Thursday, January 06, 2005

Recent Events -- More of The Same ( ? )

It seems to me that whenever i enter a laundromat -- Something odd &/or disturbing will happen...
i''ll drop my radio into a toilet, or the washer next to mine will burst into flames... just to name two.
So with great reluctance, i made my way over to
( x )... ( i keep saying these towns over in my head when i hear them, but they just aren't sticking...! ) and found a nice laundromat. It's been about 3 months since i did the last batch, and then it was only some light clothes.
This time; i disassembled my backpack and washed it, along with my sleeping bag.
The sleeping bag i have now compresses into a bag about the size of a loaf of french bread, but it's not a 'down' bag... it's made of some synthetic materials that are only slightly radioactive.
The backpack i now have is about 2/3's the size of my old backpack, which required me to pull out cotter pins and 3 long steel ribs before i could wash it... This new one only required me to find the hidden inner linings, pull out the back-board & its accompaning spine rib.
( i inadvertantly pulled these two elements apart, as i was figuring this out by trail & error, and since i wasn't, terribly, paying attention at the time, when i had to reassemble it, i couldn't figure out where the spline was supposed to go... it took me the better half of a whole minute to try every possibility... )

What is most annoying about this last misadventure; is that when i pulled everything out of the front loaded washer, with which i used both a presoak detergent and a wash cycle detergent, the tighting straps, which are woven nylon and the sleeping bag were barely cleaned at all...???!!!
They only had 4 months of ground in grime, and i'm deeply disappointed by this.
i'll have to try a different detergent next time... in another 4 months.
( or shortly before i return to the mainland, which ever comes first. )

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