo, and threw them away...!!!
i haven't crapped my pants since Navy Boot Camp.
Then; Later on that day, i bought some new shorts, very pretty ones, and a new shirt too.
All these unexpected expenditures sure add up...
But if i stay until March... i should still have enough to move into someplace right away when i return to the mainland... If i can only figure out where that will be...???
( i've now begun considering UFO hot spots...??? )
--------------::: o

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Neglected Chrstmsa Traditions

  1. Tinseling The Cat
  2. Visiting the Humain Society & Taking Home a Stray Reindeer
  3. ???

Can you recall some that your Grandparents used to enjoy...???

Email me and we'll add them to this list...!

Monday, December 13, 2004

Fun Spots to Visit...!

Although i'm diagnosed with Schizoid Personality Disorder...
i think that i am really an Aspergerian...!!!
From what i've been reading... They are either the same thing...
Or-- One is a Subset of the Other... With both vying for The Main Heading...!

The Stranger always has the most Interesting Covers...!!!
Be sure & Check Out 'Last Days' & The Cartoon...!
Fabulous War (?) Posters...!!!
They're Downloadable...!

Want to make your life more efficient...

Do you like Weird Shit...!!!
and also:
and also:
and also ( Previously )
Linda Moulton Howe...!!! ( What a Hottie...! )

Little People...! ( Not Children... Little People...!!! )
The good Personal Pages are way, way, way at the bottom of this listing...!

The Babynous Cult
( it was recently pointed out to me that this listing does NOT match it's CheckSum...!!!
Eeeeek! The listing is Sound however... it's just that the Variable Names were changed to make this listing More Readable...??? )
Could someone translate this for me...!!! ( ? )
--- ( Nasty...!!! )
Decide for Yourself... Is Science Wrong...???

The Carbon Based Mistake ( i won third prize...!!! )

Friday, December 10, 2004

Boo Hoo &/or Hoo...!!!

At the start of this month, or shortly thereafter...
i had a Whooping $1000 in my savings account...
But then i discovered, after several days of luxuries such as Coffee & a Slab of Bread Pudding every morning...! i didn't have enough to cover my Seanet Email Account...!!! Which is $8 a month...! So i transferred $100 to Checking, and everything was fine for a about 2 minutes, when i decided to buy a Radio $42 and More Coffee and More Bread Puddings... And then i decided to get a Spell Checker / Thesaurus from Seiko... for $22 and i plunged into the RED again, so that Now my Savings Account in down to a measly $855.15...!!!
i am just crazy with money.
i really need someone to take care of me...!!!
The good news ( per se ) is that it's still winter on the mainland, and although i am continuously having inflection problems with the most MINOR and Trivial injuries...!!! i just can't see myself returning to Oregon or Washington until March...
Which should allow me to ReSave some money into my Savings account by then...!!!
If anyone reading this lives in either Ellensburg Washington or Corvallis Oregon and would like to PreRent me a VERY inexpensive, Reasonably nice Room for around $250 a month ( or less )...
Please Eep me and i should be able to arrive there within a week or so...!

Thursday, December 09, 2004

No UPN...!!!

Did you know that Hawai'i has No UPN Network...!!!
Fortunately; If you have Cable or Satilite TV, you can get 'Enterprise'...!

Bought a Radio...!!!

Got a Sony Radio... that is both AM AND FM...!!!
Plus it also pulls in the VHF TV Channels... ( 2 through 13 )
And some Hokey Weather Channels...!
It was 32.04$
From Waldomart...!
i have had the worst luck with Sony, but this one, as most are, very cute and there was Nothing else available...!!!

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Weird Or True... Or Both...!!!

  1. i thought i might include some Weird &/Or True Stories... Things that have ACTUALLY happened to me...!!!
  2. One day i was on the bus in Bremerton, Washington-- And as it was very crowded, i ended up in the middle of the bus, right beside the rear door, and in the seat beside it, in front of the rear door, this seat was taken up by this girl that was probably either mentally challenged or severely bent... She was sitting next to the aisle, but the seat beside the window was not taken, so i suggested in a kindly, quiet, assertive manner-- that she slide over, and let me sit down. Instead; She =leaned over= and a small amount of seat was then made available, so i sat down. Because of the odd way she was sitting, my right leg was in substantial contact with her left leg. So out of frustration that she was being so ( inadvertantly ( ??? ) ) annoying, i started bouncing my leg up and down...! And after about 5 minutes of this-- She let out a: Sigh like 'Yelp' -- that would seem to suggest that she'd just had an Orgasm...!!! When we came to a stop at the transfer center, she quickly got off and i haven't seen her since. [ as a side note to this; Several months before this incident, i saw her mulling around The Main Bus Terminal Station, and i thought that i might go over and say 'Hi...!' -- because she struck me as the deeply disturbed &/or brain damaged type gal that i'm most attracted to... So i start walking over towards her, and -Just then- (!) a Seagull swoops by and drops a huge load onto her head...!!! -- Well; That pretty much killed the mood for me... so i didn't say 'Hi...!' to her that day or any other...!!! ] -- [ Another Weird thing happened one day at that same Bus Terminal... A few days previous to this last incident... i was talking with Cheryl... or Sherry... or...??? Anyways... She had just recently been married and i seemed to 'understand' that this was her Second marrage, and his first... But months later; She insisted that this had been; since by then-- She had Divorced him ( Within a Year )-- Her First Marriage, and His Second...??? So Anyways... i was curious about who this guy was... and then a few days later, i noticed her in The Bus Terminal... and she's with this TOTAL FREAKING LOSER...!!! and he is running around the Terminal Screaming ( Literally Screaming ) to various passing parties, some of which he apparently 'knew'... ( ? ) that 'This is my new wife...!' So then i knew who she was talking about.
  3. When i was sleeping in Rio Del ( Which is a Sad Town / See Sad Stories ) at about 2 or 3 in the morning, i became aware of a girl, probably with a boy, although i couldn't hear him, Only her... and one of the things she said; While Weeping like a Willow pulled from it's muddy roots...: "Oh-- George--!" And something to the effect that she couldn't live without him... At the time, i was thinking that maybe he was just about to murder her or somesuch... ( These things are ALWAYS SO DANG AMBIGUOUS...!!! ) What is meta-curious about this; Is that i often have 'Weird' Experiences at night, That seem to exclusively occur about 2 to 3 in the morning...??? Also: That same night-- i had a weird Continuation Dream... that is, i would periodically wake up, then fall back to sleep where the dream would pick up where in left off... And the dream was that my new sleeping bad could take pictures, and i was required to sort and file them by their names alone...! But i didn't know how... it was a very annoying dream...! The closest i ever get to a 'NightMare' is very annoying dreams where i'm required to 'Do Something...' and i just don't know how...!!! Another couple of elements that reoccur frequently in my dreams are Urinating, and losing my Bookbag/Backpack.
  4. While i was in Hilo, on the Big Island ( Hawai'i ) in Hawai'i*, i decided to visit Kona, Which was allegedly a more 'sophisticated' town than Hilo... So i took a bus over there, and it took nearly all day to ride over, and half of the trip was with a bunch of 11 year old's that talked mostly about their sexual exploits... When i got there; i started walking around and discovered that the town was not a 'real' town at all... Which may explain way these children were being bused 30 miles to the nearest school... It was instead; just an accumulation of tourist shoppes and hotels stacked neatly along an artificial beach. After discovering this; i also realized that the town was going to be 'open' all night, which was going to make it difficult for me to find a place to sleep...! So i started walking down along the beach front road, and after about 2 hours, i was still passing hotels, tourist shoppes & Very Fancy Condominium's...! Then it started to rain...! So i walked back towards Kona, and found a 'Farmers Market' and ducked into one of the empty booths... After it stopped raining, i thought i might just stay there the whole night, although there were lights coming on & turning off throughout the market... which i decided were 'automatic' and did not present a problem or threat...! After about an hour, i noticed that someone was walking around the market, and although i made a feeble attempt to avoid him, he came upon me and was VERY angry... ( ??? ) ... It was an elderly Hawaiian man with white hair, long scraggily beard & dressed in an apparently authentic Hawai'ian robe, of the sort that grandmothers wear in the evenings on The Mainland... ( ? ) He didn't seem too bright, but because i'm so easy going, and non-confrontational, he still had an advantage over me...!!! So the nut of it was that he was going to call the police and have me arrested, so he yelled for his daughter to come out and have her call the police... So she came out and they both mulled around for a minute or two, and it may have been that he was annoyed that i had not yet brought up the possibility of bribing him to let me go-- So reluctantly; He suggested that for $20, he would Not call the police. i told him that i didn't have $20, but i did have $10, and he settled for that! So i left. [ One of the last things that he mentioned, after i told him that i'd been to jail before, was that he'd just gotten OUT...! and when i asked what he'd been in for; He said: 'Relocation'...??? Which i didn't understand at the time, and still don't...??? But i just wanted to get the heck out of there, so i didn't inquire further...??? ] One other thing about Kona, and the Big Island in general, is that there are several Telescopes on The Dead Vocanoes there, and to make their functionality more effective, All the street lights are these weird yellow ones that give off a surprisingly small amount of light... So that if you're a block away from one of them, you can not see it...!!! The net effect of this is that while i was walking along the freeway ( i was hopelessly lost! ) trying to find my way back to the shopping mall were the bus would take me back to Hilo ( Simple, Graft Free Hilo...!!! ) i could not see anything...!!! i had my flash light out, and i could see the cars headlights, but although i KNEW that within a quarter of a mile there was a big shopping center, and housing within a block on either side of the freeway, IT WAS ENTIRELY BLACK...!!! Like hiding under a cardboard box on the far side of the Moon Black...!!! After what seemed like Hours & Hours... i finally located the shopping mall, which was well illuminated by these weird lights that gave off no light...! So the Very Next Day... This is finally the WEIRD PART...!!! While i was walking towards the downtown area back in Hilo... i found $15 ( The $10 i'd lost the very day before, Plus $5 for who knows what... ) on the sidewalk...!!! i never find money, and the few times that i have, with one exception, i'd SEEN the person that dropped it, DROP IT...!!! That's happened TWICE...!!! But this time, i didn't see who dropped it, so i kept it... Was this MERELY Synchronous... Or Something Else...!!! [ The same day that i wrote this ( Yesterday... Today i'm Editing it...! ) i found a dollar, and i Might Have Seen who dropped it, but it was kind of ambiguous, Since i just saw a 'Movement' of The Dollar as someone walked Over it...??? and it may have been that he just walked On It, Rather than 'The Movement' representing him having Dropped It...!!! ( ? ) The net effect of this was that i Kept it... If it had been $50 or $20; as it had been in the other two cases...!!!...Maybe i would have contacted the person that 'May Have' dropped it...??? ]
  5. One time; many years ago, when i was here in Hawai'i Before...! i'd gotten some food poisoning, and had barfed up this PILE of barf... about 6 inches high, in generally a pyramidical shape... So after that, when i was Empty...! i went over to the library, about a block away, and cleaned up a little bit, And then about an hour or so later, i passed that spot where the pile of barf was... -- AND IT WAS GONE...!!! What could have happened to it... Did someone come by and clean it up...??? Which seems kind of implausible to me... or DID BIRDS EAT IT...!!! Which also seems implausible, But only a tiny bit less so...!!!
  6. While i was in Hilo... i noticed a curious phenomena... in which i would OFTEN hear people talking about me... ??? ...But not only in simply general, antagonistic terms, But would be providing 'Someone' with a moment to moment commentary of what i was doing at that time...???
  7. While i was in Hilo there was a movie theatre that was showing one of the Harry Potter Films... i think it was the most recent one... for ONLY ONE STINKING DOLLAR...!!! and i wanted to go see it, but they wouldn't allow Backpacks into the Theatre...!!! -- So then, after i left The Big Island and came to Oahu, the University of Hawai'i was having a film night and was showing That Same Film...!!! FOR FREE...!!! But it was too late at night, and i wouldn't have been able to take a bus out to Wahiwa, where i'd found a VERY SWEET place to sleep...! So i didn't see it again...!!!
  8. After i got to Honolulu, i've been 'Looking Around' at some of the old spots that i used to hang around alot... and i've noticed that some of these places have CHANGED in ways that Defy Explanation...!!! Alot of building seem to have MOVED AROUND...!!! and The Music Building on Campus used to have 4 Stories, and now it is EXACTLY THE SAME, except that it's ONLY ONE STORY...!!! Why would anyone take a perfectly good tall building and make it into a short building...??? i was thinking that maybe all the memories i have of 'My Previous Trip' were all IMPLANTED... and during the time from July 1985 to Late 1987-- i was actually SOMEPLACE ELSE...!!! Doing Gawd only knows what...!!!


i made some Zynes ( Three ) of Weird and True things that have happened to me, but only put them together after i've been evicted from my Bremerton Room... i didn't have the time or money at that time to zeerox off those 3 zynes, plus another one of dada poetry... plus all the other bits that i made print outs of during those last few weeks... So that i sent the originals to 'Zen Baby' in Santa Cruz, California... If you know him, tell him to get off his bisexual ass and copy off a bunch...!!!


* i just learned the other day that the little ( not an apostrophe ) that occurs in many Hawai'ian words is called an Oknia, which is shaped a little like an apostrophe; in that it has the tiny monkey tail, but no head.


Saturday, December 04, 2004

Ritz Camera Legal Notice

Ritz Camera #1729 Honolulu HI 41N
808 943-6391 35 N

Ritz Camera Limit of Liability
Not responsible for any item left over 30 days.
Submitting any work to us constitutes
By you that any damage or loss,
Even if due to our negligence or other fault,
Will only entitle you to replacement with a like amount of unexposed film
And processing or similar type digital media.
Our company makes no warranty, expressed or implied.
Recovery for any incidental or consequential damages,
Including lost or deleted images, is also excluded.
Many images are produced in public areas.
Misuse or public display of images under these conditions carries
The same limits of liability except that no value is given to any images.
Additional Bits Pertaining to Order of Digital Prints ( deleted )

Wednesday, December 01, 2004


The Three Different Kinds of Lightning

Weather People, ( That like to call themselves 'Meteorologists' )
Are adament that there is only one kind of lightning,
and that is the Jaggy kind.
It 'Usually' drops down from a cloud,
( or jumps up, from the perspective of the Electrons...??? )
But occasionally it jumps from cloud to cloud...
That's what Non-Scientists call 'Heat-Lightning'...!
It's always been my opinions that Weather People that assert this,
Have never seen Heat Lightning...
It's quite different from Regular Jaggy Lightning,
In that, Rather than simply illuminate a couple of clouds
It Lights up the ENTIRE sky, horizon to horizon...???
In Hawai'i; i've seen a new kind of Lightning...
The name of which is --- ?
What makes it different is that it's Cloudless...!
A patch of night sky, through which, you can clearly see the stars...
Suddenly Flashes in an illregular shape...!
The local Non-Scientists here seem to think that it has to be VERY Humid for this to occur,
And since it's Normally Very Humid here All The Time, it only has to be a Little More Humid for Cloudless Lightning to Occur.
i thought of a catchy name for it a few days ago, but now i've forgotten what it is...
Is there a real name for this...???