Thursday, January 27, 2005

The Centi/Milli-pede that Bit Me...!!!

This is kind of like... ( not quite so colourful )
But the size and appearance are about right...
( this one grows up to about 7_inches! )

This one is kind of close too...
But there's no info- on it...???

If the universe has evolved over a period of approximately 14 billion years, then the Earth and our Sun are relative new arrivals on the cosmic scene, being only about 5 billion years old. Life began on Earth shortly after its formation (4 billion years ago), but complex, multicellular forms of life did not begin until about 600 million years ago, a period of time geologists call the Cambrian explosion. Some of the first land animals were insect creatures of which the millipedes and centipedes are representative (450 million years ago). We know from the fossil record that some of these first millipedes were up to six feet long! Some other noteworthy developments were flies and cockroaches (300 million years), the dinosaurs (200 to 60 million years), dolphins (30 million years), the immediate ancestors to the human species (3 million), modern humans (200-100 thousand years), the first technological achievements by humankind (10,000 years), and our modern technological lifestyle from the industrial revolution to the present (200 years).

While researching images for this entry--
i didn't find any pictures of either Centipedes or Millipedes that even resembled the one that i saw crawling on the side of the capitol building...
It was roughly 18_inches long, very thick, and rainbow coloured, with a noteably bright red head or tail... ( it's surprisingly hard to tell, unless they're moving... and this one wasn't...! )

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