Wednesday, December 01, 2004


The Three Different Kinds of Lightning

Weather People, ( That like to call themselves 'Meteorologists' )
Are adament that there is only one kind of lightning,
and that is the Jaggy kind.
It 'Usually' drops down from a cloud,
( or jumps up, from the perspective of the Electrons...??? )
But occasionally it jumps from cloud to cloud...
That's what Non-Scientists call 'Heat-Lightning'...!
It's always been my opinions that Weather People that assert this,
Have never seen Heat Lightning...
It's quite different from Regular Jaggy Lightning,
In that, Rather than simply illuminate a couple of clouds
It Lights up the ENTIRE sky, horizon to horizon...???
In Hawai'i; i've seen a new kind of Lightning...
The name of which is --- ?
What makes it different is that it's Cloudless...!
A patch of night sky, through which, you can clearly see the stars...
Suddenly Flashes in an illregular shape...!
The local Non-Scientists here seem to think that it has to be VERY Humid for this to occur,
And since it's Normally Very Humid here All The Time, it only has to be a Little More Humid for Cloudless Lightning to Occur.
i thought of a catchy name for it a few days ago, but now i've forgotten what it is...
Is there a real name for this...???

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