Monday, January 03, 2005

Recognition at last...???

Date: Fri, 31 Dec 2004
19:33:03 -0800
From: mistake
To: "Chrs-" Subject: Re: Just Peached...

I want to publish your book, if I can find a way to raise the money.
we'd have to print it in color since your eye for color is one of the most amazing things about your work. and color cost alot of money,
although I have discounts available at my disposal...
I will split any profits with you 50%-50%.
are you o.k. with that?

- marc calvary

publish and be damned.

The "Book" that Marc is referring to, is a Crayola Sketchpad of watercolour paintings, using both sides of each sheet of paper...!!!
i sent it to him during the last week of my residency in Bremertowne, pretty much just to get rid of it, along with the rest of my vast collection of crap, which was sent to many other mailartists and relatives, and of those, only Marc had sent me any confirmation of having received his 'bundle'...??? ( ! )
Along with the Crayola Sketchpad, i attached to it a 'Contest Form' which he was hosting--
That i thought (!) was for any type of geegaw or bitherboodles...
But apparently... ( ? ) it was intended for Zynes, Zines, Journals & Other Periodicals Only...!!!
Oh Well.
You can See various excerpts for it at:
Go to the next page, then work your way to the bottom, then click on the picture (?) or somewhere around there to see a dedicated Page for it alone...!!!

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