Friday, December 10, 2004

Boo Hoo &/or Hoo...!!!

At the start of this month, or shortly thereafter...
i had a Whooping $1000 in my savings account...
But then i discovered, after several days of luxuries such as Coffee & a Slab of Bread Pudding every morning...! i didn't have enough to cover my Seanet Email Account...!!! Which is $8 a month...! So i transferred $100 to Checking, and everything was fine for a about 2 minutes, when i decided to buy a Radio $42 and More Coffee and More Bread Puddings... And then i decided to get a Spell Checker / Thesaurus from Seiko... for $22 and i plunged into the RED again, so that Now my Savings Account in down to a measly $855.15...!!!
i am just crazy with money.
i really need someone to take care of me...!!!
The good news ( per se ) is that it's still winter on the mainland, and although i am continuously having inflection problems with the most MINOR and Trivial injuries...!!! i just can't see myself returning to Oregon or Washington until March...
Which should allow me to ReSave some money into my Savings account by then...!!!
If anyone reading this lives in either Ellensburg Washington or Corvallis Oregon and would like to PreRent me a VERY inexpensive, Reasonably nice Room for around $250 a month ( or less )...
Please Eep me and i should be able to arrive there within a week or so...!

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