Thursday, December 23, 2004

Letter from My Auntie BareBelly + Commentary

Been busy, but have also been quite tired. I think I am getting back to normal, yesterday I didn't even have a nap. Made up for that today an had a good afternoon snooze.
When i was living in Bremertowne; Especially towards the latter half of those 15 years,
i was sleeping at least 12 hours an irregular day, at very irregular hours...
i would often stay up all night, from 8pm to 7am, when things were quiet,
and i wouldn't be bothered by all those pesky thoughts from my crazy neighbors,
that i kept picking up out of the eather...
So then after sleeping until around noon, i would try to get some daylight activities done,
and be home by dark, since i hate to be out after dark...!
( You might be surprised at how few people believe in Vampires &/or Werewolves...
( i've had direct personal experiences with both,
and i know that they're as real as Santa Claus or Ralph Nader! ) )
So Then i'd go back to bed, ( Never bothering to change my clothes ) and get up around whatever time a particularly, Not awful Television show would be on...
Then stay up until i got sleepy again...
In Raymond Schmullyan's Book "The Tao is Silent";
He insists that this sort of behaviour, when viewed upon his dogs, is very Tao...!
But Now: Here in Hawai'i;
i often sleep only 4_hours a night, usually because of all the weird sounds that are going on around me, Plus-- my brain is programmed to wake me up ever hour & a half to check to see what time it is-- So i don't over sleep... Because-- That would be very bad...
( People would yell at me...!!! )
Occasionally, i'll manage to sleep peacefully enough to get 6 or 7 hours of sleep...
But that's quite rare.
One of the odd things about Hawai'i, is that because it's so close to the Equator,
The Days & Nights, All year long, are about 12 hours each...!
So even in the summer time,
When Washington States days are 18+ hours long,
Here in Hawai'i, they are the same as in the Winter time...
You might think that since people usually close up shop when it gets dark,
and i 'could' go to bed when it gets dark,
and get up when it gets light,
i could easily manage 10 or more hours of sleep per night,
but things are never that easy.
One restricting factor is that i can't hold my bladder that long,
and if i have to get up during the night,
my perception is that i will have compromised my position...!!!
+ i would have to go in the bushes,
and i don't like to pee anywhere near where i sleep,
because that would simultaneously tip off & annoy my blind benefactors...!!!
Curiously: This lack of sleep doesn't seem to bother me any...
with the possible exception that i am completely free of any imaginative thoughts.
You might also think that it would be easy to just go to a park and get some sleep there...
And while many homeless & not particularly homeless people are often found sleeping in the parks, i can not.
The grass is usually too wet, and i don't have a blanket, or the bugs are too buggy,
or ( mostly ), i'm just too figgity to sleep with people walking around me...!!!
Every year I swear I will start getting ready for Christmas early and every year I goof. Got my tree up yesterday, sort of a Charlie Brown type tree but good enuf for us.
Don Crabtree had a week off last week so he came home and they had their Christmas with him. He has been having some stomach problems so had to get back to Portland for some further Drs appointments.

This should have been accompanied by some more information...

Other people's illnesses are almost always either entertaining, amusing --
or tragic in a theatrical kind of way...
and since i'm poor, crazy and 2000 miles away from all this,
it would be entirely reasonable that i would be free of any meaningful participation in his recovery.
"Get Well Soon!"

Your mom is going to Sandi's Christmas eve. She thought she might have people in on Christmas day just for snacks and goodies, but I doubt she will find the energy. We are all slowing down. Norm had his 75th birthday last Sat.
It is almost always the case that when you're a child,

All adults seem to be Really, Really Old...
And it always seemed to me that Norm,
The oldest of my Uncles was already 100 or so--The last time i saw him...
Especially with his wife at that time, 'Jackie' who also looked much older than anyone else in the family...
This was attributed to the fact that she was from 'Back East'
and those people just age faster than us Westerners...
Or it may have been that she was a chain-smoker,
as was EVERYONE back then...
She was -- incidentally -- The first of my 'Relatives' to die...!
So anyways... I'm surprised to hear that he's Only 75...!
( And with only 1 Kidney )
and Bruce and Tina had a nice party for him. Lots of relatives, but as Bruce said- there were more to invite but the house is only so big.
Pat has had lots of trouble walking any distance and was driving very little, sooo we got rid of his little car and are now trying for the first time in many years to exist with only one set of wheels. So far so good.
Put him on a diet...

Some years ago -- when i suddenly discovered that i was FAT...!!! Eeeeeeek!
( The way i discovered this; was that one day, while sitting at my desk,
i became 'AWARE' that my belly was resting on my legs,
So i went on a crash diet and lost... several inches... i don't know how many pounds...
and thereafter, many of my aches & pains miraculously went away...!!!
Now that i'm in Hawai'i, i'm losing more weight, but due to all the crazy bugs in the air around here, i've got all sorts of weird illnesses...!!! ( ? )
Like my Right Foot...
It had been looking OK, but it's starting to hurt like a tray of chopper liver...
So today, while i was taking a shower,
i examined it more carefully, and decided that it was getting a little 'puffy'...???
The little toe had this big ass callus on it about a week ago,
so i trimmed it back with my fingernail clippers,
and i think i might have nicked some underlying skin...
which became infected...!!!
Any injury over here, irregardless of how trivial, will become infected...!!!
So i've been smearing 3 in 1 Antiseptic Salve all over that foot and hoping for the best...???

Now, I didn't make you a Christmas card cuz I don't know if you have any way to get mail. Please advise.

Awhile ago; i looked into getting a Post Office Box,

But apparently; i would have to be a land owning Republican to get one...!!!
If you actually need anything,
It is directly disproportional to the chance that you will be eligible to get it...!
So then: i went over to UPS... But they wanted something like 300$ for 3 months...
and with the amount of mail i would be getting, it would come to about 100$ per letter.
The principle reason i needed an 'address' for the Medicare ( or Medicaid...??? ),
but since that's water under the garage now... i'm not worrying 'too much' about it...???
i was also thinking about getting some 'food stamps'
( which are no longer in stamp form ),
but i would like to lose some more weight -- Anyways.
The end nut of it is that; No-- i don't have an address.

Also been checking in on the bog once in a while and I checked out the Asperger info and while it sounds very interesting you probably know more about your particular symptoms than anyone.
Well-- i sent that to you because... Well...

i've been wondering (???) for along time... 'Am i retarded?'
When i was being brought up, everyone thought i was retarded...!
i thought i was retarded...!!!
And then-- Later -- i started collecting bits & pieces of this & that,
that suggested that maybe i'm not retarded...!
( it turns out that i'm actually a sub genius...
( But then; Just the other day, i was reading somewhere, that someone, ( ? ) had suggested that a genius is someone that's had at least 2 really original ideas during their lifetimes... )
And i've had LOTS more than that... So -- Who knows )
So anyways...
i've always wondered-- Why i wasn't able to get anything done...???
And while many Aspergerians ARE able to get things done... BIG things...!!!
It may have been because they came from families that didn't think they were retarded...???
It's all about SMOKING...!!!
The thing about Smoking is that if you're a Smoker,
And you're given a choice between doing any given thing 'x'
( Like showing interest in your children ) -- or Smoking.
And if you're able to do Crossword Puzzles while your Smoking, So much the Better.

Got carried away on that site and read lots of stuff till I forgot my original quest. Be careful about putting your financial info out in the vapors lots of nuts out there who would do most anything to get a hold of 4 or 5 bucks.
i don't think that that's a problem, since no one is reading this.

It is after midnight and time for me to change back into my witch figure-
be careful

Love bp

-- Terminus --

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