Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Notification by CarbonBased Mistake + Commentary

From: mistake
To: babynous@seanet.com
Sent: Tue, 28 Dec 2004 00:41:37 -0800
Subject: AXP

You have been awarded third place in this years Art Exchange Program!

Listen, you would have gotten first place but the contest was for print.
You sent originals.
Please, please tell me you scanned all the pages, that book was so
They're all - ( Including the Cover, Inside Cover, Back & Inside Back ) are all saved to a CD.
It makes me crazy to think no one else will ever see it.
You could share it with your mother...???
We have to discuss publishing you.
I have been wanting to publish other people for some time.
We need to discuss this.
( ed. note: This was discussed a little bit, off camera )
I only wish I had the money to give cash prizes for the top three
Money only corrupts the robot soul of the otherwise pasty coasted Humanimal shaped cookie.
This is not some bullshit line.
It was the hardest thing I've ever had to do.
Your work is great, but it wasn't for print.
( ??? )
One of the most currious things about my drawings / watercolours is that i view them as interiour landscapes, and comparitively benign examples of something dadaish... following ( ? ) along a template devised by Rene Magritte...??? But what i find 'quirky' is that whenever most everyone else views them, they recoil in horror. ( i do not understand this AT ALL...??? -- is it just that all they've ever looked at is K-Mart sexually misanthropodical waterfalls and still-lifes of faux hued gardenias & rosy cheeked cats...??? )

Have you done comics yet?
If interested I'd like to discuss some projects with you.

i've always wanted to illustrate childrens books...
anyone that sees my drawings may think that this would be an inappropriate direction for me to take, but i tend to think either along the lines of childrens books written for older children, or modern internet children... ( the things that every child ( these days ) with a computer must have seen by now...!!! -- The things that i have seen -- Shock & Astonish me...! )
i've been working on several books... and while i have assembled 4 sketchbooks of many ideas...
i really don't know how to proceed...
and now that i'm a street-person, everything is in a lurch... plus
i'm not sure what i did with those sketch pads...
The 4 books that i've been working on were:
Young Crimminals in Love
Two lesbian preteens get into a butt-load of mischief & inadvertantly save the world.
Day Dreams
A Young Girl awakens in a surreal suburbian landscape - or - a Pirate ship each night...
Real Magick
A Young Boy discovers a Book of Magick and works out several spells.
Wouldn't it be Fun...
A Group of Youngsters on a boring Island create a game of consequences... Called Wouldn't it be fun...
Will these ever be developed...
Probably not... i was thinking of selling the sketch books on Ebay...
i've noticed that many Best Selling books often have one or two good ideas in them...
( Each of the Harry Potter Stories have a few dozen good, original ideas, padded with extensive filler )
Each of these Sketch books have dozens & dozens of original ideas in them...

For the propose of having samples of your work for people to see,
scanned 7 images from your book.

You left out my Three favorite ones...
Nobody ever likes the pictures i like...
The Neanderthal Girl Squating.
The African Face
The Room with The Hanging Mites.
I have included your email address on the site since you also didn't
include your mailing address.

As mentioned Earlier,
( See previous blogs - specifically; Whatever was earliest... ? )
Due to Extremities of Wiggiliness...
i'm currently a Street Person ( This will be the Eight Year... Over all )
Many people told me not to include your work in the top three slots
because you didn't follow most of the instructions of applying.

Without Rules; There would be Anarchy
- or -
Rules are only Guidelines for The Damp Masses that Don't understand The Consequences of Moral Choices.
But goddamn, your work is amazing...
i'm often torn between thinking exactly this, and exactly the opposite... ?
The web site will be updated within the week.
You retain all copyright of your work. Although I feel that doesn't
matter to you, although it should.

i would rather be known ( ? - as is : by various psuedonyms ) than rich
Bad artists can shun copyright all they want, good artists shouldn't or
someone somewhere will steal it and profit from it.

If they really like it, maybe they'll pay me for more of it...???
This isn't about making money, but about keeping bad people from making
money off of your talent.

Do good people go to hell for letting bad people abuse them...???

As third prize winner you receive a copy of anything I've published.

You've already sent me everything you've done -- to mid 2004
Visit the website and have a look, feel free to email me your choice.
Keep in mind the new issue of cherrypepper (2 new ones actually) and
the new issue of the carbon based mistake will hopefully be released in
march 2005.

Thank you for entering, I hope you continue to produce and please
submit next year.
But next time help me to help you by including a name, address, and
something that people can send cash/stamps/trade for.
If I saw your work and found out I couldn't get a copy I'd feel cheated.
There's a lot floating around out there...
Typically; i've noted that most zyne publishers create about 100 or substancially more copies of each issue... most of my 'editions' are around 30... The most i've even done was for _Neil Armstrongs Second Trip to The Moon_ and that was in two versions ( possibly three ( ? ) ) and that may have reached 60 issues... which nobody seemed very enthusiastic about... most were probably thrown away... ?
( i thought it was pretty cute... ! )
Also: There may be some confusion... ( ! ) about how many StapleBooks &/or Zynes i've created;
Since i frequently mentioned Titles of books that were available... But actually: Weren't. ( !!! )
once again, your work is amazing.
- marc calvary

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You may also be interested in doing a www search for items pertaining to _Babynous_
publish and be damned.
You'll probably be damned anyways, so why not do all those fun things you've been putting off...

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