Saturday, January 08, 2005

Getting Another Cell Phone...!!!

Even though i tried getting a Cell Phone a few Months ago,
And it turned into one of The Most Traumatic Episodes of my LIFE...!!!
i'm still thinking that,
While i don't have anyone to Talk to,
It would still be very CONVENIENT to have one...??? ( ! )
So i've been thinking of Getting a GoPhone-- That is Offered by Cingular & AT&T...!
The Phone that i'm Interested in is The Nokia 3200 which has about a Zillion Features and The Calling Plan could be for either 19$ or 29$ Plus an Mmode Fee of $4 a Month...
I'm pretty sure there aren't any Hidden FEES...???
But my biggest Concern is that the Two Towns that i'd would like to return to on the Mainland,
AREN'T COVERED in their Calling Range...!!!
So i'm still looking into that...!!!
One reason that i'm eager to get this cell phone is because it's Expensive...!!!
When i was over at the SSI office the other day or week or so -- ago...
i was told that if my bank balances went over 1200$, i'd have to REPORT THAT,
and if it went over $2000, they'd CUT ME OFF...!!!
So while i'm only up to 1100$ now... ( + ) ...i just don't want to deal with them anymore,
and Anything i can do to keep them out of my Tomato Soup & Crackers... The Better...!!!

One other think that she told me -- was that if i managed to move in with a relative,
and either didn't pay rent, or paid a small rent,
SSI would Decrement my Allowance to reflect my Reduced NEED...!!!
Another thing SSI does,
Is if i got A Part Time Job, Or any other form of Income--
They would Deduct my wages from my Allowance,
So that my monthly income of Job + SSI would never Exceed my Allowance Amount...
In other words:
SSI will NEVER allow me to get a foot up on making my life the tiniest bit more agreeable...!!!
i was thinking that it would be 'reasonable' or 'fair' if they allowed me to at least work my way up to The Poverty Level, But NO...! They will not.
The only way to get ahead, is to just jump completely free of it, in one step.
So until i get a new support group... That doesn't seem terribly likely.

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