Monday, January 10, 2005

NewsWeek Mentions Graphing Calculator...!!!

i was just today reading an article in Newsweek
That was giving Kudos to Macintosh's Graphing Calculator Program...
( Desktop Accessory )
This is the program that destroyed my HardDrive...!

This is what happened...
i hadn't really played around much with Graphing Calculator...
Because for one thing; Not mentioned in the Newsweek Article,
Is that The Graphing Calculator program included with the Operating System ( 8.5 )
Is only a Demo Version, and you have to Buy The Actual Program--
Plus; Much of the Functionality of the Program requires it to be connected to the Internet--
At a MicroSoft Location...??? (!!!)

But on the Day of Destruction--
i was trying to figure out how to either Colour the 3D Projections--
Or to 'Paste' Graphics onto them...!
i distinctly recalled seeing this effect in the Demo-
But as i replayed it again & again on this day, i couldn't get it to display them...
Finally-- ( i think ) i went into the System File and reanimated some of the -- uhhh... ?
What do you call 'em...??? Not the Control Panels... But those other things... ??? ( ? )

[ Extensions ] ed.
Anyways... i turned a bunch of those on, and went back to Graphing Calculator and i think i may have gone onto the Web, and asked around there...???
So -- After several hours, i finally was making some progress on this, and managed to paste some graphical images onto some simple graphs, But they were looking really lame, so i continued to try different things...
And -- At some point;
i noticed that the computer seemed to have 'Hung-Up'...???
It was taking Way-Too-Long to do something or another,
So i tired some of the 'Unusual' ways to interrupt it, and shut it off...
And nothing was working...!!!
So i turned it off with the switch on the back!

And when i turned it back on...
The Internal OS couldn't find my HardDrive...!!!
i then tried starting it up from a 3.5 and a CD, And none of these could find the HardDrive...
It also gave me one of those indecipherable Error Codes...
Which wasn't mentioned in an application that i had on a 3.5...
So i went to The Library and tried looking it up on The Apple Website,
And it wasn't there...!!!
So i continued to look around for Any Mention, Anywhere on the Web for some mention, and some previous experience with this ErrorCode, and the only NewsGroup Entry that i could find that mentioned it, Said that THE ONLY WAY to fix this problem;
Was to Reformat the HardDrive...!!!
...Which would mean Erasing Everything...!!!

This meant the Destruction of Essentially 3 Years of UnSaved Crap,
That consisted of many folders filled with Irreplaceable lists
and Mountains of Pornography
( which included about 30 shots of Giant Clitoris',
which i'm sure i would never be able to relocate...!!! )

So that was it.
i Reformatted The HardDrive...

OH-- i should also mention that in Bremertowne, Washington;
There are only 2 ILLEGAL / UNAUTHORIZED Apple Macintosh Service Providers...
And after having dealt with both of them,
i knew that neither of them would be of any use whatsoever,
as they were both imbeciles.

So -- Everything was lost...

This was one of the first things, before EVERTHING started going to the Crapper...
And since then; i've Identified this whole episode as The Wiggily Period.
i've experienced some Hard & Agonizing Times filled with Weirdness prior to this,
But this last one Was of such a High Concentration of Weirdness that it deserved a new Classification of High Strangeness.

[ ??? ]

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