Friday, December 30, 2005

Recent Thingers...!!!

  1. A few days ago, i lost a Clothes Pin.It was tied to the side of my Backpack and from time to time, these attached things come loose and fall off...But--!!!It always happens when i'm looking right at it...!!! that i don't loose anything...!This has happened SEVERAL times, So this last time, that resulted in a lost Clothes Pin is certain to Mean Something...???
  2. Speaking of Near Disasters... The Second from The Top Zipper on my Backpack is becoming more and more sickly...!!! The Third from the Top, The Big Zipper was Installed Incorrectly, and after lugging it around for nearly a year, i finally fixed It... But the Second from the top one has 'Popped' open several times, and i've taken to checking it constantly...!!! It contains my glasses and my wallet... So it would be Disasterous...!!!...If AnyThing in there Fell out...!!! So just now, i noticed that it had done it again, under the most Unlikely circumstances...!!! These things are always happening under the most Unlikeliest of Circumstances...!!! Like now; When it wasn't under the tiniest amount of stress or shearing force, it popped open...!!! It was just sitting there under the table... While if i lug it around all day, it behaves itself...!!! But i also just noticed that when i pulled the clasper way to the beginning to fix it, it was out of registration at the alpha links...!!! that the clasper couldn't reach all the way down to them... So that they will remain out of registration...!!! i suppose The Smart thing would be to sew those links together...
    Maybe tomorrow.
  3. Something Quirky happened at The Park down near Waikiki a week or so ago...
    There is this Crazy girl that 'lives' by the Restrooms by the Tennis Courts, and she's been Collecting things for several months... Apparently she wanders around at night and brings back anything she finds, which mostly towels and T-shirts, but she has quite a few other things as well... So this collection has reached the volume of two Refrigerators... When the big race came around... There was a Big Race down in that area recently... and before it took place, someone chased her off and removed the pile of things that she'd collected...??? Then she was missing for about another week after the race, and just the other day i saw her again. She is much to crazy to talk to, and i'm to shy to ask her about it, but something weird happened.
  4. Speaking of Crazy Ladies... The Crazy lady that lives downtown and has several very large baggage carts piled with -???- has gotten a new cart, so that now she has five. i just CAN NOT Believe that NO ONE has taken an interest of SOMEKIND in her and straightened this out...??? She has been living and pushing all these carts around for more than a year, at LEAST... and it's just crazy...!!!
  5. Speaking of Crazy People Downtown... i pass through the Chinatown area every morning on the bus and it is FILLING UP with homeless people that sleep on the sidewalks down there...??? i'm not nearly that sociable...!!! The place i sleep at is situated so that i'm all alone... just the way it should be...!!! i will just fall over dead if i'm chased away from there...!!!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Why i Hate Getting Presents...!!!

There are Four different kinds of Presents you can get:

The Lame Present
A Lame Present is Disagreeable.

The Inappropriate Present
Likewise; If The Recipient defines a Gift as Inappropriate,
and who else would be qualified to do so--
It is Disagreeable.

The Something You Need Present
If you need something,
Then you should, or someone that knows that you need it, should;
Go out and get it for you.
This sort of thing, is Maintenance, and should never be considered a gift.
Thus; It is Disagreeable.

The Good Present
The Good Present is something that make you happy,
And if you're like me, You will feel that you don't deserve to be happy,
and thus:

The World is Not Working in a Manner that indicates that Gawd is Just.
Finding that The World is Not Just;

Means that The World is Random and Chaotic.
And this is Disagreeable.

Such that any present i receive--

Will be assessed as Disagreeable.

Additional Commentary:

One of the most disagreeable aspects to Chrstmsa is the frantic manner that everyone seems to express towards, Either being happy, or Trying to make other people happy...
This is loathsome.

Especially since it is so utterly futile.
If you're not going to be happy for the rest of the year,
Why do you even try to be happy for a few short weeks,
or one damn day.

Happiness is simply beyound your reach.
It is beyound the reach of The Damp Masses.
It is an Illusion.

Happiness; in it's purest form,
Is merely the temporary deescalation of torment & angst.
And unfortunately; When you struggle your hardest to obtain Happiness,
You only expand the natureal delimiters of the pain that sustains your existence.

Have you EVER had a Happy Chrstmsa.
Unless your deeply Insane; and experience Sorrow as Glee,
As some people experience Redness as Squeeking...
Then you have not.

Second Chrstmsa Package

i got a second Chrstmsa Package from my Auntie Barebelly...

It contained:

A Mini ( Completely Useless ) FirstAid Kit
Some M&M's
Some time ago i came up with a list of 'Directives' for 'Good Present' giving...
And i can't even recall what they all were now...

But i think there were three of them:

The Present should be given from someone to someone...
As opposed to: From K-mart to A Complete Stranger that you feel obligated for some reason to buy them something for Xingmsa...!
Such that The Gift should mean something special to the Giver, and hopefully, will mean something special to the Recipient... This may require some amount of Explanation provided by the Giver...???

It seems to me that there were three, but i can't think of what the middle one was...???
( i think it had to do with Money... as in: You should never give money, because when you do, you are saying that you have nothing to share with the Recipient...! )

The Present should be of The Highest Imaginable Quality...
But this doesn't mean that it has to be expensive, ( i.e., M&M's are of the highest imaginable quality, and yet they're very affordable )

So every year, i'm sure to get some M& M's.

20$ along with a note that reads:
I called SSI and they said I could send you $20 without your having to declare it.
Sounds like your immune system is needing a decent meal.
Merry Merry... B

i've been meaning to buy a 'Box Lunch' and i used $5 of it ( so far ) to buy one.
A Box Lunch is a lunch that comes in a Styrofoam Container... They are very popular over here, and the ones that i've found in garbage cans look very appetizing... But they usually contain things that go bad very quickly, so i would rarely eat them...!
The one that i bought was a Mini Beef Curry with Rice and Macaroni Salad...

...All mixed together pretty much....!
It was alright, but the Beef Chunks had a lot of fatty Gristle on them...???
Apparently she used the left over cuts for the Curry...!!!
I'll have to try something else next time...!!!

There were also Three packages that i saved for Chrstmsa...!!!
a) Safety Scissors ( i already have a pair! )
b) Tweezers ( i already have a pair! )
c) Fingernail Clippers ( i already have a pair! )

i decided to keep the Safety Scissors that she sent, since i effectively destroyed my previous pair by digging out a McDonald's Happy Meal Plastic Figurine...! It was of a Witch, and i wanted the fetish that it was connected to... i thought that it would easily detach if i unscrewed the pin in the back, but it was more firmly attached than that, and it was so thoroughly glued together that i could only break off it's legs, and then i had to use my scissors to slowly whittle it away until the string came loose...!!!

i also decided to keep the tweezers... when i got my first pair from Longs Drugstore, i wasn't paying sufficient attention to what i was doing, and got some that had straight across grippers... instead of the preferred needlized nose that is better for digging out thorns and slivers...!!!

i also had some Toenail clippers, which i like better than Fingernail clippers...??? !
So i'm now looking for a new home for the bad tweezers and Fingernail Clippers...
The bad scissors still work, but they are a little bit bent... so they don't close exactly correctly...???

oh well.

Mr. Peabody's Improbably History

As long as Underdog is going to be made into a movie ( see below ??? ) then
Mr. Peabody's Improbably History
should be made into another Live Action Feature as well...

In this version;
It should open up with Sherman entering an almost perfected Time Machine into the local School's Science Fair and having it noticed by two supiciously dark characters that decide that he can earn some after school money by doing odd chores for their employer; a Mister Peabody...

i always thought that it would be 'fun' if shows like Seven Days or Quantum Leap would meddle with history in such a way so as to 'Explain' events like The Kennedy Assassination, The Titanic Sinking or 911 as Necessities of The Greater Good or to Ensure that The Universe Remains Upright...???

So that; Mr. Peabody & Sherman; in this PG17 version would actually be responsible for these events...
So that the universe would remain internally consistent...???

or some such...


There's no need to fear!
Underdog is here!

When criminals in this world appear
And break the laws that they should fear
And frighten all who see or hear
The cry goes up both far and near
For Underdog!
Underdog! Underdog!

Speed of lightning,
roar of thunder
Fighting all who rob or plunder

When in this world the headlines read
Of those whose hearts are filled with greed
Who rob and steal from those who need
To right this wrong with blinding speed
Goes Underdog!
Underdog! Underdog!

Speed of lightning,
roar of thunder
Fighting all who rob or plunder

i think that we finally have the technology to produce a live action remake of Underdog,
with Underdog/Shoeshine boy as a Live Action Dog...

Wouldn't it be fun to explore a world in which animals and people share a common language...???

In this Movie Version;
i've been visualizing in such a way so that we get to see where Underdog got his powers from...
( A misconcieved experiment that simultaneously creates Simon Bar Sinister! )

Then the main villians for the first movie would be The Overcats...!
Which you may recall; came from outerspace to steal all our cows, for their milk...!!!

Additional Resources:
DJ Clawson'sUnderdog Home Page!
Pictures & Sounds

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Recalled Haiku...

Several years ago; i was reading a Haiku Collection and came across one that almost glued itself to my head...
But not quite...

i seemed to recall that it was a long poem with a traveler that journeyed long and hard,
Then stopped at a lodge to visit a friend, and left his horse outside;
After some time;
The snow had begun to fall,
and the last line described the horse's situation...

So i finally went to the trouble
( typing up a line into a search engine )
of looking for this epic poem
and discovered that it was substantially shorter than i recalled it...!!!

Tethered horse;
in both stirrups.

First Chrstmsa Package...!!!

My mother, still alive at 80 + a few days;
After a lifetime of chain smoking and recent morbid obesity...
Sent me a package, after i'd begged everyone NOT to send me anything...!!!

i just hate getting presents...!!!

The box that she sent was about half the size of my backpack,
Which is about the size of a regulation bookbag...
Or possibly a little bigger, especially along the sides, where there are extra pouches...
i'm trying to keep my carrying load as small as possible,
So that i can remain as InVisible as possible...
Many people; especially Pan-Handlers ( ! )
Don't believe me when i tell them that i'm a Street Person Too...!!!
( So that's good Confirmation that the plan is working...! )
But there are Other Street People around here that have even smaller bags than i do,
So i'm deeply envious of them...
( although-- it might be noted that one of them is an alcoholic that just sits and drinks around the Mall all day ( he's very well behaved though, so they let him...??? ( ! ) ) --
And the other is a Catatonic Schizophrenic that just sits around the mall staring off into space...
( Neither of them seems to be interested in Reading, Gematria or Watercolours,
So that, by itself helps to limit the amount of crap that they have to carry around...! )

But Mostly; i'm definitely fearful of becoming one of those lunatics that 'Gathers stuff...!!!'
And has to keep it all in a shopping cart,
OR-- in several noted cases; SEVERAL Shopping Carts...
( There is one lady, a VERY Pretty 30ish lady
that pushes around 6 BIG Airline baggage carts
piled with Gawd Only Knows What...
i would like to ask her, but she Scares the crap out of me...!!! )

So i want to avoid THAT...!!!

i should also note that i have Gathering/Hoarding genes in my brain,
So i am susceptible to this sort of Diseased Behaviour...!!!

Fortunately; It was mostly air bags to protect The Rice Crispy Squares...!!!
( i opened everything; even though it's not quite chrstmsa yet...!!! )
She also sent Two ( 2 ) flashlights...!!! One is a Toucan Bird, and one is a Mini-mini one...
i already have Two... My regular one, and a back up Regular one...
All the mentioned flashlights here are LED versions, and like Digital Photography,
Anyone that is still doing this...
( Flashlights with lightbulbs or Film Photography )
...The Old Fashion Way ---

She also sent a tube of first aid cream... Which i didn't need EITHER...!!!
When i need things, i can get them myself...
i have a very well packed First Aid Kit...
But that really doesn't make up for the Really Terrible Quality Skin i have...!!!

i have lots of bad molecules.

And Two packages of Chocolates...
One of which i gave to the librarian at the Kapolei Library,
Because they are so nice here...!!!
All the other libraries will only let you use the computers for an hour a day,
But here; You can use them for as long as you'd like,
So long as no one is waiting to use one...!!!
The Worst System is at The Main Branch,
( Where you'd think they would have the best system...
wouldn't you...??? )...
There-- You have to start at the half hour and get off at 25 after...
So that if you're a little too long, the librarian will start to nag and nag and nag for you to get off the computer...!!!
Or -- If you're there ONE MINUTE too early,
you have to wait one minute, even if no one is using the computer...!!!
Most of the branches will let you start at any old time,
And then you put a little Post-It Note on the computer when you're time is up...
Which is a little more civilized...??? ( ! )

And a Chicken Bauble Head.
( It's that 'Smart' PreAdolescent Chicken in the Warner Brothers Cartoons )

And Four Sharpie MiniPens.
i don't normally use Sharpies for drawing becuase they smell funny, and they're so oily that they'll bleed right through just about any kind of paper... The only thing they're really good for is writting addresses on Brown Papered Packages... or Grafitti...!!!
But i tried one the other day because i went over to Franklin Crafts and they didn't have the kind of pen i wanted, so i had to use The Blue Sharpie pen and it wasn't horrible.
So i guess i'll use the rest of them... eventually.

And also a bunch of McD's $$$ & Some Junk Mail...!!!
The Junk Mail was some insurance scam from my Bank, and my stupid phone company, which i hate, reminding me that i'd recently 'changed' my billing information... While what i was actually doing was 'Repairing' my billing information, after they got through with changing the expiration date on my new debit card...!!!
Do you like your Cell Phone Company... Which one is it...???

Thank You Very Much...!!!


Monday, December 19, 2005

More Odd Bits...

  1. figure ia : Merry Stinking Chrstmsa!

  2. figure ib : Alternative; Merry Stinking Chrstmsa!
    Special Thanx to The Smell Of Steve Illustration used without Permission!

  3. i may add an illustration to this later...
    My Chrstmsa Present to Everyone...!!!
    There's this 'Thing' over at the Ala Moana Shopping Center...
    It's not in one of the Store's, but featured on a Rolling Kiosk Dealie...
    And it's kind of Neat-O...???
    It's made of Glass, So the cheapest ones are like $50...!!!
    But you could easily Make One yourself, using only a Clothes Hanger, and a Toy Ball...
    Find a Clothes Hanger that is Wire, but with a Colourful Plastic Coating... and cut off a Long Piece of it...
    Then Wrap it into a Spiral Cone... So that it looks like an Ice Cream Cone... OK...! ?
    So the Narrow end is just looped any old way,
    But The Top has to be arranged into a Hook, so that it can be Hung from a String...
    The drop a Toy Ball into it, So that it rests around half way down into the Cone.
    Then Tie The String to The Wire Cone's Hook and to something overhead...???
    Then Gently Nudge the Cone so that it Spins along it's vertical axis ever so slowly...
    Not Too Slow, But Not Too Fast Either...!!!
    So that The Cone looks like it's moving Up or Down...???
    Anyways; If you did this right, The effect is pretty kewl.
    It would look nicer if you made it out of Glass,
    But after watching your wire one for about 5 Minutes,
    You'll be sick of it...

    figure ii : Magickal Floating Ball
  4. i was going to mention that this reminds me of my 'Mammalary Curve'
    A Mammalary Curve is kind of Like a 'Bell Curve'
    But instead of One Hump, The Mammalary Curve has Two Humps...!!!
    Like a Bactrian Camel...!!!
    It represents alot of different things...
    But in this case, It represents The Relationship between Intelligence and Curiosity...!!!
    The Curve has essentially
    5 Parts...
    The Lower Left Leading Plane, rising to...
    The First Hump,
    Then a Valley,
    Then The Second Hump,
    Then The Latter Tail leveling off...
    The First Level section is
    The Really Dumb People that are too dumb to see anything interesting in The Ball & Cone Dealie...
    The First Hump is The kind of Dumb People
    that will watch it for hours and hours and cry when you tell them it's time for dinner or bed...
    Then The Normal People ( The Damp Masses )
    are in The Middle Valley and they think it's kind of neat,
    but quickly become bored with it...
    Then The SubGenius' occupy The Second Hump; that find it fascinating and watch it for hours and hours and try to figure it out, and try all sorts of variations with it,
    and stay up for a long time playing with it...
    Then lastly; The Limp Tail is for The True Genius' that think it's vaguely curious, but quickly understand all it's implications and become bored with it.
    i first became aware of The Bactrian/Mammalary Curve when i was in Grade School and Noticed that The Really Stupid Kids ( The really, really stupid kids would in Special Ed classes, so that the Really Stupid Kids that i had access to, were in the First Hump Category ) and The SubGenius' were The Goofiest Kids,
    While The Normal Kids and Very, Very Smart Kids were the
    The Very, Very Dumb, The Normals & The Very, Very Smart, All think they're Smart
    While The Reasonably Dumb and SubGenius' know they're Dumb.
  5. i refreshed my Pi Friendly Gematria a little bit,
    adding some more statistics and searches through Phi, Tau & e.
    Regretfully; i didn't add any more Haikus.
  6. i took the bandage off my owied elbow this morning and it looks almost completely healed...???
    ...and most of my other 'budding' owies are behaving themselves...???
  7. And my cold is finally over i think... 2 days shy of the usual month that i take to get over one...!!!
  8. Something Fun: If This Link Works...???
    If not; Then go to Google; Groups;
    and look around for
    'A Story...'
  9. i found something in a magazine awhile ago,
    advertising for
    Inventions ....
    But when i tried to check it out, they required that i get a Patent out
    on my invention first, and when i tried to work my way through their website that was supposed to help me with that, it turned out to be more of a Blocking Strategy to keep Kooks out of the Competition...!!!
    So i didn't submit my Invention:
    Take A Look At It & Decide For Yourself...???
  10. Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2005
    03:05:00 -0400
    From: jim leftwich
    Subject: Re: new address
    you should send me some stuff for this
    email as jpgs or send hard copy and i'll scan it
    So i sent him my whole sub-notebook
    ( preliminary doodles not fit for my journal
    or other temporary notes for this blog site,
    or programming for my calculator...??? )

    and he didn't use any of the 50 or so pages of
    incoherent ranting &/or scribbles...!!!
    Voice your Concern...!!!
  11. Giant Evil Sea Turtle...???

    figure iii : From The Daily Xingmsa Parade

    @ Ala Moana Shopping Mall!

Friday, December 16, 2005

Chrstmsa Card

i've been thinking about scribbling together a chrstmsay story for chrstmsa...???
it would be titled: How Santa came to be Immortal
and the gist of it would be that when he was in his 30's, he became a vampire.
and so on.
of course; i would fill it out a little bit, but it doesn't seem to be coming together in my head...
if i get it written before chrstmsa... it would be a bonafide chrstmsa miracle.

Odd Bits

  1. i did laundry this morning... the first few laundries i did here on Oahu were over in Wainai...???
    [ i just accidently learned how to do a 'ShortCarriageReturn...!' ]
    ...But i went over there one day, and i picked up some "Bad Vibes"... which i'm very sensitive to... So i started looking around for a new laundromat...! and now i'm using on in Waikiki, which in pretty small, but it's in this neighborhood where everybody must have a washer/drier, because it's usually empty, except for tourists that are too shy to ask at their hotel how they can do some of their own 'personal' laundry...???
    So anyways... i didn't really plan on doing laundry when i got up this morning, but while i was walking through Ala Moana Shopping Center this morning at around 5:50, i came across a huge pile of clothes laid out on top of some bushes...???!!! So i looked through them a little bit, and found a HUGE T-Shirt ( i LOVE Huge T-Shirts! ) but it smelled just a little like Pee...!!! ...So i went over and did some laundry with that on top.
    i think i cost around 11.50 or so... i remember when i used to do laundry for $2...!!!
    oh well. It has to be done every six months or so.
  2. This happened quite a while ago, but i keep forgetting to mention it.
    i was riding on the bus one evening, on my way to bed, and i was sitting facing the aisle, and across from me, at about a 40 degree angle, there was a woman, facing forward, that was ranting up a storm...!!! As far as i could tell, she wasn't talking to anyone, since everyone around her was completely ignoring her...??? There were a bunch of kids around her, but i was trying to discount the possibility that they were hers, because what would be like to be raised by a schizophrenic mother like this...???
    So this went on for like 20_minutes, and then i noticed her looking vaguely over her shoulder, into the dark window, where she could see the person sitting directly behind herself...
    So this Guy sitting behind her, i heard for the first time, said something like, very quietly;
    "Will you please shut up."
    And she does not shut up. She keeps ranting and nagging about drinking and things that no doubt happened 40 years ago, but she's still as mad about them today as she was then... Perhaps more so. Almost certainly.
    So again; He chids her gently to please be quiet.
    She will not.
    So apparently he decided that he'd had enough, and reached up to pull the stop cord, and yanks it with such force...
    ( this is one of those quarter inch, wrapped steel cords with a plastic covering... )
    ... that it SNAPS!!!
    Just try and imagine how much force would be needed to break a quarter inch wound steel cord...!!!
    So as he's getting off, The driver begins to berate him for breaking the bus...!!!
    And he says; "How could i have broken the bus, a little guy like me..." And He Is a Little Guy...!!! With thin bony arms and a very meek disposition...!
    And the Wife decides that he's abandoning her, so she gathers all the kids together and get off the bus as well, --obviously far from where they intended to get off-- and she keeps ranting & nagging the entire time she's getting off, and continues while they all sit there outside the bus, and the driver is on the phone reporting this guy for breaking the bus--
    and after a while we left.
    The Bliss of Married Life.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Why MailArt is Evil...!!!

Well, yesterday i was thinking of doing some fact checking to support some of my views on this,

But i'm already bored with it, and facts are just toooo tedious for me,
So i'm just going to make shit up, that sounds reasonable to me.
( As a SubGenius; i'm usually pretty close to being right. )

  1. Links
    1. DragonFlyDream
    2. EdGiecek
      If Ed takes a liking to you, he'll make a Egg Head with your name on it...!
      This is considered Very Prestigous...!!!
      i'm very proud of my Egg Head...!
    3. Mail Art
    4. John M Bennet
    5. C Z Lovecraft The Babynous Cult's Contribution
    6. Mick Boyle
  2. Ray Johnson
    The Thing that really annoys me about Ray Johnson is that his work, as much of it as i've seen, which is very little-- is really lame...!!! Very weak stuff...??? And his claim that he created MailArt/Correspondence Art is highly dubious... Silly Postcards have been around for at least 300 years, And before that; Embellished Victorian Envelopes, And before that; Egyptian Hieroglyphics on wooden sleds pulled by teams of Hebrews...! Just what element of Illustrative Mail did he really contribute...???
  3. White Envelopes
    While i was doing MailArt, one of my core focal points was to cover every freckle of the envelope with decorative material, and so when i would get White Envelopes with nearly nothing in them, i would be like slugging me in the stomach...!!! They would completely deflate me...
  4. Bits
    i define Bits as little pieces of paper and other do-dads without any redeeming value, that would be included in an Envelope. If the Envelope would include a 'Project' as well, then i would forgive the presence of the Bits... But quite often, i would get a White Envelope with Nothing But Bits... This would be like slugging me in the stomach, then pushing me down a flight of stairs, covered with dog feces... ( left by a dog with numerous intestinals parasites ).
  5. Recognition of Alternative Fringe Art
    What all these have in common, and how they relate to MailArt ( Inversely ) is that while they all seem to have the same inconsequentially of MailArt, they have somehow become 'Recognized' by MainStream / or The Orthodoxy of FineArt Appraisers, Historians & Critics.
    1. Naive Art
    2. Outsider Art
    3. Dada & NeoDada
    4. Folk Art
    5. Schizophrenic Art
    6. Raw Art
    7. Pornographic Art
      Pornography is undoubtly the most popular form of 'Art' that there is;
      But like Mailart; it just doesn't get the respect that it deserves...
    8. Commercial Illustration
      This one is very quirky too...
      i could never understand how 'Art Books' could leave out Illustrators such as Norman Rockwell, M.C. Escher, Frank Frazetta, Jeff Jones,
      Shary Flenniken, Edward Gorey, Gahan Wilson, Ed Subitzky, M.K.Brown or Mort Drucker...??? ( ! )
    9. Adolescent Art
    10. Performance Art
      Fluxus / Aktions / Happenings / Street Theatre
      i witnessed this amazing bit of street theatre one afternoon in Bremertowne Washington: i was outside a Safeway, waiting for the bus to come, and there were quite a few other people there, including a well dressed woman that was hysterically ranting and foaming at the mouth and everyone was completely ignoring her... then the bus came and i was sure that if she got on, which seemed certain, she would continue the rant, and deep trouble would ensue... which frightened me terribly, because while she was on the street, i have this feeling that anything is possible, but when you're trapped on a bus with a crazy person, crazy things, by definition, are expected...! So she gets on the bus, and i get on the bus, or maybe it was the other way around, and she turns into the perfect citizen...!!!
      Another time; i spontaneously did a tiny street theatre piece, which nowadays would get me into a HUGE amount of trouble, certainly so... i was feeling kind of fidgety on the bus one day, and the person sitting next to me asked "What in the hell is wrong with you...???" And this next bit is testimony of how quickly my brain works... without pausing, i told him that i had a bomb in my bookbag, and that i was going to detonate it when we got to the bridge...! He sat very quietly for the rest of the trip. It makes you wonder a little bit; did any of the people on the buses, periodically blown up in Israel, know that they were about to be blown up, but were too shy to mention it to anyone...???
    11. Foreigner Art
    12. Elephant & Monkey Painting
    13. Computer [ AI ] Art
    14. Op Art / Geometrical Art
    15. Found Art
    16. Urinal Graphics
    17. RubberStamp Art
    18. Medical X-Rays
    19. Children's Art
    20. Abstract Expressionism
      Which should have died a long time ago... i mean really, once you've made the statement that art can be Kant's 'noumena' ( a thing in itself ), where can you go with that... How much variation and exploration is left after that... --An infinite territory of amorphous shapes and colour combinations... How much really needs to be used to waste canvas'...!!! Why not just write a computer program and set a TV on a table that generates these forms endlessly... What is the point of continuously promoting this as 'Art'...??? Really -- It just makes me loopy to open a Art News or Art Forum and see these ads for AE painters, that are no doubt selling these large canvas of paint barf for tens of thousands of dollars...!!! The only valid use for AE would be to forget the canvas and paint the wall itself with these 'designs'... and then when you get sick of it, paint something new over it.
    21. Alternative MailArt Venues
      1. Correspondence Art
      2. Fluxist Art
      3. Faux Postage
        Of all the Venues tainted by MailArt, this is perhaps the most Valid...???
        If only Fiskars® would make a scissors that would cut a stamp like perforation that was the correct stamp size...!!! ( the ones that they offer are too dang big...!!! )
    22. Zynes
      The other reasonably valid medium that is often associated/tainted with/by MailArt is Zynes...
      What defines Zynes within the taxon of MailArt is it's severe pointlessness ( see below ).
      While most zynes are pretty awful, the idea of zynes, has an important potential to give the sub genius' of the world a tool to disseminate their heretical nonsense, which may be important or significant, hundreds of years from now...???
      If i ever find a place to live again, i think i would like to reapply myself to making zynes...
    23. StapleBooks / Weebooks
      It just kills me that i couldn't get anyone interested in Staplebooks... This is where you take a sheet of typing paper and fold it up cross ways, and then cross ways the other way, then Staple the last fold, which is the book's seam, then trim the other three edges away ( there are exceptions to this ) and Walleye! you have a Staplebook...! How many Staplebooks do you suppose you can make, that is; How many different folding patterns are there, from a sheet of typing paper... Well, i discovered and created Templates for about 120...!!! The most pages for a Staplebook that i was able to actually fold and staple was 240 pages...??? Something like that...??? And moreover, there were lots of other Variations...! ...that were possible, but i considered them, usually, too trivial to make Templates for...! And nobody was ever interested in this...!!! Perhaps my greatest contribution to human kind...!!! Concerning those templates, i think i made about 6 or 7 complete sets, so if you have one of them... Be aware that it's a rare item...??? ( ! )
      As a side note to this; i made a few hundred books with these templates, and when i was evicted from my room, i was so depressed that i essentially threw all the originals away...!!! [ Actually; What may be the equivalent of throwing them all away, is that i sent them to Zen Baby in California somewheres...??? -- Apparently he's not reproducing them, and i wouldn't be a bit surprised if he lost them or threw them away...??? ] oh well.
    24. Collages
      As part of my personality disorder ( Asperger's ) i tend to 'get involved' with things from time to time, and i go a little bit 'overboard'...???
      Like several years ago; i thought that i would cut out people & 'things' from magazines and arrange them into collages, so that i could then use them to draw from, which was my terminal objective... To draw more complicated pictures.
      Well-- i never got around to that-- and i only made a few dozen collages in all...
      But i became addicted ( ??? ) to cutting things out. Part of this was because i became really good at it. i could cut things out so that there would be nothing of the clipping left on the scrap and no halo around the thing itself... such that i could cut right along the edge of anything... perfectly...!
      And i filled up boxes with people, and pies, and chains, and animals, and babies, and electronic items and so much more...
      Boxes and Boxes, Envelopes full... Thousands of these cut outs... that i never used for anything...!!!
      i couldn't stop.
      i was so happy when i was evicted and i knew that as ONE consequence of that, i would be free of cutting out scraps for collages that i rarely assembled...!!!
    25. Correspondence Crafts
    26. Rubber Stamping
      Rubber Stamping, although widely 'recognized' by the Art Establishment, is oddly, one of the lowest forms of Art, and a medium frequently employed by MailArtists.
      The Odd Part is that while Rubber Stamping, When in its 'raw' form, ( attached to Greeting Cards-- typically ) It is apprehended freely, But the moment that MailArt touches it, it is forgotten & ignored...!!!
      What i was trying to do with My Rubber Stamping; was to take the redundancy of the Rubber Stamped Image into a new direction, by making this process into a Real Medium for Geometrical Design... ( Which doesn't get any respect either...! ) ...But i don't think that anyone even 'got it'...??? When i would pay my rent in envelopes that i'd decorated with my Stamped Mandala's, My Slumlord would routinely throw them out, believeing that they contained Satanic Imagery... Which seemed to be a popular view; perhaps because they were just so Busy/Complicated/Chaotic that it was difficult to know what was 'In' them... Consequently; i think many people were afraid to publish them, thinking that some deeply offensive 'hidden' image would be revealed after it was 'too late...!!!'
    27. Embellished Envelopes
      You would think that Embellished Envelopes would be synonymous with MailArt, but they are somehow treated with a greater intrinsic respect...
      [ Here is something that the internet does to drive me crazy... i was just searching for 'Embellished Envelopes' with, and Couldn't find ANYTHING related to this...!!! i distinctly recall that The Smithsonian had invited artists from anywhere to send in their Embellished/Decorated Envelopes, many of which were High Art...!, and now...??? The Smithsonian has completely disavowed any knowledge of this invitation... although-- it was a few years ago...
      But still...!!! ( ??? )
      And you often see Magazines that will include a picture of a 'Fancy' Envelope that someone sent in... And Searches for 'Decorated Envelopes' or 'Fancy Envelopes' return only commercial sites with commercial products...???
      Search Engines are SOOOOOO Stupid...!!!
      OK... i found it.
      It was under
      The Graceful Envelope Project...!!!
      Notice how careful they are to steer clear of any suggestion that this is MailArt...!!!
      Of all the MailArt that i've ever gotten, only a tiny fraction of it, ever approached this level of 'intent' or 'purposefulness'...!!!
    28. Projects
      MailArt Projects are MailArt with some 'Idea' behind them.
      It is an EXTREMELY RARE Phenomena!
    29. NonCompliance of Group Activities
    30. Stupid Post Office
      i'm not really sure how my relationship with my local Post Office in Bremertowne DeEvolved... But at the end of my time there, they were actually throwing away mail that they knew should be delivered to me...!!! ( i am NOT exaggerating this point, i had one of the Main Postal Guys there tell me to my face that they were just throwing my stuff away, and i'm absolutely SURE that he wasn't Bull Shitting Me...! )

In Conclusion:

The common thread here; Is that MailArt is Created-- Invariably-- by hamsters that are so amazingly free of any Artistic Abilities that MailArt is their last Refuge.

You don't sell MailArt, you distribute it to other hamsters, like Supermarket fliers, and it is usually treated with the same respect.

Only a person with the lowest imaginable self esteem, AND a wholly unrealistic self appraisal of their artistic ability would ever participate with the ilk involved with MailArt.

And it might be added that i only quit when i was essentially forced to...
But / And / While / i had become aware that MailArt was incredibly dangerous years ago,
But it's like Heroin... You just can't Quit 'Cold Turkey'...!
You have to dragged away from it, while burly men, with short cropped hair, poke hot cattle prods into your flesh and laugh while your bowels empty onto the recently vacuumed carpeting that you bought last year at a 2 for 1 sale; because they were getting rid of that design, the design that you've been looking for, since the third grade, after seeing it in a book about Blind Japanese Cats with Wings growing out of their shoulders.
And now it's covered with your celery coloured crap, and they are throwing your boxes of MailArt into rusty oil drums and pouring gasoline on them.

and you close your eyes.

Recent Stuff...

  1. i lost my green handkerchief the other day...!!! Fortunately; i had a backup. i have lots of backups for handkerchiefs, since i tie them to my backpack for colour, and i also keep extras inside. You can never have too many Bandanas...! Either you're loosing them, or someone needs one to wipe up their carrot rich vomit from a bus seat.
  2. i ran out of yellow in my Crayola watercolour tray, so i had to get a new one. Yellow is usually the first to go, because i like to use it to lighten the other colours, Plus; if you add yellow to black, you'll get a really kewl, sickly Green...! So i got a new Crayola watercolour tray, even though i was thinking of getting this other brand, but i don't know that name of it... i remember the shop that i got it from, so that's practically the same thing...! The Crayola colours are a little too plasticity for me... The other watercolours would lay down 'flat' when they dried, as opposed to the Crayola colours, that would frequently 'bead up', especially if a patch was laid down a little thickly...!!! But the Crayola Colours are Brighter... and also, the store that i got them from ( Longs ? ) was right there when i got the urge to get a new tray, and the other store was all the way downtown, which i hardly ever visit. ( i used to hang out downtown ALL the time, when i was here the 'first' time ( 1985-1987 ), but it was alot different then, with different people...? ) So anyways, when i threw out my old tray, i accidentally threw out my 'good' paintbrush...!!! So i had to buy a new one, ( $8.49 )and this new one is not a scraggily as my old 'good' one, so it's actually MUCH better. Unfortunately; it's not making my painting any better.
  3. i'm getting in the habit of buying new T-shirts, rather than washing them. It used to be that i could go to a Salvation Army or Saint Vincent DePaul's and buy a T-Shirt and Shorts for a Dollar or maybe a Dollar Fifty, and NOW... !!! T-Shirts and Shorts aren't much cheaper than going to Waldomart...!!! ??? They're like $4 each...!!! Ugh! But i hate doing laundry, so the convenience of not having to do laundry is an important factor in this equation.
  4. Got a letter the other day from my 'Unit'...??? SSI is going up some unspecified amount, so that FoodStamps, which are now a Debit like Card, and not Stamps or even Coupons or Tickets...???...are going down $8 a month...!
  5. Sent my old doodle pad to Marc Calvary.
  6. i got a new doodle pad, and this one is much bigger...! more than twice as big, and i'm having a hard time filling up the area. You'd think that i could just draw things bigger, but that is not the translucent way. i have to draw everything at a particular size, and fill up the backgrounds with more details.
  7. Sunday; December 4th. My Calculator wouldn't turn on, so i changed the batteries and it came right back up and didn't even loose any memory. If the power goes down too low, it puts itself into 'Coma' Mode...!!! Sometimes when it does this, it's hard to get it to wake up...!!! You have to leave the batteries out for several hours or over night, so that it gets hungry enough to wake up...! There are tricks that you're supposed to be able to do to help it wake up, but i could never get any of these to work and any of my machines...!!! ( ??? ) Fortunately; i've only ( ! ) lost memory Once this trip. As i tell everyone from time to time, it's GOOD to burn down your house every ten years or so.
  8. One program i have on my Calculator is called 'Weird'. It measures how Weird things are in the world and then displays this quantitative amount, along with a message from the dead. The dead are not clear communicators, so this feature is somewhat less useful. i got the idea of the Weirdness meter from listening to Art Bell... He had a guest on that built one of these machines and he said that it accurately predicted The Death of Princess Diana and Various Earthquakes...!!! The principle is very simple, you just generate a whole bunch of Random Numbers and calculate their Average... Which should be ZERO...! When it's not Zero, then that means that The Universe is out of Synchronous with itself. The way i have mine set up, when it's Negatively not Zero, it draws a pie slice to the left, and when it's Positively not Zero, it draws a pie slice to the right. Lately; it's been generating alot of left leaning pie slices, which correlates strongly with the amount of sad wiggiliness i've been experiencing...!!! The dead are not telling me anything useful.
  9. November 21: last laundry $8.75 ( ? )
  10. i started a cold on November 20th, and it is STILL hanging on. Most of the sniffling is gone, but i've had a dry cough for about a week and a half... Typically, colds last a month in Hawai'i, so i still have 6 days to go.
  11. i had to call the Cingular Service number the other day, since i got a new Debit Card, and i had to tell them the new expiration date...! i hate calling their Service number...!!! All the operators are Indian's and it is hard to understand what they're saying, Plus the connections are always very poor...! Oh, how i hate cell phones... i just can't understand how people can talk on them so much if their connections are even 1/100 as bad as mine are...!!! Maybe i have a cheap phone...??? So besides having to call them and tell them my new expiration date, i had to Log On to my computer account with them and Authorize my next Automatic Payment...!!! And 'Rusty' didn't tell me how to do this, so i had to figure it out on my own...!!! i hate having to figure things out on my own. i would be much happier if i never had to think again. Thinking makes my brain hurt, and the screaming hamsters in there become very surly. If only they would let me sleep at night.
  12. i finished a book called In Code about this Irish girl that wins a bunch of prizes for her understanding of Modern Encryption Methods... and it discussed One Way Functions a little bit... So now i am interested in One Way Functions. These are mathematical do-hickies that are easy to calculate one way, but given the result, you can not figure out what the original input was...! It turns out that NO ONE has figured out a really good One Way Function that is Definitely One Way...! The closest they've come is The RSA Encryption Method, which is the Standard for Commerce and Spying these days... But they're just guessing when they say it's secure.
  13. My elbow owie is coming along.
  14. i have two new owies though, and one is getting worse, and one may ( ? ) be getting better. It's really no use trying to 'fix' them... i think they just have to run their course...???
  15. i added a Magazines section to my side bar.
  16. And a Glossary.
  17. i also have a Second Blog; Intelligent Designer, under Fun Places to Visit. i keep meaning to work on it some more, but i get started on new projects all the time, and forget about the older ones... My current project is one that i started YEARS ago... Called Dots. It's a program to draw a collection of dots in a spiral. It sounds easy enough, but i want the size of the dots to Vary, and so the Radius has to change, and the spacing, and i want them to all fit snuggly together, and my brain does not want to cooperate with telling me how to do this...!!!
  18. i told --?-- that i was going to add my address to my Resume, but it's so close to Chrstmsa that i'm afraid that if i add it now, someone will send me something Chrstmsay... and i HATE getting Chrstmsa presents... they are always so sad. i will add it in January.
  19. i've decided to keep using 'sproogles'.
  20. more later.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Local Aphorisms : Plus Commentaries

Stop trying to be Happy!
i'm just sick of seeing people struggling to be happy... this is particularly endemic here in Hawai'i, but i suspect that it is just a serious everywhere, although, possibly not as immoderate in other places.
What i would like to see replacing this vain exertion to verify ones existence, is to accede to the futility of your bailiwick & allow your angels to arrange your soiled affairs without your insistent obtruding.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - :: o
Only Atheists will be allowed into Heaven.
It seems to me that Gawd will want to fill Heaven with only the Noblest Souls and to do so, S/he has arranged for this World to be Mislead by various Religious Dogma's that are specifically designed to bring forth the most mealy minded, fatuous pedestrians, by insisting that the only way to get into Heaven is to perform the most specious, unreasonable, self destructive & socially ruinous acts that may be reasonably expected of them... such as mutilating your genitals, persecuting the weak & defenseless, sticking your head in a bucket, or espousing pure gibberish...
Anyone that betrays this agenda will be summarily sent into eternal damnation...!
Thus; Only the bravest, courageous & dauntless that avert themselves from the damp masses & social norms predicated by the established orders, will be worthy of that which they have rejected, to seek a greater, or true provenance of justice & knowledge.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - :: o
Are we living in A Universe that is so Cruel;
That it allows us to be Aware that we are Robots?
This is a rhetorical question ( ? ) that tacitly wonders how it can be that we are able to be aware that we are in fact 'Robots'...
It must necessarily be that either we are living in a universe that is That cruel,
Or-- that we are Not robots... ( ? )
For either to be true;
The Universe, as we experience it,
Must be seriously divergent from how it really exists.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - :: o
The Golden Rule only Encourages Masochists to Abuse Others.
When this first occurred to me, i thought that it applied to a reasonably small subset of The Damp Masses with Severe Personality Disorders...
But Now-- i'm thinking that it applies to nearly everyone, since everyone that is trying to be good,
Is aware that they fall short of their personal ideals--
And consequently; Feel that they need to be Punished...
So that they effectively become Masochists.
Then of course; Those that Don't want to be good, they're going to abuse others for the shear joy of it.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - :: o
The Public Schools aren't Failing to make Children Smart,
They are Succeeding in Making them Stupid.
This is based to some degree on my personal experiences with The Public School System,
But also: i feel strongly that this ties in with the idea that 'Science is Broken'...
In such a way that 'Someone', 'Somewhere' has decided that 'Smart People' are 'Dangerous' and that in order to Save the World from ( ? ) ( Our own Brains perhaps...??? ) There needs to be a continuous and unrelenting program of Stupidification imposed upon The Damp Masses.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - :: o
Science is Broken
It is certainly the case that certain popular notions that are just plain, tautologically, wrong! are being routinely disseminated upon the The Damp Masses...
But why is this...?
Is it part of the Stupidification Program, or is it that Otherwise Smart People are just as susceptible to dumb ideas as anyone else...
( i'm beginning to think that while many people think that our technology proves that we're 'Smart', Humanimals are in fact, amazingly stupid. And that Cerebral Tricks, such as; Language & Applied Trial & Error, have conspired through an Invisible Hand of Social Constructivism, to make us appear much more adroit at Sentience than we rightly Deserve... ( ? ) )

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - :: o
Mathematics is The Worst Enemy of Seeking The Truth.
While much of The Physical Universe may be described, & Quantified, using Mathematics--
It is quite another thing to use this Principle to Work Backwards, Using Mathematics to justify, or Prove, the Validity of some Crazy, Cockamamie Idea...!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - :: o
Literacy is a Crutch.
When Humanimals were Preliterate, ( And PreIndustrialized ) we communicated Orally, and this is a step down from the still more 'Natural' transmission of Ideas in their purest form, as Ideas themselves, which may only be possible in a Disincarnate State...( ? )
But within a local Sense; The Oral Medium is the Definitive Solution for Humanimal Communication...
And now that we have a Technology that supports this form of Conceptual Storage and Promulgation, we are able to abandon our intermediate use of Books and The Alphabet as a Repository of Literature.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - :: o
The Taboo of Nudism is a Refutation of Our Elemental Existence.
Isn't it curious that there is a nearly universal taboo against nudism, which is undoubtedly our natural state. It is a denial of our fundimental ( true ) Animal Nature.
By draping the oily skins of dead animals over ourselves, our religious ancestors somehow were able to assert that they were Not animals...???

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - :: o
You can Run; But you can't run to The Moon.
Even within an Infinite Continuum of Recursively Nested Realities, There are Delimiters that restrict our conceptual Freedoms of Swirliness.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - :: o
The Trouble with Cloud Watching, Is that you can Only see what you Recognize.
New ideas are invariably old ideas seen from a new angle.
All Truths that we will ever know; are available to us right now, right here.
You don't have to 'Go Someplace' to find them,
All you have to do: Is Look!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - :: o
Everything is Wrong.
On the first tier of Examination; Everyone is lying to us, about everything.
On the second tier; Everything that we can learn is a lie.
On the third tier-- The Idea of Truth Itself; is an Illusion.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - :: o
As True as Elephants.
While we may exist as a Screen Saver for the People One Dimensional Reality Up from us...
There are things that we commonly think of as 'True'...
One of these things is Mathematics... Partly because while we can easily 'Grasp' that 2 Apples + 2 more Apples = 4 Apples... as Undeniable... But also because the whole of Mathmatics is True by Definition.

It might be noted at this time that while 2 + 2 = 4 is UnImaginiably Not True, is it equally easy to Intuitively Express a Certainty that 272638386 + 8476826726 = 8749465112 ???
There are some things that we simply 'Believe' are true...
Such as; That there are Elephants in Africa.
Or that there is a place called Africa, or that there are Elephants.
If we are living in a Screen Saver Reality; Then the answer to all these questions is; No.
Comparitively Speaking...
Or-- We can simply redefine what we mean by 'Exist' or 'True'.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - :: o
I want to go do the Bug Things.
i have no idea what this means, but it keeps running through my head!
Alternately: Go do the Bug Things.

Or-- I don't want to Bug Things.
( ??? )
i am thinking that maybe these 'Phases' were 'Implanted' during an Alien Abduction and their meaning will become clear to me as some later time...???
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - :: o
I am trying to be Good.
The trouble is; i have no idea what 'Good' is.
Philosophically: i don't even belive that there is a 'Good' to aspire to.

There are only 'Regional' or 'Local'; 'Goods', that are good for some,
But invariably Bad for Others.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - :: o
As Serious as Foot Odor.
When bad things happen, some pundants will oftentimes ask:
'How could God let this happen?'

The things that Gawd thinks are Serious &/or Important are quite different from what we think are important.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - :: o
Magick is the Hidden Latch Key.
Harry Potter & his Ilk never seem to get around to explaining where Magick comes from...
But-- i'm thinking that maybe it was inserted into this layer of reality by The Xi .6 Controllers as an Emergency Back Door in case they ( The Programmers ) were ever trapped within it...!
Thus; These routines that they added would be easily accessed, If only you knew how---
And with them; You would have Unimaginable Power that would Circumvent all the normal Physical Laws that The Reality Generator usually takes so seriously... ( ? )

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - :: o
The More We Mutate; The Faster We can Evolve.
Even if you don't adhere to the strick rules of Darwinian Evolution;
It's certainly true that you can't change for the better unless you make changes to begin with...
The more you change, the better statistical chance you'll have to eventually stumble upon something that works for you... ( ??? )

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - :: o
Smoking doesn't make you Equal to Men; It makes you as Stupid as Men.
Feminist Poster...???
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - :: o
If Jesus were here right now, He'd kick your Ass...!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - :: o
Do Not try to Stare Down The Giant Mechanical Ants.
Essentially this may be interpreted in two ways;
One is that it's predicting that the world as we now know it will be overrun with Giant Mechanical Ants, and that you shouldn't exercise unnecessary Hubris arountd them...
You're Doomed anyways; but why make it more difficult for yourself...
The Second Interpreetation is that There are Things; Essentially Unkowable Things, that are Beyound your ability to control them, and that you need to do nothing more than conceed to this point.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - :: o
Is it Bad to want Justice too much?
i think that in most cases, this means, or generally refers to a form of 'Justice' that is not anything like the ideal forms of justice that Noble hamsters espire to...??? Such as when; Knowing that someone is going to burn in Hell for all Eternity; You want them to suffer even more...
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - :: o
Gratuitous Nobility is the Showboat of Scoundrels.
Simply another variation on 'Patriotism is the Last Refuge of The Cad.'
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - :: o
No Happiness; But sometimes, Unhappiness helps.
Russian Proverb.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - :: o
Few people have the imagination to be genuinely Evil--
But Incompetence & Disorganized Malfeasance are often percieved as evidence for depraved iniquity.

Most people-- The Damp Masses --Are simply & Blissfully, Wallowing in the puddles of Amorality...
Morality; and the awareness of Right & Wrong, are really very tricky things to fully understand.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - :: o
What might be keeping us from seeing The Ultimate Truth; are Colours.
The true reality is really just one thing...
But colours make everything look like it's divided up inot parts.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - :: o
If; by tomorrow, you still believe what you have seen today--
Then; you will understand.
They say that seeing is believing, but people see the stripped down, naked truth everyday--
But then; By the next day, they've either forgotten all about it, or refuse to believe it.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - :: o
One of the greatest skills you may ever master is;
Determining why someone is doing something stupid.
It's just too easy to blithly presuppose that everything done in the name of ignorance and stupidity is the activity & residue of Crazy People...
But it is occasionally ( ? ) the case that these actions that are percieved as the work of lunatics,
Are actually the business of reasonable people that have made one misstep, or assumed some axiom that is just plain wrong.
Finding this error in thier thinking, ( often without their cooperation ) is the hallmark of a superior mind.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - :: o
Because the universe ( our comparitively; local universe ) is so amazing tiny--
It is surprisingly easy to create novel things;
Inventions, Art, Music or A simple sentence--
That is entirely fresh & unique, having never before been brought into existence.
Imagination is not so much thinking of new ideas,
It is realizing that you have done so.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - :: o
"Cogito, ergo sum"
( Latin: "I am thinking, therefore I exist", or traditionally "I think, therefore I am" )
Is a philosophical statement by René Descartes, which became a foundational element of Western rationalism. "Cogito ergo sum" is a translation of Descartes' original French statement: "Je pense, donc je suis", which occurs in his Discourse on Method (1637).
From Wikipedia
What is usually assumed from this;
Is that it proves the existence of the soul...!
But aside from the tautological demonstration of existence...
What does it really suggest... Freewill ( no. ) Autonomy ( no. )
Does it even demonstrate cogitation...?
Could a dumb, cleverly programmed robot construct that sentence?
If so; Could it have come about by evolutionary leaking...
( ? )
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - :: o
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - :: o
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - :: o
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - :: o
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - :: o
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - :: o