Saturday, January 29, 2005

Other Blogs...

Since i don't have my own computer,
i'll have to store these Blog References on a SubBlog Page...

Mike Hancox

Friday, January 28, 2005

Blog Search Engine

i don't understand this Blog/Google Search Engine
that's at the top of each Blog...???
It never finds ANYTHING...!!!
What is the deal with that...???

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Angels & Other Agents of Disorder...!!!

So two days ago, after i was sure that i'd lost access to my most beloved, and only slightly Millipede infested sleeping area...
i was on my way past it, to Our Lady of Sorrow's Catholic Church, which is a poor second choice...
The area that i was going to use is dark, and well shielded from passive gawkers & damp weather-- But the Priest ( or Caretaker ) lives right next to the Church, so there is always an elevated possibility of discovery and being yelled at...!!!
So anyways...
i was passing by 'Site A' and noticed that The Gate was Open...!!!
i was sure that it had been nailed shut or somesuch...!!!
So i hastily jumped off the bus and slept there the last two nights...!
i've decided that if the Alarm goes off again, i'm just going to hunker down and ignor it...!
Although; in all previous cases of this, nothing has come of it...
There is a possibility that at some unpredictable time in the future,
The Police may actually investigate it and find me...!!! Eeeeek!
i have talked my way out of similar situations before...
and even if they were to arrest me, i'm pretty sure i would be released the next day,
after a summary court appearance, and given some negligible amount of community service...
Or-- Something else may happen...???
Who knows...
One must have faith that ones angels are looking out for your best interests,
Even if those interests don't seem to be what YOU would think are your best interests...
Angels always seem to have a 'different' 'take' on these things...!!!
Three days ago i caught another Cold...!!!
In years past, i've usually caught One cold every 3 years...
and Now this is the Second Cold in 3 Months...
So this time ( The last one lasted a whole Month...!!! )
i am MegaDoseing on Vitamin C...!!!
Which Curiously... ??? ...Seems to be helping whatever is wrong with my Right Foot...???

The Centi/Milli-pede that Bit Me...!!!

This is kind of like... ( not quite so colourful )
But the size and appearance are about right...
( this one grows up to about 7_inches! )

This one is kind of close too...
But there's no info- on it...???

If the universe has evolved over a period of approximately 14 billion years, then the Earth and our Sun are relative new arrivals on the cosmic scene, being only about 5 billion years old. Life began on Earth shortly after its formation (4 billion years ago), but complex, multicellular forms of life did not begin until about 600 million years ago, a period of time geologists call the Cambrian explosion. Some of the first land animals were insect creatures of which the millipedes and centipedes are representative (450 million years ago). We know from the fossil record that some of these first millipedes were up to six feet long! Some other noteworthy developments were flies and cockroaches (300 million years), the dinosaurs (200 to 60 million years), dolphins (30 million years), the immediate ancestors to the human species (3 million), modern humans (200-100 thousand years), the first technological achievements by humankind (10,000 years), and our modern technological lifestyle from the industrial revolution to the present (200 years).

While researching images for this entry--
i didn't find any pictures of either Centipedes or Millipedes that even resembled the one that i saw crawling on the side of the capitol building...
It was roughly 18_inches long, very thick, and rainbow coloured, with a noteably bright red head or tail... ( it's surprisingly hard to tell, unless they're moving... and this one wasn't...! )

Monday, January 24, 2005

More Recent Events &/or/+ Future Plans...???

So my worse fears have born fruit...!!!
i've been feeling very anxious for a couple of weeks now about this place that i've been sleeping at for the last (nearly) 4 months...!!! ( that long...!!! )
and last night i found that someone ( ??? ) had nailed the door shut to the porch that i was sleeping on...!!!
Now i'm very anxious about finding a new place...
this old place was VERY nice... ( despite the millipede attacks...!!! ) and it was something of a miracle that i found it...within 48 _hours of arriving on Oahu...
esp. since it was about an hours drive from Honolulu...
( i was clearly directed by angels...!!! )
( now -- what are they up to...??? ( ! ) )
so i've been thinking of returning to the mainland EARLY,
at the end of this month, rather than in March...???
But / While / And / Or -- i've been checking around and found flights leaving from here to San Francisco or San Diego for less than $500...
The temperatures in Corvallis, Oregon &/or Ellensburg are in the low 50's to even lower 20's...!!!
i don't think my high-tech sleeping bag can insulate me sufficiently against those sorts of thigh slapping nights...!!!
so i don't know what i'm doing...!!!
i've seen ALOT of homeless people just camping out in front of the shoppes down along Waikiki or sleeping at bus-stops... But that's a little too public for me...
i like to get out of sight...???
what am i going to do...!!! ( ? )
i have to keep the faith...
those eternally mischevious angels had better have a plan...
a good plan...
without attacking millipedes...!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Recent Events... ( ! )

  1. i feel guilty whenever something bad or unexpected happens to me... because; invaribly, it's such a trite & pointless misadventure compared to all the exciting things happening to everyone else, that i shouldn't even been vomiting in the park over it...
  2. Last night, when i got to the place that i usually sleep, i found the door to that area closed...!!! it wasn't locked, in fact, it wasn't even shut all the way, and couldn't be shut all the way, because the door &/or frame are warped, so that it can only be closed... most of the way... ( ? ) but it was VERY unusual that it was even closed this much... so after i went in, and reclosed it... because i like to keep things that way i find them... ( usually when the door is open, i leave it open, and sleep behind it, so that anyone passing by can't see me... ( in theory.... ) there is this crack where the door meets the frame by the hinges, but / while there is alot of light from a nearby streetlamp, i believe it is still too dark to see anything meaningful... especially from the sidewalk... ( although, the other day, at around 11:00, someone came into that area, thinking that someone ( their friend ) was there, and left politely after i said "hi" and it became clear that i wasn't the friend he was looking for... ))) So anyways... then later... at around 11:30 that night / last night -- that outside ALARM went off...!!! It's done this 2 other times, and both times it was apparently a false alarm set off by someone inside the building... But this time, on a Saturday night at 11:30... this did not seem to be a reasonable cause... so i bundled up my sleeping bag and left... and after i'd walked about 2 blocks in my bare feet... ( i didn't even want to take the time to put my sandles on...!!! ) ... the Alarm shut off... and ( apparently ) the police didn't even respond to it...!!! But i went up a few more blocks anyway and slept the rest of the night at "Our Lady of Sorrows" ( That is the Really Really name of this Church... ) which i didn't want to go to, but where else could i go... ( it being a Sunday today...!!! ) and they started opening up the Church at around 4:30AM...!!! but i managed to get away without being seen... ( i think...! )
  3. i don't think i have enough money left to keep buying coffee and cinnamon rolls for the rest of the month...!!!
  4. So if this place that i've sleeping goes sour... where am i going to go... i havn't thought up any good backup places yet...!!!
  5. and also: a few days ago, i was attacked by another Centipede...!!! it bit me twice in the flabby part of my right arm, and it really hurt for about an hour+... But i never saw this one... i think i may have even brushed it off my leg after i jumped up, and was searching for it with my flashlight... but i got away unseen...!!!
  6. All that jumping around... at around 4:00am, and then escaping the Alarm... may have SERIOUSLY compromised my Security / Secrecy there...!
  7. Ugh.
  8. i am eager to find a new place to live on the mainland... But that is still a month+ away... unless a miracle ( minor / nonsupernatural ) occurs.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Another Tragedy...!!!

This is my favorite Library...
it allows it's patrons to use the computers for as long as you want,
so long as no one is waiting to use one...
Which is hardly even-- Since Kapolei is a very small town,
and they have more computers in this library that at any other on the island...
( i don't understand why this is so... But it IS... !!! )
Plus; at all the other libraries, you can only use their computers for 1 hour...!!!
This may effect the amount of new material that i can add to this Blog...!!!

Repairs / Renovations
Beginning on Jan. 18, the Kapolei Public Library will cut back its evening hours and will provide reduced services due to a faulty main switch circuit breaker. The library will resume its regular service hours once electrical parts arrive from the mainland and are installed.

Until the circuit breaker can be repaired, the Kapolei Public Library is without sufficient electricity to run the air conditioning system, the elevators, the telephone system, and the dozens of Internet, Public Access Catalog, and circulation computers. Limited service will be provided, which includes manual check out of books and non-computer dependent reference questions. No overdue fines or DVD/video rental fees will be accepted during this period. Normal book drop service will continue.

Please call other libraries to make inquiries about existing holds. Customers are asked to make renewals in person or over the phone and clear their fines at neighboring libraries. Customers wishing to acquire a new or replacement library card should apply for them at other libraries.

For a complete listing of Oahu public libraries and their hours:

The Kapolei Public Library's temporary public service hours will be: Monday, Thursday, and Friday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Tuesday and Wednesday, 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.; and Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

An announcement will be made once the repairs have been completed and normal library service resumes. For more information, contact the Public Libraries Branch at 831-6881.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Notification by CarbonBased Mistake + Commentary

From: mistake
Sent: Tue, 28 Dec 2004 00:41:37 -0800
Subject: AXP

You have been awarded third place in this years Art Exchange Program!

Listen, you would have gotten first place but the contest was for print.
You sent originals.
Please, please tell me you scanned all the pages, that book was so
They're all - ( Including the Cover, Inside Cover, Back & Inside Back ) are all saved to a CD.
It makes me crazy to think no one else will ever see it.
You could share it with your mother...???
We have to discuss publishing you.
I have been wanting to publish other people for some time.
We need to discuss this.
( ed. note: This was discussed a little bit, off camera )
I only wish I had the money to give cash prizes for the top three
Money only corrupts the robot soul of the otherwise pasty coasted Humanimal shaped cookie.
This is not some bullshit line.
It was the hardest thing I've ever had to do.
Your work is great, but it wasn't for print.
( ??? )
One of the most currious things about my drawings / watercolours is that i view them as interiour landscapes, and comparitively benign examples of something dadaish... following ( ? ) along a template devised by Rene Magritte...??? But what i find 'quirky' is that whenever most everyone else views them, they recoil in horror. ( i do not understand this AT ALL...??? -- is it just that all they've ever looked at is K-Mart sexually misanthropodical waterfalls and still-lifes of faux hued gardenias & rosy cheeked cats...??? )

Have you done comics yet?
If interested I'd like to discuss some projects with you.

i've always wanted to illustrate childrens books...
anyone that sees my drawings may think that this would be an inappropriate direction for me to take, but i tend to think either along the lines of childrens books written for older children, or modern internet children... ( the things that every child ( these days ) with a computer must have seen by now...!!! -- The things that i have seen -- Shock & Astonish me...! )
i've been working on several books... and while i have assembled 4 sketchbooks of many ideas...
i really don't know how to proceed...
and now that i'm a street-person, everything is in a lurch... plus
i'm not sure what i did with those sketch pads...
The 4 books that i've been working on were:
Young Crimminals in Love
Two lesbian preteens get into a butt-load of mischief & inadvertantly save the world.
Day Dreams
A Young Girl awakens in a surreal suburbian landscape - or - a Pirate ship each night...
Real Magick
A Young Boy discovers a Book of Magick and works out several spells.
Wouldn't it be Fun...
A Group of Youngsters on a boring Island create a game of consequences... Called Wouldn't it be fun...
Will these ever be developed...
Probably not... i was thinking of selling the sketch books on Ebay...
i've noticed that many Best Selling books often have one or two good ideas in them...
( Each of the Harry Potter Stories have a few dozen good, original ideas, padded with extensive filler )
Each of these Sketch books have dozens & dozens of original ideas in them...

For the propose of having samples of your work for people to see,
scanned 7 images from your book.

You left out my Three favorite ones...
Nobody ever likes the pictures i like...
The Neanderthal Girl Squating.
The African Face
The Room with The Hanging Mites.
I have included your email address on the site since you also didn't
include your mailing address.

As mentioned Earlier,
( See previous blogs - specifically; Whatever was earliest... ? )
Due to Extremities of Wiggiliness...
i'm currently a Street Person ( This will be the Eight Year... Over all )
Many people told me not to include your work in the top three slots
because you didn't follow most of the instructions of applying.

Without Rules; There would be Anarchy
- or -
Rules are only Guidelines for The Damp Masses that Don't understand The Consequences of Moral Choices.
But goddamn, your work is amazing...
i'm often torn between thinking exactly this, and exactly the opposite... ?
The web site will be updated within the week.
You retain all copyright of your work. Although I feel that doesn't
matter to you, although it should.

i would rather be known ( ? - as is : by various psuedonyms ) than rich
Bad artists can shun copyright all they want, good artists shouldn't or
someone somewhere will steal it and profit from it.

If they really like it, maybe they'll pay me for more of it...???
This isn't about making money, but about keeping bad people from making
money off of your talent.

Do good people go to hell for letting bad people abuse them...???

As third prize winner you receive a copy of anything I've published.

You've already sent me everything you've done -- to mid 2004
Visit the website and have a look, feel free to email me your choice.
Keep in mind the new issue of cherrypepper (2 new ones actually) and
the new issue of the carbon based mistake will hopefully be released in
march 2005.

Thank you for entering, I hope you continue to produce and please
submit next year.
But next time help me to help you by including a name, address, and
something that people can send cash/stamps/trade for.
If I saw your work and found out I couldn't get a copy I'd feel cheated.
There's a lot floating around out there...
Typically; i've noted that most zyne publishers create about 100 or substancially more copies of each issue... most of my 'editions' are around 30... The most i've even done was for _Neil Armstrongs Second Trip to The Moon_ and that was in two versions ( possibly three ( ? ) ) and that may have reached 60 issues... which nobody seemed very enthusiastic about... most were probably thrown away... ?
( i thought it was pretty cute... ! )
Also: There may be some confusion... ( ! ) about how many StapleBooks &/or Zynes i've created;
Since i frequently mentioned Titles of books that were available... But actually: Weren't. ( !!! )
once again, your work is amazing.
- marc calvary
Scroll down to the bottom, and click on the appropriate phrase or illustration...
You may also be interested in doing a www search for items pertaining to _Babynous_
publish and be damned.
You'll probably be damned anyways, so why not do all those fun things you've been putting off...

------- End of Forwarded ( Plus Commentary ) Message -------

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Where is Gawd...???

Is Gawd Dead, or Just Out Goofing Off...???

There's been several news items in Magazines & on The Radio & Television recently that have been asking;
Where was Gawd when The Indian Ocean Tsunami Struck...? ( ?? )
One of the things that most annoys me about organized Religion(s)
is that they all (?) have such naive & ill-considered descriptions of Gawd...!
There is; For example--
No evidence or suggestion that Gawd is Good, Omnipotent or even Physically Large...!
Here at The Constortium;
We feel that this Reality; The Visible Universe ( And Surrounding Imaginative Realms ),
are a subset of a continuum of Realities,
and that this one was artificially produced by a being(s) in our parent Reality.
This Being may have created only the elemental constraints of our physical delimiters,
and it may well be that within this construct,
a species of autonomous beings that exist within this assemblage,
very much like ourselves,
except that they proceeded us,
were the ones that created our DNA or whatever it is that actually defines our bodily forms & mental boundaries.
The point being ( intermediate point ) is that;
That which we think of as 'Gawd'--
May actually be a grand host of diverse beings,
that exist on many different layers of The Reality Spectrum
or within our own Visible Universe...!
But this may all be quite irrelevant to The Central Point when asked;
Why does Gawd Allow Crazy &/or Unfortunate things to Happen to us...? [ ? ! ]
It seems to me that the most obvious solution would be;
Given that the most Unfortunate thing that we can imagine happening to us,
[ Pick One ]
Would be either Personal Death or The Disillusion of Your Soul or Eternal Damnation...
But none of things;
As they apply to US -- Are in the tiniest bit repugnant to either Our Gawds or,
( Because they KNOW Better... ) To US...
( i.e., We shouldn't care about Physical Death or The Hereafter-- Either...! )
Whatever is going to happen to us;
Will happen according to the Will of whichever Gawds have precedence over That Aspect of our Existence...
And that may not be The Gawds that created our DNA or even The Universe as we can view it...
Are in any way Responsible or Have Control Over what becomes of us--
When we are bumped from any given plane of existence... ( ? )
Our Souls ( Assuming Consciousness is Not a clever & mean-spirited Illusion )* may have been created by forces residing at The Bottom of The Continuum of Realities, and under no-ones authority,
or they may have been created by Gawds, Dozens or Trillions of Realities up from us.
All intermediate Realities & Gawds would then be just as mystified by this phenomena of Self-Awareness as we are...!
At any rate:
The spectrum of Moral Values;
"What is Good & What is Not so-very Good"
Will undoubtedly vary widely from Gawd to Gawd,
Just as it varies widely from Humanimal to Humanimal, or Humanimals to Chickens.
Why did Gawd allow that Tsunami to destroy so many 'innocent' lives?
Why not.

* Are we living in a Universe that is So Cruel-- That it allows us to be Aware that we are Robots?

Monday, January 10, 2005

NewsWeek Mentions Graphing Calculator...!!!

i was just today reading an article in Newsweek
That was giving Kudos to Macintosh's Graphing Calculator Program...
( Desktop Accessory )
This is the program that destroyed my HardDrive...!

This is what happened...
i hadn't really played around much with Graphing Calculator...
Because for one thing; Not mentioned in the Newsweek Article,
Is that The Graphing Calculator program included with the Operating System ( 8.5 )
Is only a Demo Version, and you have to Buy The Actual Program--
Plus; Much of the Functionality of the Program requires it to be connected to the Internet--
At a MicroSoft Location...??? (!!!)

But on the Day of Destruction--
i was trying to figure out how to either Colour the 3D Projections--
Or to 'Paste' Graphics onto them...!
i distinctly recalled seeing this effect in the Demo-
But as i replayed it again & again on this day, i couldn't get it to display them...
Finally-- ( i think ) i went into the System File and reanimated some of the -- uhhh... ?
What do you call 'em...??? Not the Control Panels... But those other things... ??? ( ? )

[ Extensions ] ed.
Anyways... i turned a bunch of those on, and went back to Graphing Calculator and i think i may have gone onto the Web, and asked around there...???
So -- After several hours, i finally was making some progress on this, and managed to paste some graphical images onto some simple graphs, But they were looking really lame, so i continued to try different things...
And -- At some point;
i noticed that the computer seemed to have 'Hung-Up'...???
It was taking Way-Too-Long to do something or another,
So i tired some of the 'Unusual' ways to interrupt it, and shut it off...
And nothing was working...!!!
So i turned it off with the switch on the back!

And when i turned it back on...
The Internal OS couldn't find my HardDrive...!!!
i then tried starting it up from a 3.5 and a CD, And none of these could find the HardDrive...
It also gave me one of those indecipherable Error Codes...
Which wasn't mentioned in an application that i had on a 3.5...
So i went to The Library and tried looking it up on The Apple Website,
And it wasn't there...!!!
So i continued to look around for Any Mention, Anywhere on the Web for some mention, and some previous experience with this ErrorCode, and the only NewsGroup Entry that i could find that mentioned it, Said that THE ONLY WAY to fix this problem;
Was to Reformat the HardDrive...!!!
...Which would mean Erasing Everything...!!!

This meant the Destruction of Essentially 3 Years of UnSaved Crap,
That consisted of many folders filled with Irreplaceable lists
and Mountains of Pornography
( which included about 30 shots of Giant Clitoris',
which i'm sure i would never be able to relocate...!!! )

So that was it.
i Reformatted The HardDrive...

OH-- i should also mention that in Bremertowne, Washington;
There are only 2 ILLEGAL / UNAUTHORIZED Apple Macintosh Service Providers...
And after having dealt with both of them,
i knew that neither of them would be of any use whatsoever,
as they were both imbeciles.

So -- Everything was lost...

This was one of the first things, before EVERTHING started going to the Crapper...
And since then; i've Identified this whole episode as The Wiggily Period.
i've experienced some Hard & Agonizing Times filled with Weirdness prior to this,
But this last one Was of such a High Concentration of Weirdness that it deserved a new Classification of High Strangeness.

[ ??? ]

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Getting Another Cell Phone...!!!

Even though i tried getting a Cell Phone a few Months ago,
And it turned into one of The Most Traumatic Episodes of my LIFE...!!!
i'm still thinking that,
While i don't have anyone to Talk to,
It would still be very CONVENIENT to have one...??? ( ! )
So i've been thinking of Getting a GoPhone-- That is Offered by Cingular & AT&T...!
The Phone that i'm Interested in is The Nokia 3200 which has about a Zillion Features and The Calling Plan could be for either 19$ or 29$ Plus an Mmode Fee of $4 a Month...
I'm pretty sure there aren't any Hidden FEES...???
But my biggest Concern is that the Two Towns that i'd would like to return to on the Mainland,
AREN'T COVERED in their Calling Range...!!!
So i'm still looking into that...!!!
One reason that i'm eager to get this cell phone is because it's Expensive...!!!
When i was over at the SSI office the other day or week or so -- ago...
i was told that if my bank balances went over 1200$, i'd have to REPORT THAT,
and if it went over $2000, they'd CUT ME OFF...!!!
So while i'm only up to 1100$ now... ( + ) ...i just don't want to deal with them anymore,
and Anything i can do to keep them out of my Tomato Soup & Crackers... The Better...!!!

One other think that she told me -- was that if i managed to move in with a relative,
and either didn't pay rent, or paid a small rent,
SSI would Decrement my Allowance to reflect my Reduced NEED...!!!
Another thing SSI does,
Is if i got A Part Time Job, Or any other form of Income--
They would Deduct my wages from my Allowance,
So that my monthly income of Job + SSI would never Exceed my Allowance Amount...
In other words:
SSI will NEVER allow me to get a foot up on making my life the tiniest bit more agreeable...!!!
i was thinking that it would be 'reasonable' or 'fair' if they allowed me to at least work my way up to The Poverty Level, But NO...! They will not.
The only way to get ahead, is to just jump completely free of it, in one step.
So until i get a new support group... That doesn't seem terribly likely.

Two Morality Anecdotes...

These Morality Anecdotes were brought about ( mentioned herewithin ) because of a recent debacle concerning a contest that i entered, and despite the circumstances of that entry,
i won third prize... Even though i shouldn't even have been allowed to compete...
Why was this...?
Because i'm so damn Adorable...That's Why...!!!

Morality Anecdote Number One:
i'm standing there in my living room one afternoon with Dan Phanco, who has apparently gone on to become somekind of fanatical Christian NUT...!, and we are talking about bugs in general, i think... ( ? ) ...and i mention that flies shouldn't even be able to fly, because they're so aerodynamically unsound...
And Don says; "I thought that that was for Bees!"
and i said; "It applies to Flies too!"
The point being, was that it doesn't apply to Flies...
It IS only for Bees...!!! Or so i believe, and i believed it THEN...
But i LIED just to Win my point at that Moment...!!!
Afterwards-- i was so humiliated by my transient lapse of Morality that i vowed To Never Lie Again...!!!
Although as a result of this; i have been AMAZINGLY Honest and Truthful over the years,
often called liar, when i was in fact telling the truth,
i did tell a little greyish white lie a few months ago that may have resulted in my getting a $200 phone and various accessories for FREE...!!!
What had happened was that i decided a few months ago to get a Cell Phone, and to make a long story short,
The store that i got the phone from ( Smart Wireless ) and the Carrier ( Sprint ) --
For whatever reasons, decided to endless fawk with my head, nearly every Stinking day that i had that phone,
so that after 3 weeks, i QUIT, and had to pay them Gigantic Early Withdrawal Fees...!!!
But-- Even after i quit, both of these companies continued to Fawk with me,
Until Finally-- Even i got Too Dang Fed Up with Them, and wrote one of my Killer Business Letters to Smart Wireless,
and although it was addressed to: Customer Services--
It made it's way up the President of the Company
and During this Conversation; He said that he would Refund all the Monies that i'd paid to them to date,
If only i'd return the phone and the accessories to the Store where i bought them...
and This is the Little White Lie that i told him...
i said; "i don't have the original packaging anymore..." EVEN THOUGH I STILL DID...!!!
So he said, "Well, I'll just Refund all your money anyways, and you can keep the phone and the accessories."
It's a very nice phone; A Sanyo 8100,
But since it was tainted with EVIL, i gave it to my Aunt & Uncle Glenn.

Second Morality Anecdote:
When i was taking this course in Propositional Logic several years ago,
i had to take a test at one point, and at the end of the test, was a logical sentence, or whatever... that had to be shown to be valid... ( i've forgotten all this crap--! ) ...
so to do this, there was an EASY way to do this, and the COMPLICATED way...
and the Question Specifically Said that i was supposed to do it The Complicated Way...
and I DIDN'T...!!!
i did it the Easy way instead, and because of that,
i was able to go on and do the BONUS QUESTION as well,
which i got full credit on...!
So when Associate Professor Bill Rottmeyer graded the test...
he gave me half credit on the last question that i did WRONG...
and altogether i got an A on the test...
But i SHOULDN'T HAVE...!!!
i should have flunked the whole test for Not Following The Dang Instructions...!!!
i still sweat pickles when i think about that...

i'm sure that i'm going to have to spend many weekends in Hell for THAT ALONE...!!!

In Conclusion:
While at the time that i Entered The Carbon Based Mistake's Contest,
i really believed that i WAS following the Instructions;
But-- Because i didn't-- i really shouldn't have won Third Prize.
After Marc sent me Notification of the Awards...
He asked if i thought that it was OK that i was allowed in the Contest...???
And i said: YES...!!! Because i was so happy to have Won Anything,
and i was further afraid that he would take My Whole Page down from his Website...!!!
In Fairness... i should NOT have been asked that...
It was just too conflictual with my selfish interests...!!!
So i'm going to go to Hell for that too...


Thursday, January 06, 2005

Recent Events -- More of The Same ( ? )

It seems to me that whenever i enter a laundromat -- Something odd &/or disturbing will happen...
i''ll drop my radio into a toilet, or the washer next to mine will burst into flames... just to name two.
So with great reluctance, i made my way over to
( x )... ( i keep saying these towns over in my head when i hear them, but they just aren't sticking...! ) and found a nice laundromat. It's been about 3 months since i did the last batch, and then it was only some light clothes.
This time; i disassembled my backpack and washed it, along with my sleeping bag.
The sleeping bag i have now compresses into a bag about the size of a loaf of french bread, but it's not a 'down' bag... it's made of some synthetic materials that are only slightly radioactive.
The backpack i now have is about 2/3's the size of my old backpack, which required me to pull out cotter pins and 3 long steel ribs before i could wash it... This new one only required me to find the hidden inner linings, pull out the back-board & its accompaning spine rib.
( i inadvertantly pulled these two elements apart, as i was figuring this out by trail & error, and since i wasn't, terribly, paying attention at the time, when i had to reassemble it, i couldn't figure out where the spline was supposed to go... it took me the better half of a whole minute to try every possibility... )

What is most annoying about this last misadventure; is that when i pulled everything out of the front loaded washer, with which i used both a presoak detergent and a wash cycle detergent, the tighting straps, which are woven nylon and the sleeping bag were barely cleaned at all...???!!!
They only had 4 months of ground in grime, and i'm deeply disappointed by this.
i'll have to try a different detergent next time... in another 4 months.
( or shortly before i return to the mainland, which ever comes first. )

Monday, January 03, 2005

Recent Events : January Third - Oh Five

You may recall that a few days ago, i reported that i unintentionally called the SSI office and told them that i was living in Hawai'i...!!! The lady on the phone ( Jean ) seemed Very Upset about this, and advised me to Immediately run over my nearest SSI office to turn myself in...!!!
So i did that, and since there wasn't a Claims Adjuster available on that day, i had to come back the next day...

Also: As a side note ( Small Digression ) -- Before i could enter the SSI office, i had to endure a search of my person & personals... while standing there waiting for the over weight security officers to paw through my back-pack, i attempted to engage one of them in a bit of security related banter...! "i heard on the radio the other day that airport security personal are now checking womens breasts for explosives... by squeezing them...! What i find curious about this is that; Why don't they check their butts as well... or Stomachs... or Mens stomachs & Asses...???" Sadly; The security officer that i was talking to, did not seem to understand the point that i was making.

So the next day; after being searched again, i waited for about a half an hour, and then was allowed into their inner sanctum... (?) ...which was a bare, undecorated office of plain school luncheon tables and cheap, 15 year old computers. The lady who was conducting my interrogation told me her name-- Twice -- but it was Japanese and i sounded like a cat coughing up a hairball... ( ! ) The inquiry of my lastest living arrangements stretched back to March of last year, since that was the last time i had done anything to arouse their curiosity in me. It all went surprisingly well, with very few slanderous allegations, rude innuendoes, or screaming fits.
Only once or twice was she required to slap me across the head with a ruler to regain my attention. The whole ordeal only lasted about 7 hours, and i was allowed to leave without restrictions... There was mention of an electronic monitoring device, but i don't recall them attaching on to me, although i do have a sore neck and an unaccounted for bandaid over my spinal column... ( ? )
Today while i was getting my usual cup of Coffee, mixed together from various types of Cappuccino & 'Normal' Coffees, and my usual slab of Bread Pudding... i experienced some additionally wiggiliness...
i went to the middle aisle checkout counter, which is inexplicably situated behind a thick column supporting the roof...! To get to the checkout counter, you have to sidestep this column and work your way around, squeezing by the magazine, gum, candy and 'remainders' racks...
While i was standing there, holding a coffee and slab of breadpudding, and supporting my back-pack over one shoulder, squeezed between the load bearing column and the magazine racks, someone came up suddenly from behind me and insisted that i 'Make way' for him to get through...! i insisted that there wasn't room, but he wouldn't take No for a possible solution...
When i turned, he was holding a pile of newspapers, and continued to push forward... Not knowing what his intentions were, i suggested that if he were to back out, i could remove myself from the line, and he would be able to proceed with less hindrance... But he seemed to think that he was making reasonable progress as things stood, and pushed ahead with renewed vigor...!
i stepped backwards into the magazine rack, and he squeeze by me and then renewed his insistence with the customer standing in front of me...! Then he deposited several newspapers at The End of the Counter... ( It would have been so much easier if he'd simply -Gone around- !!! )
So this completely frazzled me.
When i came up the counter, which, by the way, doesn't have any room for you to set anything down before you're expected to pay for it... So that i have Zero Preparation time after setting down my meager goods, getting out my wallet, and digging out the appropriate sum...
So i fumbled with that, Got a 10$ bill out and then dug through my change pouch to find the 48 cents i needed, so that i would get a clean 8$ back... as i was pulling a series of pennies out, i asked the girl-- How much i had so far, since i'm terrible at counting pennies...!!! i had to ask her Twice before she started, and then after returning several pennies the first time, recounted and returned several more...!!! Done--! ( i thought ) i picked up my coffee and slab of bread pudding, and made my way to the end of the counter, when i realized that i didn't get my change...!!!
When i mentioned this to the girl, she insisted that she did give me my change, and i restated that i didn't get it, and she re-reinsisted that she'd given it to me...!!!
The end.
i looked all over, knowing that she hadn't given it to me, but i was trying to be cooperative, and when i announced that i didn't have it, she said that she'd have to count her drawer money, but made no motion to do this... ( there was a long line of people waiting...! )
So i just left.
i will never shop there again.
No more fancy coffee. No more Bread Pudding...!!!
i think that they Bread Puddings were doing something mischievous in my intestines anyways...!!!
These sorts of things are invariably arranged by angels.
Did they want me to stop eating Bread Pudding, or were they more concerned with the laundry that i was planning to spend that change on...???
Things would be so much easier if angels would just leave messages under my pillow.
i've had this 'impression' for several weeks now that my poops have contained a Much Larger amount of material that what i've been eating.
One possible explanation is that i'm eating more when my 'other' personality is in control of my body...?
i've been thinking lately that i may have developed multiple personalities during my childhood after various 'traumatic' events, which i can recall only 'portions' of...???
The thing is though... i don't seem to suffer from 'blackouts' ( usually ) ... So i'm not sure when these other personalities are possessing me...???
This general theory though... Would explain a lot of other curious circumstances...???
( One of the most frequent is being mistaken for someone else...???
...i'm not really the sort that comes in a generic package... i'm fairly unique,
so-- if there are more of my 'type-alikes' running around...
it is additionally curious that i haven't run into any of them...? )

Recognition at last...???

Date: Fri, 31 Dec 2004
19:33:03 -0800
From: mistake
To: "Chrs-" Subject: Re: Just Peached...

I want to publish your book, if I can find a way to raise the money.
we'd have to print it in color since your eye for color is one of the most amazing things about your work. and color cost alot of money,
although I have discounts available at my disposal...
I will split any profits with you 50%-50%.
are you o.k. with that?

- marc calvary

publish and be damned.

The "Book" that Marc is referring to, is a Crayola Sketchpad of watercolour paintings, using both sides of each sheet of paper...!!!
i sent it to him during the last week of my residency in Bremertowne, pretty much just to get rid of it, along with the rest of my vast collection of crap, which was sent to many other mailartists and relatives, and of those, only Marc had sent me any confirmation of having received his 'bundle'...??? ( ! )
Along with the Crayola Sketchpad, i attached to it a 'Contest Form' which he was hosting--
That i thought (!) was for any type of geegaw or bitherboodles...
But apparently... ( ? ) it was intended for Zynes, Zines, Journals & Other Periodicals Only...!!!
Oh Well.
You can See various excerpts for it at:
Go to the next page, then work your way to the bottom, then click on the picture (?) or somewhere around there to see a dedicated Page for it alone...!!!